Corona Virus–empower yourself with knowledge and stop feeling helpless. You’re not.


If you watch the news, you know that fears about the Corona virus are the top news story every night. How much of the information is actually useful though?  Do you have a mask yet? Are you freaking out because there’s no hand sanitizer to be found?  Grocery stores and even large chain home improvement stores are selling out of both. Even Aloe Vera is difficult to find as panic gripped people try to make their own sanitizer.

The government uses these virus fear tactics to control populations. People trust that the government will protect them. People willingly give up their rights and freedom for security and “protection”. Fear is paralyzing and proven to lower IQ to almost childlike status. That’s how they control you.  Most of those who die from these global virus events are people who are already immune system compromised with physical, chemical, or emotional stress before they are infected. 

So wouldn’t logical thinking tell you to improve your own immune system to protect yourself? 

A few years ago in 2015, the global fear was the mosquito spreading Zika virus to vulnerable pregnant women. Zika infection during pregnancy could result in a brain condition called microcephaly to the child.  Before that it was Ebola and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Are you aware that SARS first appeared in 2003 and is caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV)? (Resources) And yet, everyone reading this survived—or your parents did.

People recover. Humans have survived plagues and viruses since the beginning of time. A virus is a virus. Your body is equipped.

Understanding how a virus replicates once inside your body is far more beneficial than buying a mask and hand sanitizer to fight it. And hand sanitizer is so over rated. It contains cancer-causing ingredients.  It actually dries out your hands and destroys the natural Creator given protective flora and oil glands on the largest organ of the body—your skin. This leads to secondary infections. Studies have shown that hand sanitizer takes 4 minutes of vigorous scrubbing to actually kill germs on your hands. (Resources below) Meanwhile you are stripping your skin of the very bacterial defenders you need to survive. Healthy skin is your first line of defense. Keep in mind, your body knows perfectly and exactly how to prevent viruses from entering your body. Your skin is comprised of millions of protective bacterial species. Unless you scrub them off! Bacillus subtilis, for just one example, fights off other harmful bacteria and was used to make the antibiotic ointment Bacitracin.

Sadly, most medical intervention is counter intuitive. Take the idea of fogging the air with alcohol and sanitizers.  This actually weakens the immune system response and predisposes people to further infection. Think of hospitals—the pillars of sterilized sanitized institutions. There are hand sanitizers outside every room. Yet, 1.7 million Americans develop hospital-acquired infections each year and 99,000 of them die.  (Resources)  Infections like MRSA and C-diff are frequently acquired after a hospital or nursing home stay. These secondary infections can be deadly or difficult to treat at best. If you can’t kill germs in a hospital setting without causing secondary infections—maybe the germs aren’t the problem.

Still, the fear mongering media doctors tell us of makeshift hospital like quarantine centers where one person can infect large groups of people and actually spread the disease.  Fear and panic weaken the immune system faster than the medications they give you to suppress the symptoms.  And they’re not going to serve you natural antivirals like garlic and blueberries. Or healing immune system boosters like Kombucha, Kefir, or raw fermented veggies. Since part of your immune system is located in your gut—it makes sense to improve your immune system by improving your microbial diversity.  The more variety of beneficial bacteria, the healthier the immune system.

If the media docs really wanted to scare you awake—maybe they’d tell you that you have a much better chance of dying from risk factors that have little to nothing to do with viruses and everything to do with factors that are completely under your own control.

The number of deaths by risk factor in 2017 had 10.44 million people dying of high blood pressure and 6.53 million dying of high blood sugar. And despite all the research, all the money, all the technological and medical advances—the number one and number two causes of death have remained the same for decades: cardiovascular disease (17.79 million deaths in 2017) and cancer (9.56 million deaths in 2017). (Resources)  But keep taking those pills they give you because your lifestyle has nothing to do with your dis-ease.

You can protect yourself from viruses by avoiding crowded public places like fitness gyms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mass transit, sporting events, cruise ships, and daycare.  If you or your kids are sick, stay home! Avoid public quarantine.

If you have to use a public restroom—wash your hands and then use a paper towel, a tissue, your elbow, or foot to open the door. Teach your children to do the same! Kids love to touch everything and then touch their face. Consider shopping online and pick up at the grocery store.  At least for the near future, be vigilant. But always wash your hands. And always be vigilant.

Your throat has a sophisticated intelligence system located in the small pores lining the back of it, that act like a switchboard to detect foreign invaders and neutralize them. The tonsils and adenoids are lymph tissue that hold these invaders so they can’t get into your lungs. Unless you’ve had them removed. Coughing clears the lymph. Giving drugs like Tylenol for fever, or cough medicine to suppress symptoms only drives the virus deeper!  Viruses like to hide in the lower part of the lungs where they can remain undetected and multiply. The Wim Hof Method teaches deep breathing. (Resource) Very few people know the simple yet profound power of deep breathing.

Despite what the media doctors and social media tell us—Vitamin C is being used very effectively to treat the coronavirus in Wuhan China. There are other crucial nutrients like zinc and selenium listed in the articles below. (See resources below)

Vitamin A and D3 work at the cellular level to prevent the virus particles from entering the cell. The particles must gain entrance to the DNA in your cells in order to multiply. The longer they remain locked outside the cell—the easier time your immune system has to recognize them and destroy them. (See Passover Protocol below)  

Some other helpful things you can do right now to boost your immunity:

  • Decrease stress—meditate, pray, listen to music, deep breathe, turn off the TV and quit yelling at the nightly news (wait, that’s just me)
  • Get plenty of rest. Turn off the TV; leave your phone outside the room.  Optimal 7-8 hours. Complete Darkness. Sleep is when your body digests food and performs repairs.
  • Eat clean—natural, local, organic and include warm bone broths, garlic, onions, kombucha, kefir, and raw fermented veggies. Eat within an 8-hour period every day. Try to fast for 12-16 hours before you break your fast. If your body has too much food to digest (no midnight snacks)—it can’t work on the immune system repairs and rebuilding. Rest and Digest.  Your gut—like your skin, has billions of protective and beneficial bacteria. Feed them.
  • Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay to draw out toxins
  • Deep breathing—Wim Hof method
  • Far Infrared Sauna—sweat out those toxins!  Far infrared is safe for heart patients but check with your doctor just to be sure. (Resources)
  • Take a walk outside in fresh air and get some daily sunshine. If you can’t walk then sit outside in the sun and do some deep breathing. Spending time in nature is healing.

Please keep in mind (once again) that you were born with innate, Creator given protective mechanisms to ensure your survival. You were not born deficient in drugs to combat viruses. Educate and empower yourself with knowledge of how your body works.  Fear is paralyzing and incapacitating and leads to feelings of helplessness. But you are not helpless! 

Focus on the things you can control. You choose what public events you attend. You choose what you eat and drink. You choose to feed the good bacteria that keep you alive every single day. You choose to strengthen your immune system proactively and get plenty of rest.  You choose to keep your family safe. You choose not to be a victim.

“You had the power all along” (Glinda, The Good Witch—The Wizard of Oz))    


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Thomasina Copenhaver is a naturopathic doctor and registered nurse with over 30 years experience in the healthcare profession. Her passion is writing, researching, and empowering all humans with knowledge of healing at the cellular level; to enable them to make educated and informed choices regarding their health. For more information visit her website: or to buy her book, "Notes from a Naturopath" visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble.