Is Joe Biden NOW a Deep Fake ?


What I am about to tell you may be so unbelievable, that you will think that it is a Twilight Zone episode. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be absolutely true. Buckle up, because you are about to become very scared, just as I was, when I discovered this extremely frightening possibility.

Many of you now realize that President John Kennedy was murdered with the help of his own Secret Service agents (who were supposed to protect his life), as they cooperated with the President’s fired former CIA director Allen Dulles, with the additional assistance of George HW Bush, who later became both CIA director and President of the United States, as his reward for aiding in this despicable act of open treason. Some of you also now realize that if rogue agents inside of our own government’s leadership are willing to stoop to such a deplorable degree of dastardly deeds as this, then faking a simple television picture a few years later, one which claimed to be coming from the moon, is not really that hard to believe, particularly in comparison to murdering their own president, especially considering that the government later destroyed all of the original videotapes of the supposed moonwalk, plus the fact that no one on earth, not even the United States, can duplicate the alleged 1960’s technological feat, not even with 5 decades of more advanced computers and rocketry.

My point is that if the Deep State is willing to kill the duly elected President of the United States in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, and lie to the entire world about walking on the moon on the very first attempt with one-millionth of the computing power of a cell phone with absolutely no eyewitnesses, then they are more than capable, more than willing, to carry on into infinity their tirade of arrogant deception, plus now they are even more emboldened to do so than ever before, because they have continuously gotten away with all of their evil deeds, decade after decade, repeatedly never being brought into the light of day to face public judgment for their ungodly actions. As such, do not be too shocked, other than realizing that you are living in a real-life science fiction move, that what I am about to tell you may indeed be a horrifying reality.

I have been a filmmaker for about forty years. I write, produce, direct, as well as operate my own television camera and editing system. I have logged thousands upon thousands of hours sitting at my editing console. (On just one 45 minute film, I spent an estimated 4000 hours editing it.) In addition to this, I repeatedly generate titles, insert special effects, and resynchronize unsynchronized audio with video that was recorded at a completely different time. I have been doing all of this so long and so often, that I can practically do it in my sleep. I say all of this to let you know, that while I was watching Joe Biden’s convention acceptance speech the other day, I noticed that the audio of his voice was coming in, just slightly, ahead of his lip’s movement of the words he was speaking. As there are 30 frames or images per second, I would say that the synchronization was off by only 1 or 2 frames, that is, a mere 1/15th to 1/30th of a second. This may not seem that important to you right now, yet I assure you, this tiny discrepancy is highly significant. Just as a trained musician can discern the slightest variation of perfect pitch, I noticed this very subtle nuance, due to the thousands of hours I have logged since the age of 18, repeatedly sitting in front of a video editing screen, closely dissecting fractions of seconds of video, right before the final version of them is broadcast to the public. My discovery means that the audio of Joe Biden, and the video of Joe Biden, are definitely two separate digital files, and therefore, were created at two different moments in time, not live as it appears. This further means that this image of Joe Biden may not be Joe Biden at all, rather a technologically advanced digital facsimile of him.

This is extremely frightening.

What this means, is that for the first time in American and perhaps world history, we may have a fictional digital candidate running for president of an extremely powerful nation. We already know that most world leaders are marionettes of unseen puppet-masters behind the scenes, and now, due to the boldfaced arrogant lying of their living and breathing supporting minions in high places, loyal Americans may have their sacred voting process defrauded, by inadvertently voting for a non-existing entity, which could then ascend into the seat of supreme world authority. Who will then control this digital representation of a person, if It is elected, I do not know. If this ends up being Satan himself, I would only be slightly surprised.

Now the worse part; further proof that this incredible deception may indeed be taking place, even as you are reading this.

We just had the Speaker of the House of the Congress of the United States, who is third in line to the presidency, say to all of the world’s media (which the Deep State virtually completely controls) that, believe it or not, there should not be any presidential election debates whatsoever. That’s right, for the first time in the history of the United States, a live discussion between the two final presidential candidates, in the same location, as to which of them is a better choice for America, may not take place at all. Added to this worse news, is the Speaker’s explicit suggestion that both candidates be in separate locations, answering prearranged questions, instead of a live televised debate in front of witnesses and independent media, with both candidates standing across from each other on the same stage in the same location, as has always been done before. Joe Biden’s handlers are now suggesting that they should be allowed to give a pre-edited tape (file actually) of Joe Biden, which was prerecorded at a private location, and first rectified and “polished”, before it is given to the media for worldwide dissemination.

Now, more horrible news still; even further proof that this incredible deception may actually already be taking place.

In Donald Trump’s acceptance speech for his party’s nomination for president, he walked a great distance to the stage, including climbing stairs, was outside in the open air, appeared in front of hundreds of eyewitness with accompanying independent media, and gave his speech live without interruption or video editing. Joe Biden, on the other hand, only walked a straight line of about 6 feet to his podium, was in a completely controlled secretive indoor television studio, had no eyewitnesses whatsoever (other than his wife and his vice presidential candidate with their spouse), had no independent media there, and cannot prove that the speech he gave was live and unedited as Donald Trump can, because Joe Biden’s handlers only gave a carefully redacted file to the media (one in which the audio and video were obviously recorded separately), who then gladly disseminated this video worldwide without questioning it. Furthermore, as soon as Joe Biden walked a mere 6 feet to his podium, a video edit to a close-up of him occurred, which is when I believe a Deep Fake substitute of Joe Biden might have begun, that is, a technologically advanced video facsimile of him may have taken over at that very moment and started speaking in his place, instead of the real Joe Biden. Immediately after this speech, another clever edit occurred, back to a wide-shot, of what I believe was the real Joe Biden at the podium. When you add to this the fact that Joe Biden could not even stand and hug his wife with both arms afterwards, like any other healthy husband would do, but instead urgently held onto the podium with his other hand for support so that he would not fall over, then you begin to see what might be going on here.

