A Closer Look at the COVID Vaccine Rollout: Part II


“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” – George Eliot

Recently I’ve been studying how the mRNA ‘vaccines’ actually work and I’ve made a point of sharing my insights with friends. Unfortunately my enthusiastic conveyances often fall on deaf ears, and not infrequently I find myself confronted with two glazed over orbs staring back at me with sheer indifference. You might think people would want to know how something works before being injected with it, but that isn’t the case with your average drone.

Now I don’t mean to brag here, and I know this will sound shocking, but it’s true…I have the same medical qualifications as Bill Gates [pauses for dramatic effect]. That is to say, I am not a doctor and have no medical training whatsoever. But if he can travel the world masquerading as one, surely it’s within my rights to share a few things I have learned along my road of inquiry and investigation.

A Novel Technology

“RNA vaccines and the technology they use are entirely experimental….What in the world could possibly go wrong?” – Jon Rappoport

As most people have probably heard by now, the vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna employ a messenger RNA (mRNA) technology never before used in vaccines. As opposed to injecting the patient with a weakened or dead virus, these ‘vaccines’ inject mRNA molecules into the body which are supposed to trigger an immune response creating antibodies.

In order for mRNA molecules to reach their destination, they need to bypass the body’s natural defenses. To do this, drug manufacturers wrap them in a protective coating of polyethylene glycol-laced lipid nanoparticles. (Polyethylene glycol, a main component of antifreeze, is known to cause anaphylaxis, but never mind that.)

The first attempt Moderna made in creating an mRNA vaccine was for Crigler-Najjar syndrome in 2016 and they failed spectacularly. During animal trials the scientists discovered that the lipid nanoparticles were difficult to control and were causing many different problems. If the dose was too small, there wasn’t enough enzyme to affect the disease; and if the dose was too large, the drug was too toxic for the patient. Ultimately Moderna failed to find the right balance even though Crigler-Najjar syndrome was chosen for the trial specifically because it required the least amount of additional proteins and was therefore considered much easier to treat than say….a coronavirus.

Are Vaccines Amplifying the Virus?

Numerous news reports have come out recently indicating that the majority of people getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19 have been vaccinated. As shocking as this might seem to the mind-bombed consumers of MSM propaganda, it shouldn’t be surprising to those familiar with previous coronavirus vaccine trials.

In his book The Truth About COVID-19, best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola, writes: “A frequent problem found in those studies was antibody-dependent immune enhancement — something we’ve known about since the 1960’s. In a nutshell, this is when a viral vaccine renders you more prone to severe disease and death if subsequently you are infected with the virus.”

Dr. Mercola cites a study published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice (Oct. 28, 2020) which states: “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”

This should be a major concern for anyone who has received the Moderna, Pfizer or AstraZeneca jabs since preventing infection wasn’t even a criterion for receiving a passing grade in their clinical trial analysis. Yes you read that right. The vaccines received a passing grade even if their success rate in preventing infection was zero. (AstraZeneca even began mass-producing their ‘vaccine’ without waiting for the clinical results!)

In an article for Forbes magazine (Sept. 23, 2020), William Haseltine wrote: “We all expect an effective vaccine to prevent serious illness if infected. Three of the vaccine protocols — Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca — do not require that their vaccine prevent serious disease only that they prevent moderate symptoms which may be as mild as cough, or headache.”

When the bought-and-paid-for stooges of the Pharma cartel assure us that these radical new ‘treatments’ are safe and effective, they do so without any understanding (officially) of the various long-term effects they could have on people with diverse medical conditions. In addition, they say very little about how this novel technology will interact with live viruses, and they usually ignore the fact that the ‘vaccines’ don’t even protect against the disease.

Neutralizing or Binding?

