What’s Up Next… Death and Hell


Hi Friends,

I have actually tried to write this blog about what comes next after the first three seals several times. Each time I get done, and say to myself, I can’t post that. No one will want to read that. It sounds terrible. I’ll try and write is some other way. So, I scrap that one and try again. The conclusion that I have come to is that there is not good way to say what comes next.

If you read my previous blogs you know I think there is a strong possibility that we have indeed engaged prophetic events as listed in the Bible. The first three seals visibly manifested in 2020 (Crown-corona virus, loss of peace, damage to the food supply.) The problem is there are more seals. Seven in total as listed in Revelation. Thus, if we have seen three, there are four more to come.

Unfortunately, the forth seal is the SHTF moment. The fourth seal as listed in Revelation is Death with Hell following it. When this goes active, the first three seals become deadly. I honestly think the fourth seal was visible in 2020 as well; it’s just that it’s only getting started. Here is the complexity. The wording in prophecy about these manifested events is that they are ongoing. Not only are they not going away, they are going to become considerably worse. Can you see why I keep chunking my blogs every time I write them? I don’t want to say that. You don’t want to hear that either. I know this.

I want these worms to just go back in a can somewhere and just stop. I want the horrible people who are doing these things to just stop. I want someone to stop them. I want them to go away. They lie and destroy everything. They want to reset the world with them as the controllers. They don’t want anyone to even resist them, forget about actually stopping them. As we have watched them engaging their plans, our hopes of different fire breaks have failed us. They turned into cruel tricks of empty vain promises.

So now, instead of slowing down and stopping, the plan is full steam ahead with momentum. Since the plan isn’t stopping the question becomes what do they plan next? To put it in a word, they want depopulation. It is a lot of work to manage the populous as it is currently. They have told us in subtle and not so subtle terms, they intend to get rid of a good percentage of us. Of course as they implement the individual execution rollout they have to do their lying things to make it look as if something else completely is happening. They have had a long time practicing lying and they are really good at it.

I have to pause here to explain something about God. The principle comes from the story of Job. When you read that story, you find that the Devil could not do anything to Job until God granted the authority for it. The Devil got to test Job to see if he really loved and trusted God or if he was just freeloading off of God’s goodness. As we all know Job passed the test. What is happening now is going to be a test comparable to Jobs. The opening of the seals is a granting of authority to the Devil to be himself and do his will. That is always a terrible, miserable, deadly time because he just wants to steal, kill, and destroy.

When the forth seal of Revelation is open we will all be Job. It is going to be ugly. The Devil is the one that will actually carry out all the destruction of the seals. His people created a killer virus to cause death, his people lied to everyone to cause division and violence, his people have purposely damaged the food supply and weakened the financial systems of the nations, and it will be his people that will not only kill many humans through their loaded needle concoctions, but will behead lots of Christians. Yes beheading of Christians is specifically mentioned in scripture in Revelation 20:4. That’s what all those guillotines are about. Yes, we are headed straight into this storm.

See, I really want to chunk this blog as well. No one wants to hear such things. I don’t want to say such things. However, I can’t change the time I was born into either. I just have to trust the God has a purpose and reason for each one of us who will walk through these days. The Bible speaks of gold tried in fire. Overcoming this upcoming mess is going to be a refining fire for those that endure it. Just so you have a heads up, the game will be to get you to receive a mark in your right hand or forehead that will allow or disallow you to buy and sell. That thing is the big NO, NO. It is my humble opinion that the mRNA jab is stepping on the slippery slope that will end in the mark.

When they reset the currencies to go digital and then force some sort of ID mark to be able to join the system, then we are game on for great tribulation. God said not to receive this mark, but the Devil will cause all to receive it. Everyone gets to choose who to obey. Christians will need a lot of faith to lose everything they have in this world, including their lives. The fifth seal of Revelation is martyrs.

There is something about the fourth and fifth seal that is a very important contrast. Remember that Hell is following death. Depopulation is going to catch lots of people. Death is not the complication, but rather Hell is the real problem. You do not want Hell collecting you after you die. This is where the contrast comes in. The Martyrs of the fifth seal are all in Heaven. That is a very important difference. It’s not whether or not a person dies, but rather where they end up. I know where I want to be.

This time of suffering of the fourth and fifth seals of Revelation will have an end. There are actually two more seals, and the last two are indeed the reason it will be worth it to overcome this coming tyranny. There is a saying by Jesus in scripture that goes like this, for whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake (Jesus speaking) shall find it. This is our verse. We will need to implement what it says. If we do, then the Sixth and Seventh seals are our reward and our justice.

You see, the sixth seal is the physical return of Jesus for a second time to earth where he collects those who have remained faithful to him. If you follow Jesus this is the moment you are waiting for. Jesus said that anyone who endures to the end will be saved. He will indeed rescue his faithful believers out of the hands of this evil system. The challenge for us will be to patiently wait for this day to arrive.

Finally, the seventh seal is the wrath of God being poured out on those who chose to follow the Devil. That’s the real thing to avoid. By not giving in to the wrath of the Devil, you get rescued before the wrath of God starts. Aww, that is worth the trouble. We’ll be fellowshipping with Jesus and all his sweet saints, while the wrath of God is dumped on all the murderous villains. There is so much wrath that it is worth its own blog…

Dean A.