Next Generation of Supplements


Everyday millions of Americans wake up and take vitamins and supplements. The industry caters to a large percentage of Americans whom legitimately need to supplement nutrients into their diet for optimal health.   The question that keeps popping up is how effective are those pills and are they real?

A recent study highlighted the major problems plaguing this unregulated industry. An excerpt from the study published in the BMC Medicine journal, commented on plant based supplements. “In some cases, these fillers were the only plant detected in the bottle — a health concern for people with allergies or those seeking gluten-free products, said the study’s lead author, Steven G. Newmaster, a biology professor and botanical director of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph.”

The lack of FDA regulation allows for profit seekers to take advantage of the loose rules. China is trying very hard to get its foot in the door of the US supplement market. Supplement companies tell the story of being bombarded by 100’s of emails daily from producers of cheap ingredients. The Chinese government released a report this week finding that 1/5 of their arable farm land is too polluted to grow on. Imagine what it is like there when we have no regulation in the US! There is a good chance you are getting part of your supplements from China…but it won’t say on the bottle!

Another major problem is that many pills can simply not be absorbed into the body. Hard pressed pills won’t even start dissolving until our body has begun excreting them. The absorption rate of any nutrient added to the body is called its bioavailability. As a frame of reference, an injection directly into the blood stream allows for 100% bioavailability. Whatever was injected will be absorbed and processed 100% by our body. Pills are powder that is pressed together with binders in a machine. Many nutrients will create bonds and bind when pressed and our body will not be able to absorb ANY of the nutrients. Unfortunately this is not infrequent and it is likely that you are currently taking pills with a bioavailability of 0%!!


The Solution

The solution is simple; eat whole live food for your supplements! If you want Vitamin C you should eat an orange for the highest bioavailability. Keeping fresh oranges around at all times can be a lot of work though. One simple solution for this is to drink fresh squeezed orange juice. However, many other nutrients require a creative solution so they can be concentrated and absorb efficiently.

One company has taken this approach and created a live whole food ‘supplement’ for fish. PhytOriginal is nothing more than millions of tiny living phytoplankton cells – a complete fish oil replacement without the fish. Fish oil is highly touted for its concentration of Omega-3’s, especially because – 2 of the 3 – Omega-3’s are only produced in the ocean.

People are often confused by Omega-3’s and believe they can get them from terrestrial plants like Chia or Flax seed. Harvard Professor Dr Frank Sacks provides an excellent overview of each of the 3 Omega-3’s. Two Omega-3’s, EPA & DHA, have a single natural source – phytoplankton. People primarily eat the carriers, fish, for their essential fatty acids. PhytOriginal skips the middleman and goes straight to the biological source. Their supplement is living phytoplankton that continues reproducing for at least 6 months once it is shipped! It’s literally like eating millions of very tiny oranges!

If you don’t eat a fatty fish at least 3 times per week than you must find a way to supplement the essential fatty acids your body requires to run efficiently. PhytOriginal is the next generation of supplementation that has >90% bioavailability. No pill, tab, or liquid is absorbed into your body as efficiently as LIVE plant cells. PhytOriginal isn’t just an alternative, it’s an upgrade!

Jordan Markuson
Jordan Markuson is the founder and CEO of Aqua Health Labs, a revolutionary concept in dietary supplementation. A former internet advertising executive with extensive Chicago real estate holdings, a love for the outdoors inspired him to leverage his commercial expertise for the greater good. Exploring natural options to support recovery from a serious skiing injury and pain management for fibromyalgia led him to extensively research the science of essential fatty acids. Now, this independent entrepreneurial conservationist is a passionate advocate for environmentally sustainable healthy living practices.

Jordan is a frequent content contributor to healthy living websites and publications, and is available for speaking engagements. Email [email protected] to learn more.