Is “christmas” Christian?


Thinking of “christmas” brings up a lot of memories of eating, drinking, and numerous pleasures, yet to be quite honest, not a single remembrance of these traditional indulgences has to do with the birth of the Savior of the World.  The reason is very simple, because “christmas” is not about the True Christ, and never has been.  In fact, it is a Church of Rome ancient pagan custom to honor the false messiah, which has been deceitfully and forcibly labeled as “christian”, like hammering a square heathen peg into a round opening in your Bible.

If I put a cross on a swastika,

does that make the swastika Christian?

 “Come out from the unbelievers and BE SEPARATE,

says The Eternal Creator,


THEN I will receive you.”

2nd Corinthians 6:17

The Truth is in the Word, hidden in plain sight.

Look at the word itself . . . “christ-mass”.  “Mass” means the end of a life; a funeral or a death, not a birth, just as the weekly Roman Church “mass” is the repeated ritual for the death of their messiah, not his birth. Right from the start, there is a lie.  Who is the Father of lies? . . . Satan.  This day is actually a celebration of the Church of Rome’s messiah’s death, not the Messiah of the Bible’s birth, which all scholars believed happened in the fall, not on December 25th, which has been a pagan holiday for the past four thousand years.

If “christ-mass” was really about Jesus of Nazareth, then malls would have an actor dressed up like Jesus in the middle of them, instead of the pagan “Santa Claus”; children would sit on Jesus’ lap instead and tell Jesus what they wanted as a blessing; there would be apostles instead of elves; and Jesus would be at the very end of every “Thanksgiving Day” parade walking with a staff and sheep, instead of reindeer pulling pagan “Santa Claus” in a sleigh filled with allures of material gratification.

Who is “Santa Claus” anyway?

The Messiah’s ultimate nemesis.

Satan himself.

“Santa” riding a sleigh in the sky (originally pulled by snakes, not reindeer), and with a child in his lap (originally to eat for dinner), predates Christ by two thousand years, and is a direct depiction of the pagan god “Saturn” (also known as the Death Angel; or the Devil). Saturn’s (Satan’s) material gratification and drunken merriment holiday” has been celebrated now for the past four thousand years at the end of December as “Saturnalia”, which the Church of Rome attempted to “christianize” as “christ-mass” three hundred years after Christ’s death. This is also the very same time the Church of Rome changed the Biblical holiday of Passover (a celebration of the Messiah’s salvation) to pagan “easter” (Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, hence the celebration with eggs and fertile rabbits). Not so coincidentally, this was also the very same time that the Church of Rome changed the Creators Sabbath from the Seventh day of the week (known as Saturday) to the pagan sabbath, the First day of the week (known as Sun-day), done so to honor emperor Constantine’s pagan deity the sun-god, whose worship is directly opposed to the Son of God. (Just look at any calendar and you will see Sunday all the way to the left as the first day of the week, and Saturday all the way to the right as the Seventh day of the week; Exodus 20:8-11 & 31:12-17)

“When the Eternal your Creator drives out from before you the pagan nations which you go to possess, and you replace them and live in their land, BEWARE THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW OR IMITATE THEIR PAGAN CUSTOMS OR WAYS OF WORSHIP, or inquire ‘How did they worship their false gods?’ Saying ‘We will worship the True Creator LIKEWISE.’  YOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP THE ETERNAL YOUR CREATOR THE SAME WAY THE PAGANS WORSHIP THEIR FALSE DEITIES.”

Deuteronomy 12:29-31

If I asked my new spouse if it would be okay with them to celebrate our anniversary on the same calendar day as my previous spouses’ anniversary, and with the exact same rituals, with the excuse of “being accustomed to celebrating anniversaries on that day and in that manner,” what do you think my new spouse’s reaction would be?  Do we not realize that the same jealous feelings are felt by our Creator and His Son about these pagan deities that we are supposed to have divorced and married God instead? Have we also forgotten . . .


Exodus 20:3-5

“You have let go of the Commands of your Creator . . .

So that you may follow your man-made traditions.”

