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4/9/2021 - Posted by Thomasina Copenhaver in Biotechnology, Health, Health, Medicine, News, Science, Science & Tech, Vaccines

The Covid “Vaccine”—how can you give informed consent if you’re not informed?

People who have gotten the covid “vaccine” presumably did so with informed consent. But how “informed” were they really?  Were they told it wasn’t really…
4/9/2021 by everybodysfit

Low back pain: Listen to you mother and don’t slouch

Nearly 60-80% of the general adult population suffers from low back pain. Yes, that many of us. Annual medical costs associated with this type of… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
4/9/2021 by Hesh Goldstein

Why are MD’s basically brain dead when it comes to natural healing?

Being a vegetarian since 1975 and a vegan since 1990, why do I never get sick and when I go to an MD it is… Posted in Health
4/1/2021 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

What used to be food, ain’t that way anymore

One of the basic concepts of natural therapy can be expressed in that old saying, “You are what you eat”. To a large extent, our…
3/29/2021 by Hesh Goldstein

Is there a good way to stay well nourished?

Most people involved with natural healing usually advise specific vitamin, mineral, or other food supplements, depending upon the state of health of the person desiring… Posted in Health
3/22/2021 by Thomasina Copenhaver

The Polio vaccine rollout–the 40,000 injured kids, the secret contamination with cancer-causing monkey viruses, and the surge in cancer cases 30 years later

The Polio Vaccine, like all others, came about because of public demand for it. Public demand comes down to one word: Fear. Rightfully so, because… Posted in Health, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines
3/22/2021 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

What you are not told

Today we know more about vitamins, minerals and nutrition in general then ever before, but at the same time there are various elements of the…
3/17/2021 by Dean A.

Don’t Poke the Bear… Arise and Devour Much Flesh

Hi Friends, Picking a fight with Russia right now is stupid. That is exactly what is going on in Syria currently. In prophecy the Bear… Posted in World
3/17/2021 by Hesh Goldstein

How you can absolutely avoid a nervous breakdown

What is a nervous breakdown? It’s not a disease, as some materialists would like people to think. It’s not a physical ailment like a broken… Posted in Health
3/10/2021 - Posted by Dean A. in Aquaponics, Backyard Chickens, Farming, Food, Gardening, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Nutrition

1st, 2nd or 3rd Watch… When He Cometh

How long, oh Lord? Knowing the times.