1st, 2nd or 3rd Watch… When He Cometh


Hi Friends,

I have a favorite scripture I want to share it with you. It is Luke 12:32 “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The good pleasure of our Father God’s heart is to give us the Kingdom of God. That is where we are headed. It is just at the moment there are dark cold mountains and valleys of death to cross.  We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

As things collapse around us, discomfort and pressure are going to be constant companions. Likely we will have to enter into a patient waiting that is indeed a looking for the return of Jesus Christ. Things may be asked of us unlike what we have experienced as of yet. The homes of believers may be shelter for more than our normal few. It will likely be a test like none other. As with the early church we may be asked to allow our earthly loaves and fishes to be handed into the blessing of God’s use for the help of the persecuted.

You might ask, why should I do such a thing? Well after having to flee my home during the ice apocalypse in Texas last month, I realized I might be the one in need of help. Thus, It behooves me to contemplate that the shoe could very easily be on the other foot for any of us. The time we are entering is like nothing we have ever faced before. We will need each other. Make no mistake about it, it is very scary to be the one who needs help and not know exactly where it will come from. I cried out to God and He did indeed find our family a warm place to sleep. I thank Him very much.

We may be called on to change the way we plan our future. Survival of us, our loved ones, and God’s family might take center stage. In the Old Testament, the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, knew what the people ought to do. Understanding the times is the key for us knowing what we ought to do as well. Holding onto this world’s stuff might not be the correct approach to the times we are entering.

In fact, we may not be able to hold onto our worldly possessions. Communists have a tendency to just take whatever they want.  That system will be ground to powder by Christ when he shows up. Thou shalt not steal, is still God’s rule. There is a difference between someone stealing from you against your will and you deciding from the goodness of your heart to share the things you have with fellow believers who have been attacked and harmed.

The thought of having things in common with others who are enduring persecution, is a frightening contemplation as things are now.  It is possible however, that that very thing may be what will be needed moving forward. The golden rule of, do unto others as you would have them do unto you may be needed to be acted upon. This level of collapse is an unsustainable long term situation. However, if we are in prophecy as it does indeed seem we are, there is an end point.

That brings us to the parable of Christ found in Luke 12:32-48. It is a very important passage of scripture as it was written to us in our generation. We are the generation that will see Christ return. We are the generation that will understand the full wrath of the Devil as he destroys everything he touches, which unfortunately includes the Earth. Our beautiful home will come into the bullseye of the scope of the Devil’s destroyers. Jesus mentions what he will do to those who destroy the Earth; He will destroy them, Revelation 11:18.      

Don’t worry though; Jesus will fix it up for us to have our thousand years with him here during His Kingdom. It will be so nice then because instead of the Devil giving his servant’s all the things we see them with today, it will be the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. That will be worth waiting for.  

You might be wondering exactly how long we might be waiting. There is something interesting in the Luke 12 parable that I mentioned previously. Jesus said he could come in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd watch. If I had to guess what times we would be looking out for, and there are three of them, then they would be the three feasts of trumpets that happen during the 3.5 years span of time that the Anti-Christ gets to govern the kingdom of the Devil.

If we see the Anti-Christ manifested this year as the global leader for the great reset, then the first watch is feast of trumpets 2021, second 2022 and third 2023.  Once Jesus gets us out of here, the Wrath of God will finish up the time line in 2024.  Thank God we are saved from the wrath to come. By the way, the finish line for the Wrath of God is the Battle of Armageddon where the Beast a.k.a. Anti-Christ and the false prophet are collected and chunked into the lake of fire.   

God protect you and yours,

Dean A.