Corona Virus-Research the “experts” know but won’t tell you that could save your life


The fear is palpable. The Corona virus has divided and paralyzed the entire world. This has been such a sad and troubling realization to me. Despite the confusion and inconsistencies of the so-called “experts”—people continue to follow their every word. People have no faith in the innate, God given intelligent design of the human body that knows perfectly and exactly how to fight off disease.  And yes—this includes corona. Corona viruses are not new—just our perception of them.

Who will give you permission to feel safe again? Your governor? The President? The CDC? Dr. Fauci? People who are most susceptible to this virus are the ones with comorbidities. This isn’t new. Viruses have been around longer than humans. On any given day—you harbor 380 trillion viruses; far more than your 6 trillion human cells.

Sadly, everything new is well forgotten old.

Fear is what motivated me to become a naturopath. I saw the absolute terror that the diagnosis of cancer can do to a person.  It did this to my husband. In 2001, he was told the treatment for his salivary gland cancer required surgery to remove his cheek, sew on a patch of skin from his back, sew his eye partially shut, and possibly go through radiation. I didn’t like that option. I had left that world behind long before. This journey is detailed in my book.

It’s a big leap of faith to trust anything outside the “norm” of western medicine. They have purposely indoctrinated us to believe that we are helpless victims of disease. This disempowers us. The fact is–we are overweight, and over medicated but hey it isn’t our fault–we just have bad genes. Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyles and reliance on the medical system to “fix” us, the US is ranked dead last in the world in terms of health outcomes. These are the people you trust to tell you when you’ll be safe? They can’t even save themselves.

Meanwhile McDonald’s is giving away free junk food to the first 100 people to get tested for Covid. Such irony. Get junk food and get tested!  While we remain isolated, sedentary and afraid, the junk food industry and the pharmaceutical companies make billions for their investors. 

Hook up the oxygen tank, grab the hover round, and let’s go snag a free Big Mac and get micro chipped!  Don’t forget to wear your mask!  We must be socially responsible!

It wasn’t until many years after my husband’s cancer that I learned that chemotherapy originated from a secret stash of mustard gas from a blown up WWII ship. In a “rush” to come up with a cure for cancer—Western medicine promoted an agent as a cancer treatment that destroyed human DNA and was designed to “kill our enemies.” Early chemotherapy treatment killed more people than it saved.   Never take my word in place of your own research. This information is right there on the American Cancer Society Website.

But I saw this first hand while working on an oncology floor in a hospital in the late1970’s. First hand knowledge from experience can’t be sanitized or erased.

The same “rush” to develop a treatment occurred with the AIDS epidemic. I was working as an RN at a VA Hospital. We were trained by “expert” MD’s on how the “acquired immune deficiency syndrome” affected the body and how to protect ourselves from AIDS. We were told at the time that the virus originated from a gay airline steward having sex with a monkey. We were told it was a “blood to blood” transmission disease that mostly affected gay men and IV drug users who shared needles. We even got these cool pamphlets with “Mr. Condom” on the front. Condoms were made available in public restrooms and sterile needles were given away at free clinics.

We later learned that there was no such single causative viral agent as AIDS.  It couldn’t/still can’t be cultured and does not meet the six laws of virology or Koch’s Postulates. Instead, the causes of HIV were overuse of toxic legally prescribed drugs like the failed cancer drug AZT –as well as illicit nitrite inhalant drugs (poppers) that enhance sexual performance. These drugs, combined with having multiple sexual partners, sharing needles, and contracting repeated venereal diseases–caused immune deficiency. The people who died from AIDS were the people whose lifestyle toxified their blood and destroyed their immune system. We’ve been hearing a lot about “comorbidity factors” these days.

In his book, “Inventing the AIDS virus, Dr. Peter Duesberg presents a massive amount of documentation showing that the CDC needed an epidemic to justify its continued existence, and by playing on the public fear surrounding HIV–ensured increased funding and power to come up with a vaccine. Those government safety organizations with three letters (CDC, NIH, etc.) had tried to push cancer as a virus so they could develop a vaccine for it. Vaccines get billions of dollars in funding.  Cancer isn’t a virus. Dr. Duesberg believed that the pharmaceutical companies cashed in on the epidemic by bringing back the highly toxic cancer drug AZT, as well as DDI and DDC—which destroyed the immune system and, as is often the case—actually caused the AIDS like symptoms.   Despite the fact that Dr. Fauci secured massive funding for these drugs to fight HIV —no vaccine is available.  In fact Fauci has held his job through six Presidential administrations–every epidemic since Reagan; and still there are no vaccines for AIDS, Ebola, SARS, or Zika.  The AIDS budget?  Seven billion dollars $$$.  

