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Bart Sibrel is an award winning filmmaker, writer, and investigative journalist, who has been producing television programs, documentaries, and TV commercials for over thirty-five years. Sibrel has owned five production companies, been employed by two of the three major networks, and produced films shown on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TLC, USA, and BET. To discuss his films, Sibrel has appeared on Geraldo, the Daily Show, NBC, CNN, FOX, HBO, Tech TV, Coast to Coast, and the Abrams Report. Articles featuring Mr. Sibrel's films have been published in The New York Times, The L.A. Times Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, the Sun, and USA Today. His awards from the American Motion Picture Society include Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Top Ten Director.

Health Minister Admits Covid Vaccines Do NOT Work – Have Ulterior Motive

In a recently published article by RT, the Health Minister of Pakistan just said the following . . . “The Government cannot allow individuals who do not want to get vaccinated to risk the lives of those who are already… 0 Shares |

World Leaders Cleverly Call All Covid Vaccines That Are Not RNA Altering “Unsafe”

As most Natural News readers know by now, the “mainstream” media is a propaganda arm of the CIA. As such, as spies, their native language is Lies. Generally speaking, whatever the major news networks are telling you is the Exact… 0 Shares |

Is Planet X God’s End Time Tribulation?

“In the Last Days there will be a Great Tribulation,< Unequalled in all of World History. Unlessthose days are shortened, No onewill survive.” Matthew 24:21-22 {Planet X  Documentary Film at the End of This Article.}  Many people suspect that some… 0 Shares |

Is Joe Biden NOW a Deep Fake ?

What I am about to tell you may be so unbelievable, that you will think that it is a Twilight Zone episode. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be absolutely true. Buckle up, because you are about to become very… 0 Shares |

Did NASA Really Send Astronauts 1000 Times Further Than They Can Today – 50 Years Ago?

I grew up as the biggest fan of the “moon missions”, idolizing them since I was a child. As a four year old in 1969, my Air Force Major father gave me a VIP publicity packet of “Apollo 11” pictures.… 0 Shares |