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Thanks for reading. I hope I've been able to produce some facts and ideas that too often go unreported in our nation's controlled press. This lack of honest journalism has contributed to our national nervous breakdown and the imposition of a consensus-based hive mind that is often at total variance with reality. I believe that honest 'guerilla reporting' can help emancipate our people from this infernal deception.

A Closer Look at the COVID Vaccine Rollout: Part II

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” – George Eliot Recently I’ve been studying how the mRNA ‘vaccines’ actually work and I’ve made a point of sharing my insights with friends. Unfortunately my enthusiastic conveyances often fall on… 0 Shares |

The Imperious Globalist Who Thinks He’s God

“The plots of God are perfect. The universe is a plot of God.” – Edgar Allan Poe The idea that man can play God is the height of human conceit. The sheer enormity and sophistication of the universe renders the… 0 Shares |

A Closer Look at the COVID Vaccine Rollout

We’re almost a full year into ’14 days to flatten the curve’ but good news has finally arrived. The vaccines are here so life can return to normal! Right? Er, well…not exactly. Actually it seems the ever-elusive goal posts have… 0 Shares |

Twilight Zone 2020

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.” – St. Anthony the Great Throughout 2020 I have… 0 Shares |

Decision America: Trump or The Swamp?

I was fairly excited when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016. Not so much for who he is, but for what he symbolized to the American people. Donald Trump was not another denizen of the… 0 Shares |

The New Abnormal

A few months back (it feels like a lifetime ago) I wrote a short letter to my local newspaper. In it, I expressed my concern that some of the measures being implemented to ‘fight the coronavirus’ were entirely unconstitutional. In… 0 Shares |

Say ‘No!’ to the Covid-19 Vax

In early June the mega-corporation, Johnson & Johnson, announced that they are making great progress on their much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine. Initially, testing wasn’t expected to begin until September, but now the company is expecting to start by mid-July. No doubt… 0 Shares |

Tyranny Has Come to America

The Imposition of Vaccination is the End of Freedom Recently my wife and I brought our child to the doctor’s for her annual check up. We chose the particular office a few years back because they had a reputation for… 0 Shares |

Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids

The following is a letter I wrote to my child’s school upon finding out some of the ideas they were trying to force upon her and her classmates as it relates to vaccines: With the school year nearing its end… 0 Shares |

9/11: Connect the Dots, The Picture Appears

“Even if you are a minority of one; the truth is still the truth” – Mahatma Gandhi Do Americans even care about 9/11 anymore? Or have they become so apathetic that it doesn’t even bother them to know that their… 0 Shares |