What do we currently know about Covid-19? What are the comorbidity or contributing factors to be aware of? Could your lifestyle choices put you more at risk than my choice not to wear a mask? Here are a couple clues. Do you have COPD? Do you take Statin drugs? Do you take ACE inhibitor drugs for blood pressure?  Did you get a flu shot last year? Based solely on those four cofactors alone—millions of Americans are sitting ducks.

We know that this virus, as well as the common cold and the more severe versions of it (SARS, MERS) bind to a receptor in the lung called ACE 2. Once the virus enters the body, it begins a rapid response process of replication, which causes massive endothelial cell membrane deterioration. Endothelial cells line your blood vessels. The blood can’t get into the pulmonary vein and into the tiny pulmonary capillaries to dump carbon dioxide and pick up oxygen and return back to the blood. The blood is coagulating and sticking together forming clots. When ACE 2 reduction or loss occurs, general inflammation in the body increases and vascular walls become more permeable—resulting in edema, leaking blood vessels and diminished lung function. This results in the symptoms of dry cough, fever, and inflammatory conditions due to oxygen depravation.

Ventilators are needed when oxygen saturation is low. But in order for a vent to work –blood vessels and lung alveoli must be intact. In the case of Covid—the integrity of the blood vessels is compromised and the inflammation causes excess fluid in the alveoli. You can’t push gas past fluid or the pressure will blow apart the fragile tissue of the alveoli.  Ventilators are not a good choice when the integrity of the lungs is compromised. You destroy the lungs and the person will most likely die. Ask any nurse anesthetist.  It’s the law of physics.

Imagine the terror of dying alone of oxygen depravation (hypoxia) and carbon dioxide build up. It’s very similar to High Altitude Sickness.

If you look at comorbidities that people are dying from, and their relationship to the ACE 2 receptor—it all makes sense at the cellular level. COPD is the only lung condition that puts you at increased risk of dying from COVID. COPD has very high ACE 2 expression, which means lots of channels in. All the other factors are vascular in nature, but only if you add two drugs: Statins and ACE 2 inhibitors.

Statin drugs block a very important enzyme called CoQ10. CoQ10 is a fatty molecule found in all cell membranes. It is responsible for ATP (energy) production and also functions as an antioxidant in cell membranes. When statins block CoQ10, all the cell membranes increase ACE 2 receptors. When you add an ACE 2 inhibitor like Lisinopril or Losartan—it also up-regulates ACE 2 receptors which give the virus more cellular doorways to gain entry.  The leading number one drug recommendation from western medicine if you have heart disease, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease is an ACE inhibitor.

So when these two drugs (statins and ACE inhibitors) increase ACE 2 receptors in the lungs—you change the balance of their reactivity to their environment. Many people develop a side effect of ACE inhibitors, which is a dry cough. So if they develop a dry cough–they are put on an ARB (Angiotensin receptor blocker) which –wait for it—increases ACE 2 receptors. Ace 2 inhibitors, statin drugs and ARB’s are now seen as a major risk factor in death from COVID. If you KNOW that this is the case, why not take your patient off statins and switch to a different blood pressure medication. Calcium channel blocker perhaps? How many people in the US take statin drugs?  40 million. How many take ACE inhibitors? Lisinopril alone in 2017: 104,779,319

So, if you truly had a medical system that cared—and they knew that this many people were prescribed meds that are putting them at risk of dying from COVID —why wouldn’t they change your meds? Teach you about healthy lifestyle choices?  If they would have done that alone—from the beginning (because they knew this years ago) imagine the potential deaths they could have prevented.

And they did know; “they” being the CDC and NIH—they’ve known for a long time that these drugs bind to and increase ACE 2 receptors because this knowledge is based upon research of the common cold, SARS and MERS. They also know that if you get a flu shot—your risk of getting corona and six other common respiratory viruses goes up the following year. The “experts” knew right from the beginning that this virus was not going to be a massively fatal event unless we mismanaged it. And they DID mismanage this. The mindset of physicians was that this is respiratory failure and we need to ventilate patients. This mindset was killing people. If you are in pathological coagulation, the ventilator will cause you to succumb to the disease because the problem is not the lung—it is the toxic blood. Hydroxycloroqine works because it raises the pH of the blood, which then provides more nascent oxygen, which in turn, breaks up the coagulation.  

We’ll have one more season of Corona in the environment. It takes two years for these viruses to exit—so next summer it will be gone. Will you take the time to get your lifestyle in order now or will you chose to get your Big Mac, untested vaccine, and microchip later?

My purpose is always, always to empower you to seek health beyond danger. Please do your research. The choice is yours.

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