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6/22/2022 - Posted by W.M. Peterson in Crime, Free Speech, Health, Liberty, News, Politics & Government

USS Liberty: 55 Years Later

Remember the Liberty “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20) Wednesday, June 8th is the 55th anniversary…
6/22/2022 by Hesh Goldstein

Why GMOs Are Nightmares

First, the less obvious: Did you know…if seeds from a GMO field blow over to a non-GMO field the non-GMO farmer can be sued for… Posted in Health
6/22/2022 by everybodysfit

Seafood – the ocean’s treat to your health

Fish is one of the healthiest foods for you. Number one is the protein, but these sea creatures are also packed with nutrients. Eating fish… Posted in Fitness Nutrition, Food, Nutrition
6/2/2022 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

Putting who we are in its proper perspective

Being raised with a Jewish label on my body, contemplating JC was a no no. Somewhere down the road I learned that he was not…
6/2/2022 by everybodysfit

Nausea & Vomiting – Stomach troubles

Vomiting is the body’s way of getting rid of something it does not like. It is a natural, protective reflex. Nausea is the feeling right… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
6/2/2022 by Hesh Goldstein

“Selling Sickness”

“Selling Sickness”, by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels, is a book about how the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients. The… Posted in Health
5/4/2022 - Posted by everybodysfit in Fitness Nutrition, Nutrition, Personal Care

MCT Oil – triglycerides’ secret potion

MCT Oil – triglycerides’ secret potion Recently MCT oil has hit the weight loss and fitness industry by storm. MCT oil is a type of…
5/4/2022 by Hesh Goldstein

Why the mainstream media can never be trusted

The mainstream media, not only being a shill for the pharmaceutical industry, regularly reports on the “dangers” of herbal remedies and supplements. But, what is… Posted in Health
4/13/2022 by everybodysfit

Headaches- pounding and throbbing discomfort

Headaches- pounding and throbbing discomfort  Headaches are actually quite complicated and not always a simple answer when it comes to causality. That is why some… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
4/13/2022 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

The real weapons of mass destruction

Unfortunately, the best place to start with this are the youngest members of society through the school lunch program. In this era of government bailouts…