What We Look Forward To… The Goodness of God


Hi Friends,

This is a very different conversation then normal. There is something I want so much. I see it now in the creation and I understand it represents the very nature of God the Father. However, because of the fall of humanity and the subsequent role of evil, creation groans. This thing I long for is the beauty of creation without the damage of evil. I want to see and experience the goodness of God as He originally intended. This is what is coming just beyond this final hurrah of the Devil.

With age some say comes wisdom, if nothing else maybe just a recognition of the way things are, to understand what goodness is and what the opposite of that is. Goodness is generous and seeks to create abundance at such a level that there is a need to share. The opposite uses scarcity to manipulate and control the living things around them so they have to go against their emotional intelligence and accept abuse as a necessity for survival.

Spiritual darkness has a problem. It is nasty and evil. It has a nature to harm everything it touches. We as created beings in the nature and knowledge of God know that kindness and gentle nurture is much less painful then the evil spewing of demons. By instinct the created living beings of God know the difference between pain and kindness. This is why spiritual darkness uses lies to trick God’s creation about its true nature.

 The lies are so convening that many people are confused about the consequences of evil and instead blame God. It is important to remember the job that Satan has always done in heaven, he is the accuser of the brethren before the throne of God. He is literally watching for every little error in order to bring railing accusation against anyone that is imperfect. Well, sense we are all imperfect he gets lots of ammo to use against us. This character feature of the Devil can also be seen in those that follow him.

It is interesting that this nature of extreme blaming and lying is very, very prevalent in those that work for the Devil in our current culture. They are so emboldened that they even accuse the innocent of the very acts of evil that they themselves have brought to reality. That act of harming the innocent with the condemnation that they themselves deserve is filling up their sins. That sin will reach unto heaven and wrath will flow down upon them from a very righteous judge that sits on a very glorious throne.  

It is wearisome to examine the nature of evil, so enough of that. The contrast is the good kindness of the abundant and generous nature of God. His creation brings this nature to reality every day. A single seed placed in the right spot of earth will make a tree that then will bring thousands of more seeds. A girl and a boy dog will give you a litter of the cutest, happiest puppies. A hen will hatch a dozen eggs and then guard the chicks to the best of her ability. It also amazes me that she is a willing umbrella in the rain to keep the chicks dry. What a beautiful nature.

The mind of God is so brilliant. Each system interlocks and supports the other systems. The design is so intelligent that even removing a single piece, like bees, would alter the function of the whole space. The closer you look at the systems and individual components the more brilliance they display. At the very heart of the creation is the electromagnetic spectrum, and I would guess that beyond that reality is spirit itself. This life we have been given is so amazing.

When God sends his blessing, his creation becomes extra generous. The surplus is so great that a true need to share arises. You simply have more that you know what to do with, and thus you give it away, or sell it if you have a business mindset. I happily await the time of Christ’s kingdom with such great blessings that it will be like God originally intended. Abundance and kindness will be the overwhelming experience of our future. I crave that time so much. I wouldn’t miss it for all this world offers or compels at me. I want to live in the full goodness of the nature of God. It is coming. I encourage you to persevere with me. Don’t fall into darkness. Keep the faith.

God bless you

Dean A.