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What’s Up Next… Death and Hell

Hi Friends, I have actually tried to write this blog about what comes next after the first three seals several times. Each time I get done, and say to myself, I can’t post that. No one will want to read… 0 Shares |

The Clay Dragon – The Beast Is Here

Hi friends, China, wow, who would of thought, the Beast is rising. We are facing a nightmare that we can’t seem to wake up from. Those we thought were ours friends turned out to be our enemy. And they have… 0 Shares |

The Final Seven – We Are Three Years In

Hi Friends, Looking forward, we can see the mark of the beast (digital implanted tracking tag) and the beast’s system (The Great Reset) of government headed our way. If you happen to be a Bible person like myself, you would… 0 Shares |

An Uncanny Sequence of Events – Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hi Friends, This past year, 2020, feels like a byword at this point to me. It actually feels like a word I can’t say, well should not say. You see, I am a Christian. As I have watched this past… 0 Shares |