The Day the World Will Change… When They See Jesus


Hi Friends,

What if you were the wealthiest person in the whole world? You think that would be amazing, right? Unfortunately, with a wonderful blessing like that would also appear a great problem. Here is what would happen. Everyone would pretend to be your friend just to get your money. But the truth would be that all they actually wanted was your money. They would abandon you as soon as you were all used up. How would you know who really liked you for who you were, verses who tolerated you for what they could get from you?

I present to you that God in heaven does indeed have this complexity. He owns the world and all the things in it. He created it. It is his. But, how would he know we really loved him and not just his stuff. Here is where the other side comes into the picture. God gave us free will and he gave us an option. You see, love is only love when it is given, not taken. If you were not given free will and an option to choose the other side your allegiance would be coerced. God has stuff, he does not need stuff. What he wants are friends that are true friends.

God has a very distinct nature. His nature is Goodness. This may seem strange to us, but God in Heaven actually compares himself to a hen that would gather her chicks under her wings. If you have ever watched a hen care for little chicks, you could appreciate this nature. It is caring and protecting. This nature would self-sacrifice for the benefit of the little chick being protected and cared for. If you think about it that is exactly what the first coming of Jesus Christ was. God took the wrath for our wrong doings and poured it on Jesus. That cross was what we deserved, wrath.

What Jesus did at his first coming directly relates to what he does at his second coming. Because he took the wrath for our sins, he gets to come and get us before the wrath of God begins on Earth. That is what the sixth seal of Revelation chap. 6 is about. It is a rescue mission to save us from the wrath to come. That scripture is very fun to read. My imagination just screams to see that day when this modern, selfish, indulgent, wicked, unrepentant, horrible, digital society looks up and sees God. Oh wow, what a day.

That day has several features that are worth noting. Old and New Testament writers discuss it. Physically speaking it will be dark, as the sun and moon do not give their light during the day. Its timing is likely on the Feast of Trumpet’s, coming soon if my understanding is correct. That feast happens during the fall season every year. In the timeline of History, the day of Christ’s visible return happens after the rise of the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet, and the mark of the Beast. Jesus will come with clouds and every eye will see him. It will sort of be like in a theater when they turn out the lights just before the show begins. The sun and moon darken and then as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Jesus said he will send his angles to collect those that have faith, in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.

Once that day is complete, it is time for the wrath of God. The wrath of God is the seventh and final seal. That blood stained cross that Jesus suffered on for us, saved us from this seventh seal. This last seal is the wrath to come that John the Baptist spoke of in Luke 3:7 when he said, “Who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” By faith in Jesus as the son of God, we are rescued at the sixth seal, and thus not appointed to the seventh seal.

If you would like to know what will happen to those who decide to join the Beast’s system, there are two run through descriptions of the wrath of God. The first is listed in Revelation 8-11 and the second is in Revelation 15-16. You see, evil will not win. Those that harm their fellow human beings will have to face the vengeance of God. Remember that God said, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Well, that is what this wrath of God is about.

There is a very huge cautionary note that must be stated here. It is this. We must not receive the mark of the Beast. Anyone who accepts the mark will not leave at the sixth seal. We know several things about this mark that will help us identify it. Its presence or lack thereof will allow or disallow the buying and selling of goods. It will have an associated number of 666. Right now there are several things showing up with this numbering that are worth watching out for. The top of my list is the patent WO2020060606 from Microsoft. What has not yet been revealed about this patent is what the sensor actually is. That sensor would be the mark of the Beast.

If the vaccine’s nanotech is the sensor, that must be avoided. At the moment there is a lot of delusion about what is in that vaccine. If it turns out that the sensor is a nanotech tattoo, than that must be avoided. I simply do not know yet. Whatever that sensor is, don’t get it. It is a damming object. Everyone should be very diligent and watchful about this. In fact, it is just safest not to let anyone modify your body right now. I don’t trust the lot of them. There are some big games afoot.

Overcoming this great tribulation caused by the Devil and his people will be necessary. We are just in the startup of this sequence of events. I won’t lie to you; personally, I don’t want to walk through this. Even Jesus had a garden of Gethsemane moment when he faced the reality of the cross. He did overcome and he was victorious. He has told us to follow his lead and overcome as well. It is OK for us to have a garden of Gethsemane moment as well. Afterwards, we just have to get up and overcome as he did. To be the friend of God will indeed be worth whatever tribulation we will face. And anyway who would want to get thrown in hell with that terrible bunch of persons who are doing all this evil. Do not join them. Overcome.

Dean A.