Cancer—the safe, decades old drug you’ve never heard of for “incurable” cancer


I’ve studied cancer as both a licensed registered nurse and naturopathic doctor for over 40 years. (Longer– if you count my time as a candy striper.) There have been several “Ah-Ha” moments for me in the study of, and years of experience in, nursing and natural healing –alkalinity of the blood, Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery of cellular metabolism and respiration, painting iodine on cysts, eggplant cream for skin cancer—just to name a few.

Thank you to Dr. Jonathan V. Wright for one of those moments this week.

In 2001 my husband successfully overcame his diagnosis of salivary gland cancer with surgery and natural treatment. At that time, there was surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy—you tried various combinations of the three—and you were considered cancer free or you kept trying different combinations until such time as the cancer was gone or you died.

By the time my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow a few years ago—she was told cancer was more like a chronic type disease that could be “managed” with medication. I was with her when the oncologist presented it to her as if she had diabetes, or heart disease—certainly not the death sentence of years past, as long as she took medication for the rest of her life.

I seriously had to wonder—what happened to the old mission statement of finding a cure for cancer and putting the cancer centers, board members, and cancer industry out of business?  That was the stated “goal” for many years. There are approximately 1500 cancer centers in the USA alone with cancer becoming a $500 Billion dollar per year business. And make no mistake –it is BIG business.

You have to wonder—does the cancer industry really want a cure if it puts them all out of business? And it really isn’t only cancer—we no longer talk about curing heart disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s, or even depression.  The medical field has shifted their focus to developing drugs and treatment programs that “manage” your disease until you die.

It’s not profitable to cure you. But it sure pays well to manage you for the rest of your life. The mission statement of cancer centers has shifted from shutting down when a cure is found–to exponential growth and expansion to keep you coming back year after year for treatment. 

In a word–Greed.

Keep in mind—the number one and number two causes of death in the United States (for decades) are cancer and heart disease. Diabetes and Alzheimer’s are also in the top ten. New research shows that one of the causes of Alzheimer’s is uncontrolled diabetes (Type 3).  Link below

But fear not—it can be “managed” until you forget who you are.

There is a scientist who worked in the veterinary cancer research department at Merck Animal Health. She performed this research by injecting different cancer types into various body parts of mice. Since most research is trial and error—this scientist found a product in their canine de-wormer line that was 100% successful in killing all different types of cancer.

Yes—an over the counter, inexpensive dog de-wormer treatment that cured 100% of the various cancers in mice. But wait—there’s more . . .

This scientist who worked with the mice was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and was given 3 months to live. Understanding the science behind the antihelminthic (de-wormer) drug and having nothing to lose—she started taking the de-wormer herself.  Six weeks later—she was cancer FREE.

Not managed for life—cancer free.  From Brain Cancer Stage 4. If one person can do it –that means it’s possible.

*Please note- this story comes from Joe Tippen— who in 2016 was diagnosed with small-cell left lung cancer that had spread to his neck, right lung, stomach, liver, pancreas, bladder and tailbone–who was also given three months to live.  He heard about this scientist and tried the de-wormer medication. Five months later his scans were clear. Joe shares his results in an effort to help others through his Facebook page and website: MyCancerStory.Rocks

Joe Tippen used the de-wormer Panacur C made by Merck Animal Health. The active ingredient is fenbendazole. There is also mebendazole, which is typically found in de-worming products for humans. FenBen (for short) and mebendazole have been used successfully for 60 years for the treatment of gastrointestinal parasites like giardia and pinworms. Joe also used 3 natural products; CBD oil, Curcumin, and Vitamin E.

If you understand cancer at the cellular level—you can easily understand the mechanism of action of fenbendazole.

Every cell in your body has structures inside called mitochondria. They are the energy or battery so to speak of the cell. They turn the food you eat and the oxygen you breathe into energy. This is how a healthy cell works. However—due to taking in too many toxins and not enough nutrients (and maybe a very small part—genetics), some mitochondria malfunction and stop working. When they are damaged—they stop using oxygen as their main fuel to create energy.

Instead—they use glucose to create energy. Starved for oxygen, the cells begin to divide over and over, causing a bunch of mutated cells. If left alone –these mutated cells eventually form a tumor. This is how all cancer begins. Normally your immune system would recognize these damaged cells and destroy them by a self-destruction process called apoptosis. Apoptosis requires functioning mitochondria, but because the mitochondria are dysfunctional and oxygen starved—that message to self-destruct doesn’t happen. So tumors grow out of control.

Fenbendazole works by four mechanisms of action:

  1. Around the nucleus of all living cells, there exist microtubules called Aquaporins. Aquaporins are cell membrane proteins that serve as channels for the transport of water and nutrients into the cell and removal of waste from the cell. Fenbendazole binds to tubulin—an aquaporin protein involved in cell division and the movement of materials within cells. This blocks the tubules and therefore prevents the intake of nutrients and removal of cellular waste. The sole energy source of parasitic worms is glucose.  Same thing with cancer. Without glucose coming in –the worms and the cancer cells die.
  2. Fenbendazole further reduces glucose intake of the cell by reducing the number of proteins called GLUT transporters that deliver the glucose molecules across cell membranes.
  3. Fenbendazole increases the action of natural killer cells.
  4. Fenbendazole is a kinase inhibitor. Kinases are enzymes that carry out important processes like cell division, signaling, metabolism, and survival. By inhibiting these enzymes—cells can’t form new blood vessels to reproduce and metastasize.

Dr. David Williams wrote a very informative article about fenbendazole called, “A Cure for Cancer . . .Hidden in Plain Sight” ( below). It has many medical references, cost of Panacur C and other generic products around the world, and a Q&A with Joe Tippin (mentioned above) where Joe gives valuable and precise information for those with cancer. You can copy Dr. Williams article and download it for free to share.  Thank you Dr. Williams for freely sharing this life saving information.  If you or someone you love has been given a cancer “expiration date” feel free to read and share this information.

The only thing worse than hearing the words, “You have cancer” is to hear that your cancer is “incurable”. Fear and hopelessness are paralyzing and incapacitating. Don’t buy into expiration dates!

Do your own research. Fenbendazole has been studied and FDA approved in the past by several major medical cancer research institutions—Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson to name two. There are many actions you can take that are in your control—focus on those actions and forget about the things beyond your control. Leave that up to a higher power.

Education is self-empowering.

Why are these cancer cures kept hidden from the public?  When Joe Tippen asked his doctor a similar question, like why doctors have known about the added benefits of antihelminthinc drugs for decades and yet no research is being done—here was the answer:

“Probably because of money. All of these drugs are far off patent and nobody is going to spend a gazillion dollars to repurpose them for cancer, only to have generic competition the next day.” (

There you have it.


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