Mark 7:8

To those Believers who keep the Creator’s Seventh Day Sabbath, Saturday (which is one of the Ten Commandments, all other nine of which are also still valid), instead of pagan emperor Constantine’s sun-god’s sabbath, Sunday (changed three hundred years after Christ by the Church of Rome to appease the emperor), these Sabbath keepers do so while saying, God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8) and Heaven and Earth will disappear before the smallest part of the law will (Matthew 5:18). Seeing how these two preceding Scriptures are Eternally True, then the following Scripture also Eternally applies . . .

“When the Eternal your Creator drives out from before you the pagan nations which you go to possess, and you replace them and live in their land, BEWARE THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW OR IMITATE THEIR PAGAN CUSTOMS OR WAYS OF WORSHIP, or inquire ‘How did they worship their false gods?’  Saying ‘We will worship the True Creator LIKEWISE.’  YOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP THE ETERNAL YOUR CREATOR THE SAME WAY THE PAGANS WORSHIP THEIR FALSE DEITIES.”

Deuteronomy 12:29-31

To those Christians who keep the Creator’s Seventh Day Sabbath, what if you heard your preacher say, Saturday IS the Sabbath . . . yet we are going to worship on Sunday anyway” ? Is this any different than saying, We know that Christ was not born on the pagan Saturnalia holiday of December 25th, yet we are going to act like it anyway” ?

A founder of a modern day Sabbath keeping church, Ellen White, had this to say regarding the scripture of  2 Kings 17:33-36 . . . “They used to FEAR THE LORD, yet started serving pagan gods, according to the RITUALS of the nations from among whom they were carried away. To THIS DAY they CONTINUE PRACTICING THE FORMER RITUALS; they no longer FEAR THE LORD, nor do they follow His statutes or ordinances, or the law and commandment which the Lord God had commanded the children of Jacob, whom He named Israel, with whom the Lord had made a covenant and charged them, saying: “You shall not fear other gods, nor bow down to them nor SERVE THEM nor sacrifice to them (with their pagan rituals); but the Lord, who brought you up from the land of Egypt with great power and an outstretched arm, Him you shall fear, Him ALONE you shall worship, and to Him ONLY you shall offer sacrifice.”

Regarding this above scripture, Ellen White said, “The message of the prophet offered no encouragement to HALF-WAY measures.  ONLY BY MOST DECIDED REFORMATION could the threatened judgments be averted.”  Prophets and Kings, Page 331

We know that the scripture says, “The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16) Are we not hindering our own prayers and progress when we bring pagan rituals into the Jealous Creators Church . . . especially in the Last Days when we need repentance and purification and Gods help the most ?

Regarding the scripture, “All that live godly lives in Christ will be persecuted” (2 Timothy 3:12), Ellen White said, “Why is it that persecution (of the church) seems in a great degree to slumber? The only reason is that the church has CONFORMED TO THE WORLDS STANDARD and therefore awakens no opposition. The religion which is current in our day is NOT of the PURE and holy character that marked the Christian faith in the days of Christ and His apostles. It is only because of the spirit of COMPROMISE.”  The Great Controversy, Page 48

Referencing Revelation chapter 18, regarding God’s church’s compromise with the Church of Rome (and their pagan customs), Ellen White said, “They JUSTIFIED their course of sin.”  The Great Controversy, Page 654

Such is the JUSTIFICATION of pagan Baal idol (“christ-mass trees”) and other pagan rituals (SIN) in God’s Sabbath keeping churches Today, which are SPECIFICALLY CONTRARY to the SPECIFIC COMMANDMENTS of God and Christ to NOT DO SUCH THINGS. (Deuteronomy 12:29-31)

If we claim we are compromising with the world and its pagan customs in order to win people over to Christ, then will we simply win over compromising people and fill Christ’s church with compromising people.  On the other hand, if we take an unpopular stand against the world’s pagan society, and their pagan customs, as we do with the pagan sun-god Sunday sabbath, doing so to honor the Father and the Son with all possible purity, then we will likewise win over un-compromising people, and fill the Creator’s Church with un-compromising people.

Which of these two types of people would the Messiah prefer in HIS Church . . .

People who COMPROMISE with the pagan lost world . . .

Or People who DO NOT COMPROMISE with the pagan lost world ?

