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3/17/2023 - Posted by Sarah Barendse in Health, Nutrition

Artificial Sweeteners May Be Harming Your Dental Health

Could diet drinks be secretly ruining your smile? While most studies say no, we are seeing a very different result.
3/17/2023 by Hesh Goldstein

Will the fraud to keep people sick and make more money ever end?

What ticks me off the most is that the people think the FDA is on their side. The problem is that what they do and… Posted in Health
3/17/2023 by Dayna Colvin

Healthy Eating

I am very grateful for my healthy eating choices. Eating organic, plant-based, whole natural foods that grow has been a large contributor to my feel… Posted in Health
3/17/2023 - Posted by everybodysfit in Food, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care

Anemia – Red blood cell’s enemy

When the blood lacks healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin, anemia can develop. We need hemoglobin to bind oxygen. When a person has too few…
2/28/2023 by Thomasina Copenhaver

Envenomation–The snake has no power without the fang

If you’ve ever had local anesthesia for a toothache or a dental procedure you might want to thank a snake. I don’t particularly like snakes… Posted in Health, Health, Holistic Medicine, Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Vaccines
2/28/2023 by Hesh Goldstein

Do you really like being kept sick?

What ticks me off the most is that the people think the FDA is on their side. The problem is that what they do and… Posted in Health
2/28/2023 - Posted by everybodysfit in Fitness, Lifestyle, Personal Care

Plantar Fasciitis: Heel to toe pain

Overly stretched, tiny tears can lead to inflammation and pain in the arch of the foot. This condition, called plantar fasciitis, accounts for nearly 1…
2/28/2023 by Sarah Barendse

Regular Dry Brushing Could Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Dry brushing on a regular basis, daily or weekly can greatly improve circulation and blood flow to the breast tissue. Breast Cancer and lymph nodes often Posted in Health
2/27/2023 by Sarah Barendse

Chicken Little Syndrome

It is coming to a crux. So may vaccinated and boosted, and now living – breathing in toxic air and drinking water that is going to kill them over time, slowly and painfully. Posted in News
2/7/2023 - Posted by Sarah Barendse in Child Care, Health, Holistic Medicine, Personal Care

8 Tips To Heal Burns Naturally

Recently a very good friend of mine had a propane tank on his gas grill catch on fire. It shot out a fireball, which engulfed…