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Thomasina Copenhaver is a naturopathic doctor and registered nurse with over 30 years experience in the healthcare profession. Her passion is writing, researching, and empowering all humans with knowledge of healing at the cellular level; to enable them to make educated and informed choices regarding their health. For more information visit her website: notesfromanaturopath.com or to buy her book, "Notes from a Naturopath" visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

“The Sister”–How a naturopathic doctor got sucked back in to the western medical system.

On October 16, 2022 my brother fell 8 feet off his back deck into the outside concrete basement stairwell. It was dusk and it was 38 degrees and the only witness was Sheldon—the neighbor’s dog.  Sheldon barked furiously but his… 0 Shares |

Envenomation–The snake has no power without the fang

If you’ve ever had local anesthesia for a toothache or a dental procedure you might want to thank a snake. I don’t particularly like snakes and try really hard to avoid them, but I also try to avoid the dentist.… 0 Shares |

Vaccine Variant Whack-A-Mole—Are you a Player or are you getting played?

Have you ever played the arcade game, Whack a Mole? The last two years dealing with the Covid pandemic reminds me of the arcade game. First it was isolation and mask wearing. Whack! Took care of that one. Then it… 0 Shares |

Gain of Function research–What is it? The Good, The Bad and The Biological Weapons

In my relentless pursuit of understanding covid—I have often heard the term, “gain of function research”. Curious—I looked it up. A definition is difficult to find and even more difficult to understand.  The Conversation asked four experts in the field,… 0 Shares |

The Covid “Vaccine”—how can you give informed consent if you’re not informed?

People who have gotten the covid “vaccine” presumably did so with informed consent. But how “informed” were they really?  Were they told it wasn’t really a “vaccine”? Were they told they are part of a human experiment? Were they told… 0 Shares |

The Polio vaccine rollout–the 40,000 injured kids, the secret contamination with cancer-causing monkey viruses, and the surge in cancer cases 30 years later

The Polio Vaccine, like all others, came about because of public demand for it. Public demand comes down to one word: Fear. Rightfully so, because people who don’t understand the nature of viruses want to rush “science” to find a… 0 Shares |

Pesticides and Vaccines—are they saving us from disease or poisoning the human race?

I’d like to thank Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger, for allowing me to contribute on this forum since 2012. I am no longer allowed to post these on Facebook. It never ceases to amaze me, that people are lining… 0 Shares |

Corona Virus-Research the “experts” know but won’t tell you that could save your life

The fear is palpable. The Corona virus has divided and paralyzed the entire world. This has been such a sad and troubling realization to me. Despite the confusion and inconsistencies of the so-called “experts”—people continue to follow their every word.… 0 Shares |

Corona Virus–empower yourself with knowledge and stop feeling helpless. You’re not.

If you watch the news, you know that fears about the Corona virus are the top news story every night. How much of the information is actually useful though?  Do you have a mask yet? Are you freaking out because… 0 Shares |

Cancer—the safe, decades old drug you’ve never heard of for “incurable” cancer

I’ve studied cancer as both a licensed registered nurse and naturopathic doctor for over 40 years. (Longer– if you count my time as a candy striper.) There have been several “Ah-Ha” moments for me in the study of, and years… 0 Shares |