“Do not love the world or the things in the world.

If anyone loves the world,

the love of the Father is not in him.”

1st John 2:15

The world’s “christ-mass” is debaucherous, materialistic, and pagan. It always has been, and always will be. Atheists, as well as nightclubs widely known for sexual immorality, decorate their homes and businesses with these same pagan decorations as compromising churches do. This is proof itself that these pagan idols and pagan rituals do not belong in the Creator’s Pure Church. The Savior of the World was not born on December 25th, as the pagan god Saturn (Satan) was, and certainly was not born to promote additional worldly debauchery, materialism, drunkenness, violence, and greed, as this “holiday” is clearly known for.

The notoriously pagan Nimrod was deified as “Baal” (the sun-god) immediately after his death. This is why the Church of Rome changed the Creator’s Sabbath to Sun-day. Nimrod’s wife Semiramis (also known as “Ashtoreth”), was the number two Old Testament competitor for the Creator’s true worshipers.  After she died, she too was deified, allegedly reborn at sunrise on the spring solstice out of a bloody red egg laid by a menstruating rabbit.  Her reborn name was “Ishtar” (easter). To commemorate this, the pagans held a sunrise worship service at the beginning of spring (birth) and painted eggs red, from the blood they obtained from the babies they had just sacrificed to death in their violent and grotesque pagan “Baal” (Molech) ritual.  When they have “sunrise services and tell children to paint their “easter” eggs, this IS where the “tradition” (pagan religious ritual) comes from, therefore, how can it, or “christ-mass” , ever be “christian” ?

“They built high places to Baal in the Valley of Beth-hinnom and sacrificed to death their sons and daughters to Molech, bringing great sin upon Judah; this I never commanded them, nor did it enter my mind that they should practice such abominations.”

Jeremiah 32:35

“Cupid” was the nickname of Nimrod’s son Tammuz. (A pagan, counterfeit god, fathering a pagan, counterfeit messiah). Tammuz had sex with his mother Semiramis after Nimrod died, in another pagan religious ritual, in order to continue their family bloodline.  When people celebrate “St. Valentine’s Day” with “Cupid” for “romance”, it is the “romance” of incest between a mother and a son.  When God struck down Tammuz (Cupid, Baal’s son, the false messiah) for this sin, in the prime of his life, his death was commemorated for thousands of years at the end of December as a funeral mass (false messiah-mass, “christ-mass”) by cutting down a tree, also in the prime of its life, thusly making the tree into a commemorative Idol of the FALSE MESSIAH, which would then be decorated with silver and gold ornaments, as well as candles (lights), except these candles were manufactured from the fat of the children sacrificed on their pagan Baal/Molech alters, of which placing a child on “Santa’s” (Satan’s) lap is symbolic of.

Why should this surprise us in a murderous and blasphemous fallen world in which children are abused and murdered to this day?

Why then should True Christians imitate these rituals?

Again . . .

If I put a cross on a swastika,

does that make the swastika Christian?

Proof of this fact that four thousand year old pagan customs are occurring in the exact same manner and on the exact same day in our present society, only takes a trip to the store in the weeks before “Ishtar” (easter). Do you see Christian crosses and pictures of Jesus everywhere . . . . or do you see fertility goddess rabbits and eggs everywhere?

If there is no difference in pagan celebrations between the lost atheists of the world and God’s Chosen People, then how can we possibly win them over to our side?

 “Come out from the unbelievers and BE SEPARATE,

says The Eternal Creator,


THEN I will receive you.”

2nd Corinthians 6:17

“The children of Israel did evil in the sight of  THEIR CREATOR . . .

They forsook their Heavenly Father . . .

who saved them from the pagans AND THEIR WAYS (Rituals) . . .

From BAAL and from ASHTORETH.”

Judges 2:11-13

Christ-mass”, “easter”, “st. valentine’s day”, “st. patrick’s day”, “halloween” . . . all came about after the Church of Rome became paganized in the third century after Christ.  These “holidays” were NEVER celebrated by the apostles, or the Savior, or ANY of their followers for the first four hundred years of the Savior’s Church.  Why?  BECAUSE THEY KNEW BETTER.  They KNEW that they were 100% PAGAN RELIGIOUS RITUALS, WHICH ARE FORBIDDEN BY GOD.