Joe Biden has repeated difficultly speaking coherent sentences, as well as repeated difficulty remembering where he is, and more importantly, when he is, as he has made many mistakes recently saying that he is running for senate (like he did 4 decades ago) and also saying that he was at his boyhood volunteer center, when he was somewhere else entirely, in both location and time. When all of these foregoing proofs are added together, then you begin to see exactly why a Deep Fake of Joe Biden may now be taking place, and why the Speaker of the House (who is a good friend of his) so urgently wants to stop the scheduled debates from happening, suggesting instead that they have them “virtually“, which is a perfect cover for a clever Deep Fake of Joe Biden. This means that some excuse from Joe Biden’s team may already be planned, as a clever contrivance for canceling the live televised, on the same stage, in font of hundreds of eyewitnesses, debates. Look for the false claim that Joe Biden suddenly needs to have his tonsils taken out, right before the first scheduled debate, or that he is having knee surgery, or even better still, that he had an automobile accident, specifically designed so that Joe Biden can have a physical incapacitation excuse for not attending the debates in person, an excuse which does not negatively reflect on the appearance of his overall health. Joe Biden’s team may try to use “Covid” as an excuse somehow (though this did not prevent Donald Trump from appearing live and unedited in front of hundreds of witnesses), or perhaps the excuse will be an increase in riots, or possibly even a new war, or maybe even an assignation attempt on Donald Trump (all of which the Deep State can easily accomplish), anything whatsoever to stop live in-person debates from taking place, and to potentially give a pre-edited Deep Fake video file of Joe Biden to the media instead.

The sad fact is, I believe, that Joe Biden had a stroke recently. I noticed in a new picture of him, that his left eye was looking in one direction, while simultaneously, his right eye was looking in a completely different direction. I think this is because of a stroke. No one, not even democratic leaning voters, want to elect a person, into a position involving the potential use of nuclear weapons, who does not know when it is, and certainly not undecided voters. Joe Biden should just tell the truth about his medical condition and nominate another candidate that he thinks his followers love and will support. I guess it must be pride, or the Dark Forces behind the scenes, who do not want this to happen. Perhaps this is because, what is before them, is the unprecedented opportunity to completely control an entirely digital president. This might be a tasty morsel, to those with addictive power gluttony, that is simply too tempting to resist.

If a youtube Deep Fake of former president Obama, which was made by relative amateurs, from publicly available software, with years old two dimensional stock footage, fools 99.9 percent of the public, then if Joe Biden has already submitted to a three dimensional scan of his face from multiple angles, as well as numerous high fidelity audio recording samples of his voice, then I am very confident that the CIA’s highly trained professionals, who are using much, much more advanced Deep Fake technology, can easily and completely deceive 99.99999 percent of the public into believing, that an entirely made up digital version of Joe Biden, is as real as the sun. Everyone else who perceives this outrageous deception, no matter how right they might be about knowing of this incredible lie, would only be called “crazy conspiracy theorists” . . . as usual.

Very Sad . . . and Very Dangerous.

Please keep in mind, that I am a Seventh Day Adventist, who does his best to obey the Messiah’s doctrine of “A soldier of Christ does not get involved in civilian affairs.” (2nd Timothy 2:4) I believe that if the tables were turned, and the Republican candidate was mentally incapacitated while the Democratic Candidate was not, that the Republican side might try to do the very same thing, as the Deep State leaders of both political parties are equally corrupt, despite what they say, which they seldom do. This is just the way that it is at this moment in history. You can see from the short video that I produced on this alarming subject, which is linked below, that Joe Biden has indeed lost his mental faculties, far below the standard for the job of President of the United States, through no direct fault of his own. We should pity him for his loss of health, and pray for his soul, which might be in dire Eternal Jeopardy.

We are living in very strange times, of both evil and technology. When you radically combine these two together, as Dark Forces are bound to do, then it is entirely possible, and may even be happening right now, that Joe Biden is “hiding in the basement” for a very good reason. It could very well be, from the time of his past alleged convention acceptance speech, right now in prerecorded “news soundbites” about current events or the upcoming election, and in the future three scheduled presidential “debates”, as well as on into the White House if “he” wins, that there may indeed only be a digital facsimile of “Joe Biden” from now on, which is actually controlled by the Darkest Forces of the Deepest State, now conveniently done so from their cozy armchair in their ivory tower.

Truth is absolutely stranger than fiction.

This is today’s revolution of advanced technology, combined with supreme evil. I only wish that I were president of the electric company, so that I could pull the plug on this, if it is indeed happening right now. Unfortunately, I am not, and they probably have backup generators anyway. Only prayerful Divine Intervention will stop this, if my suspicions are correct. God will win in the end, even if God chooses not to intervene, in order to reveal to mankind their own supreme folly. Those who oppose what is right, will regret every single one of their evil decisions on Judgment Day.

Just because you and I recognize this evil, does not mean that we ourselves are spiritually safe. We all have to overcome our own evil inclinations, every day, to the very end, as Jesus said, “Due to the common habitual acceptance of sinful things, even the faithfulness of most ‘Believers’ will eventually Die, thusly only those who hold on to My Righteousness to Very End, will be saved in the Very End.” (Matthew 24:12-13)

To God be the Eternal Glory.

I pray that myself, and all those reading this, will join together with God, someday soon, by accepting the Creator’s precious and generous offer of Eternal Life. Repentance of sin is the only condition, for those in the Deep State, as well as for you and me. (Acts 2:36-41) on on Youtube
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