The Hour of Temptation… To Try the Whole Earth


Hi Friends,

Strangely, today’s news headlines look like the illuminati card game. As the events of the great reset unfold, darkness descends on our hopes and dreams. The future that Satan desires starts to become visible in our perception. In the past there has always seemed to be a shield of law and order to protect and defend the hard working, peace loving individual. Turns out that perception was inaccurate. Even the medical establishment has no problem with mass murder as long as there is money and anonymity for them. Do what thou wilt is the whole of their law.  The only thing that is off limits is our living God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

A great divide is forming. Sitting on the fence about social and cultural issues worked in the past, but now the whole fence with its perching hoards is being shaken into the abys of death, literally. It seems those who don’t want to step out of the box are now injected with a medical experiment that is actively putting people in a different box six feet under. Appeasement did not work. Evil only stops when a greater force stops it. However, all the forces of the earth seem to have made some kind of contract with the devil. It is a little discouraging.

On one side of the divide sits all the rich, powerful, control freaks who are hell bent on murdering everyone and on the other side are the humans that decided to climb out of the box of death, climb over the fence of mind controlling manipulation, and fight for their lives. Since our lives were given to us by God we have a right to fight for them. If you want me dead I will use all means within my reach to stop you. I also happen to know a living God in heaven that hears my prayers. That God has a son who already defeated the spirits of darkness. Those fowl spirits don’t like his name. They actually know they were defeated when Jesus walked out of the grave. They just like lying to see how many humans will go to hell with them at judgement day.

This monumental game that is afoot in our time is has two arenas of conflict, one we see and one we don’t. Visible to us is the physical team of Satan, which would include all the above mentioned rich, powerful, demon owned murders. Invisible to us are the spirits that operate behind the scenes to empower the physical reality we encounter. In past blogs I have shown that what we are currently observing actually parallels Bible prophecy. The pieces and parts of scripture are in play in our times. Jesus said something interesting in John 15:15, he called us friends not servants, because he told us all that the Father in heaven told him. We know His plans, because he shared them with us what comes next in this cosmic game.

One of the things Jesus mentioned is the hour of temptation that would come on the whole earth to try those that dwell on the earth, Revelation 3:10. The concept of one hour is also found in Revelation 17:12 were Jesus says that ten kings will receive power for one hour with the Beast. For us watching this new government structure manifest as the great reset, it is a little concerning.  Jesus also says they have authority to kill one fourth of the earth with famine, pestilence, violence and the beasts of the earth. We get to watch that unfold as well. Sorrow is the word that comes to mind. I think that is the reason God will wipe all the tears from our eyes when we finely reach his kingdom. When we get there we will also hunger no more, nor thirst, nor have the sun light on us, nor any heat, Revelation 7:16-17. That implies here and now we will be hungry, thirsty, and exposed to the elements.  That sounds a lot like getting kicked out of the financial system because we got out of the box of death and said no the bio-smart upgrade revealed in Microsoft’s WO2020060606 patient.

What this knowledge helps us understand is that evil will get a moment in time to do all that is in the devils heart, murder, theft, cruelty, vile lusts, and more. That moment in time is our test. It will seem that evil is indeed triumphant. Will our faith overcome that fire? The thing about one hour, is that it is actually a short time. I always think of it like a big zit that is going to grow into a large pus filled infection that Jesus will pop when he shows up. We do not want to join the infection just because it seems to be blooming in a boil. It will not win. They will make war with the lamb and the lamb will overcome them. We must believe that. Our eternal life depends on it. If you read the letters to the churches of Revelation 2 and 3, you will find a common theme of overcoming. Overcoming means being faithful unto death, whenever that is. And they overcame him by the word of their testimony, the Blood of the lamb, and they loved not their lives unto death, Revelation 12:11.

The kingdom of Christ is coming. Meet me there. I can’t wait to give you hug and a smile. Joy comes in the morning, particularly the morning Jesus steps foot back on this Earth.

Your friend,

P.S. You might research Boron. It seems to be able to stop the replication of the nanotech control system that they dropped on us from the planes.

Dean A.