Do we think we know better than the apostles did, who personally walked with Christ, or have we simply become compromising with the pagan world?

Christ-mass” was actually outlawed numerous times in the past by God-fearing devout Christian governments, leaders like Oliver Cromwell, and the earliest Christian reformers, specifically because of it being pagan, a “holiday” which for centuries was only celebrated by openly non-christian pagan revelers.  Not only was “christ-mass” outlawed by the early Christian reformers in Europe, it was also adamantly outlawed by the first Christian reformers in America, because it is pagan and accompanied by lascivious debauchery and rampant violent materialism, just as it is today, with the very same pagan customs, on the very same pagan calendar day.  What a victory for Satan (Baal) that we have since forgotten to shun this pagan enterprise as un-holy, as the righteous Christian founders did . . . and as God Himself commands.

Charles Spurgen, one of the most highly acclaimed pastors of all time, respected by all of the denominations of his day, said this on December 24, 1871, regarding the notorious annual pagan “Baal’s son, false messiah-mass” . . .

“We do not believe in ‘christ-mass’,

rather we abhor it!

It is unscriptural and superstitious.

Its authority is un-divine.”

My wife is from a devout Christian “sister” church of the same denomination as the church we attend here in America, yet from one on an island nation that refuses to bring these ancient pagan Baal rituals (idols) into the Holy Sanctuary of God’s Church. Her congregation, being on a small isolated island, had little outside influence to hinder the purity of the initial church planting, which occurred more than a hundred years ago.  Here in America, because we all grew up in the middle of a most compromising nation, compromise became commonplace in the church as well. So subtly and gradually have we become accustomed to compromise, that we don’t even perceive it anymore.  Here in America, even in Sabbath keeping churches, pagan Baal “christ-mass trees” have appeared not only in the sanctuary, yet on the elevated platform (the altar) itself!

Why is this the case, seeing how “christ-mass trees” are, undeniably, originally idols of Tammuz, the son of Baal, the FALSE MESSIAH, which are forbidden to be worshiped in the Bible, and which were TORN DOWN OVER AND OVER AGAIN in the Old Testament during Righteous Revivals?

No wonder the Messiah said that people love their traditions more than the Commands of their Creator.

Even if a church were to not bring in pagan trees (Baal worship), pagan wreaths (Druid witchcraft), and pagan poinsettias (Aztec sorcery), yet still falsely focused December’s attention on the birth of the True Messiah (even though all theologians acknowledge that Jesus was born in the fall, not on pagan “Saturnalia”), this is still synchronizing commemorative church activities with the pagan calendar date of “christ-mass”, exactly as the rest of the lost and uninformed pagan world does, just as “Sun-day” worship is doing, trying to make something Pagan and un-holy, Holy, following the traditions of lost men, rather than the Commands of their Holy Creator, who said . . .

“Do not worship Me AS THE PAGANS DO.”

Deuteronomy 12:29-31

You have let go of My Commands for the sake of your man-made traditions.

Mark 7:8

If I were a goat farmer who wore a shirt with a goat head in the middle of a pentagram, innocently thinking that I was promoting my industry, and then someone pointed out to me that the very same symbol was used for devil worship, should I continue to wear it once I knew better saying, “Well . . . It doesn’t mean that to me” ?

The question should be . . .

“What do these things mean TO OUR CREATOR?”

Remember, the Eternal Father was there when the very same pagan customs, on the very same calendar dates, were originally used for pagan worship and child sacrifice.

God does remember, even if we don’t.

The Creator personally looked down upon the Baal child sacrifices at the end of every December for centuries. God saw firsthand the child blood painted “Ishtar/easter” eggs. God witnessed with His own eyes the incestuous Tammuz, Baal-son, false-messiah trees, in nearly every home of His people.

The question should be . . .

“What do these things mean TO OUR CREATOR?”

This is WHY God said . . .

