Bad News… The USA Might be In Prophecy After All


Hi Friends,

Everyone asks, “where are we in prophecy?” What about America? I have a very unhappy feeling that indeed we may in the Bible. For a while I have been studying the symbols in scripture and then looking to see if they can be identified in current world reality. It seems logical that the beasts fit very well with the permanent seats of the UN Security Council (China – Beast with 10 horns, Russia – Bear, Leopard – EU represented by France, and Lion with Eagles wings – Britain and USA.)

In Daniel 7 the Eagles wings are plucked off the Lion and the Lion is lifted from the earth. This verbiage about the destruction of the Lion would imply very unpleasant future events for both the Lion and the Eagles wings. In scripture the term “lifted from the earth” implies death. This would be a very big thing to watch for. The reality that Britain is in the lead for distribution of vaccinations and the vaccine is likely going to kill or damage those that take it might be the undoing of Britain. We will have to wait to see if this actually is the interpretation of the scripture.

Now, what about the two wings of the Great Eagle? If we are the wings of the Eagle and get plucked off, what might that mean? I am just going to have fun here, I have no idea if this has anything to do with anything, but I think we will become the ten horns. You see, FEMA plans to split the US into 10 regions. I could just see this happening…

Here is how it would go. First something very bad would happen to the Government that would require military takeover. With that, the 10 FEMA regions would go into effect with a military leader overseeing each one.  

Here is the ugly problem; the ten horns give their power to the Beast. If the Beast is China, we will indeed be somehow linked to China. I must say, that is a very far-fetched idea. This is just a blog for fun. I am most likely wrong. The thought just came to me, so I’m just blogging.

Another prophecy thing of international interest, deals with Israel. There is a prophecy about two thirds of the nation of Israel being cut off (Zechariah 13:8-9.) I found it very interesting that Israel is the other nation that is leading in vaccinations of its citizens. There was a report that said they had vaccinated 50% on their population. If that vaccine actually takes people out, that would be prophetic as well. Once again, I don’t know. It is just something to watch for.

So, now that I have thrown out so many silly ideas about things to watch for, I’ll just thicken the unlikely plot with some more ridiculous thoughts to watch for. You see, once the ten horns are manifested, three of them get replaced by a little horn that has a mouth and eyes. I personally think the mouth and eyes are surveillance technology and propaganda. Anyway, I would guess that the three FEMA areas whose leaders would be overcome by the little horn would be those closest to the west Coast. That would be area’s eight, nine, and ten.

If for some reason these events did actually occur it would not be good for the Christians in those areas. That little horn leader is said to work hard to eliminate anyone that will not worship the Beast. Please forgive this blog. I am really just writing it for fun. I have absolutely no idea what will happen in regards to America. I guess it is just that we have seen so much strangeness lately that I now think anything could happen.

God Bless America.

Dean A.