Envenomation–The snake has no power without the fang


If you’ve ever had local anesthesia for a toothache or a dental procedure you might want to thank a snake. I don’t particularly like snakes and try really hard to avoid them, but I also try to avoid the dentist. I am grateful for local anesthesia.  It turns out that dentistry played a role in the development of the hypodermic needle. Some say the development of the hypodermic needle came from the observation of how snake fangs inject venom into their prey. A snake can’t bite you and inject its toxic venom without fangs.

“The new technique was soon widely used to treat pain and was championed as “the greatest boon to medicine since the discovery of chloroform”. Florence Nightingale benefited from it herself during an illness and declared: “Nothing did me any good, but a curious little new-fangled operation of putting opium under the skin, which relieved [the pain] for 24 hours.”

Interesting that the snake is also the official insignia (caduceus) of the United States Medical Corp., Navy Pharmacy Division, and Public Health Service.

I doubt that snakes care about the prestige of their image representing the medical and pharmaceutical professions. Snakes inject their venom to kill prey. How does snake venom kill their prey?  Snake venom destroys the oxygen carrying capacity of your red blood cells. It strips iron from the protective hemoglobin molecule in your blood stream. Iron is very caustic when unprotected. Venom also strips zinc and copper from the cells.

Alkalinity of the blood is a term I never heard in nursing school but learned about when my husband had cancer 22 years ago. Your cells must be alkaline at a pH of 7.3 in order for your blood cells to carry oxygen during circulation. Hemoglobin from the blood and chlorophyll from green plants are molecularly identical. The only difference is the center of a red blood cell is iron to hold oxygen and the center of a chlorophyll atom is magnesium to hold energy (Light) from the sun. Research has proven and it is true science, that green chlorophyll rich foods build healthy red blood cells. Greens are alkaline forming, which means they give you their energy and reduce your acidity which causes inflammation and oxidative stress.  

Snake venoms and other toxins are acidic. All diseases are acidic including cancers, covid, neurotoxic diseases like Parkinson’s, dementia, autoimmune diseases, etc. These toxins can get in your blood stream by a bite or an injection and replace iron in your blood with that toxin. The toxin kicks iron out of hemoglobin and since Iron binds to oxygen, your blood cannot hold oxygen. This is why you have a heart attack. Your blood is circulating but it isn’t carrying oxygen. When ACE 2 receptors, which line blood cell walls, are blocked by this toxin attaching to it, sodium can’t be reabsorbed. In the case of envenomation, if caught early enough, a bolus of normal saline (salt solution) may help. This is because sodium powers the heart. It initiates the contraction of cardiac muscles. The snake wants you paralyzed so you can’t run. This is also what happens with covid toxicity to the heart.

Two other things happen when your blood is acidic. Your blood cells have a negative charge on the outside of them in order to repel each other. If your blood cells did not have a negative charge to repel each other, they would stick to each other and it would be difficult to flow through the smaller veins and capillaries to carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Even if there was any oxygen left, it would not be enough to power the heart. Without the iron atom holding oxygen, the negative charge is stripped off the outside of your cell walls so your blood clumps together in a condition called rouleaux. Rouleaux often leads to blood clots and strokes. The second thing is that Iron is very caustic when it roams free in the blood stream unattached to oxygen. It’s very damaging to the vital organs. It can cause chest pain, fast heartrate, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, etc.

This is why people die quickly from envenomation. 1) They are not getting oxygen to their vital organs. 2) The iron atom is causing a lot of damage throughout the body depending on where the body is weakest. This is why venoms and other toxins can affect essentially all major organ systems. It’s because they have to get into your bloodstream, past your innate, protective mechanisms designed by God. They have to penetrate the cell wall and destroy the energy production of the mitochondria inside the cell. Chlorophyll rich green foods build healthy red blood cells that are oxygenated and full of Light (energy). Chlorella also has the highest affinity for metals. Because you also have to excrete (DETOX) these poisons out of your body. Chlorella is also very effective at detoxing Dioxin (you know the chemical contaminating East Palestine, Ohio.)  You also need to avoid injecting toxins into your bloodstream. Remember—vaccinations are toxin injections. There’s now a vaccination for every age– from babies to teenagers (Gardasil, Meningitis), to the elderly (Flu, Shingles, Covid). If your body can’t effectively eliminate these toxins, disease and even death can occur. Every disease is a result of too many toxins and not enough alkalinity. Naturopaths have been teaching this for years. You are the salt of the Earth and the Light of the world.

Nature (God) has the answer to every situation. The snake is powerless without the fang. Trust Nature. Avoid the fang.







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