“When the Eternal your Creator drives out from before you the pagan nations which you go to possess, and you replace them and live in their land, BEWARE THAT YOU DO NOT FOLLOW OR IMITATE THEIR PAGAN CUSTOMS OR WAYS OF WORSHIP, or inquire ‘How did they worship their false gods?’  Saying ‘We will worship the True Creator LIKEWISE.’  YOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP THE ETERNAL YOUR CREATOR THE SAME WAY THE PAGANS WORSHIP THEIR FALSE DEITIES.”

 Deuteronomy 12:29-31

The above scripture proves that the Eternal Creator most certainly finds it blasphemous (while Satan/Baal is highly pleased) for “christians to bring in the very same pagan rituals and symbols (idols) into God’s church . . . into God’s sanctuary . . . on the very same pagan calendar days . . . that were originally created for the worship of Baal.

Are we more interested in pleasing men . . .

Or the One who Created us?

“The Creator forgave past sins of ignorance . . .

Yet now, in better knowledge,

God COMMANDS Everyone to REPENT.”

Acts 17:30

If we claim “christianity” as our title, then no doubt we see the world as a “fallen” place.  What makes it fallen?  The breaking of the Creator’s laws.  What are the most fundamental of the Creator’s laws?  The Ten Commandments.  What are the Very First of these commandments?  #1 Have no other gods before me.”  #2Do not use pagan idols or customs.” . . . Hummm? . . . All of the other Ten Commandments are being broken in the world today, have we forgotten about these first two being broken right under our nose?

“You shall DESTROY what is pagan . . .

For I am JEALOUS for my creation’s affections.”

Exodus 34:13-14

In Exodus 32:1-8, when Moses left Aaron in charge of the Israeli community, which had just left Egypt, Aaron fashioned a calf out of gold (the pagan religious tradition of the Egyptians) and then told the Hebrews that it was perfectly fine to worship the True Creator in this exact same pagan way.  Aaron was obviously proven wrong.  When Moses returned, he said that the pagans customs among them had caused them to pervert the Holy Way in which they used to worship the Creator, rebuking them to NEVER, EVER, AGAIN WORSHIP GOD WITH PAGAN CUSTOMS.  Moses then ground the idol into dust, put it into the water supply, and had the Israelis drink it until all of it was gone.

I’d say the Lord God takes pagan holidays and pagan rituals VERY SERIOUSLY.

Finally . . .

“If your Brother is grieved because of your food . . .

You are no longer being loving . . .

It is good to abstain from meat or wine . . .


If it causes your Brother to be grieved.”

Romans 14: 15 & 21

We are commanded not to offend our Christian Brother in any superfluous matter, even if we are not offended by the matter ourselves.  A wine drinker (hopefully) can go one meal without drinking wine to suit a recovering alcoholic at the table.  A meat eater should be able to eat vegetables for one meal to please a vegetarian host.  A True Christian should be able to live through the month of December without bringing pagan “christ-mass” rituals (decorations), or the inaccurate focus of the Messiah’s birth during that false pagan Saturnalia time, into the church for one month, which does offend those who realize that these rituals and dates are pagan.  After all, the fallen Church of Rome has “christ-mass” trees and the exact same pagan decorations throughout their churches in December, as do immoral nightclubs.

Do we really want to follow Their example?

I cannot think of one person who would not attend a church in December if the pagan symbols and rituals were not brought in and practiced during this time, yet I can think of several people who do not attend their own church in December, specifically because theses very same pagan symbols and rituals of Baal’s son are inside of Christ’s church during these very same pagan calendar days.

The Father-Creator is Holy.  What is “Holy”?  Un-defiled Purity.  Would I want to drink a glass of orange juice with only one percent gasoline?  If not, then why would I want to bring in even one percent of paganism into The Creator’s Holy Church and defile it ?  In God’s book, ANY impurity, even one percent, makes something holy, Un-holy, and Defiles it.

Do I love and protect my body from one percent poison more than I protect the Creator’s Body, His Holy Church, from one percent paganism?

The Last Days are HERE and NOW. We do not need to put ANY stumbling block in our way. The less sin, the more power from God. If we are going to feverishly seek and save the lost at this crucial hour, as we should, before it is too late, then we need all of God’s power that we can get. The Last Days are the time to purify God’s Church from paganism, not to justify it. on on Youtube
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