There are two types of antibodies that can be produced by mRNA vaccines. ‘Neutralizing antibodies’ are good and will fight off the disease, while ‘binding antibodies’ can create problems by opening up “pathways” for the disease to travel through. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explained the difference during an interview in May 2020:

Coronavirus vaccine development began after three SARS epidemics had broken out, starting in early 2002. The Chinese, the Americans, the Europeans all got together and said, “We need to develop a vaccine against coronavirus.” Around 2012, they had about 30 vaccines that looked promising. They took the four best of those and manufactured the vaccines. They gave those vaccines to ferrets, which are the closest analogy when you’re looking at lung infections in human beings. The ferrets had an extraordinarily good antibody response, and that is the metric by which FDA licenses vaccines. So they thought, “We hit the jackpot.” All four of these vaccines worked like a charm. Then something terrible happened. Those ferrets were then exposed to the wild virus, developed inflammation in all their organs, their lungs stopped functioning. The scientists remembered that the same thing had happened in the 1960’s when they tried to develop an RSV vaccine, which is an upper respiratory illness very similar to coronavirus. At the time, they did not test it on animals. They went right to human testing. They tested it on about 35 children, and the same thing happened. The children developed a champion antibody response, robust, durable. It looked perfect, and then the children were exposed to the wild virus and they all became sick. Two of them died…Those scientists in 2012 remembered that, so they looked closer and they realized that there are two kinds of antibodies being produced by the coronavirus. There are neutralizing antibodies, which are the kind you want, which fight the disease, and then there are binding antibodies. The binding antibodies actually create a pathway for the disease in your body, and they trigger something called a paradoxical immune response or paradoxical immune enhancement. What that means is that it looks good until you get the disease, and then it makes the disease much, much worse.”

What might happen to people who have been treated with mRNA when flu season rolls around? Could a flu shot which injects ‘inactivated’ influenza negatively interact with it? [1] What do we make of the fact that an early Moderna press release showed that in 25 of 45 participants, only a binding antibody was produced? As we’ve already seen, mRNA does not function as a typical vaccine, rather it instructs your cells to produce the SARS-COV-2 spike protein with the idea being that your body will produce antibodies in response. But if your body produces binding antibodies as opposed to neutralizing antibodies, what will the effects be when your body encounters the wild virus? And furthermore, how can this antibody-producing ‘factory’ be shut down when it’s not needed? These are important questions that precious few in the mainstream seem to be asking.

“Go on, Take a Bite of the Apple…It’s Goood for You!”

I know many people who have received the Pfizer or Moderna shots despite having personal reservations about them. The pressure to comply is simply enormous and thinly-veiled threats directed at ‘anti-vaxxers’ continue to pour forth fromelected officials. (Just this week the Biden Administration announced ‘outreach teams’ will be going door-to-door in an attempt to get more people vaccinated; while Establishment lackey Dr. Paul Offit stated, “There is the vaccinated America and the unvaccinated America, and I think the unvaccinated America is about to pay a price for that.”)

Regardless of the fact that these things still haven’t been officially approved by the FDA (not that it really matters, see Vioxx and so many others), all manner of dirty tricks are continuously employed to coerce us into rolling up our sleeves and taking the jab. Weren’t we always taught to ignore peer-pressure and eschew bribes? Not anymore. Like so many of our traditional mores, these teachings have been consigned to the trash heap of history.

Now Million dollar lotteries, free pizza, ice cream, french fries and booze are offered in return for our unquestioning compliance. It reminds me of the guy offering free candy in the back of a van you were always cautioned to avoid as a child. You have to wonder why they are trying so hard to stampede us into taking something that a majority of us simply don’t need and that could cause serious harm.

Just some of the possible side effects listed by the FDA are: anaphylactic reactions; chronic seizures and convulsions; paralysis and Bell’s palsy; Guillain-Barre Syndrome; blood clots; strokes; myocarditis, and multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Meanwhile, a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows just how devastating these things can be for pregnant woman, despite assurances from ‘the authorities’ that they’re safe.

If that’s not enough, according to the CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — which is estimated to only report anywhere from 1% – 10% of adverse events — there have already been more injuries and deaths from the experimental COVID vaccines than from all vaccines combined over the last 30 years, including a shocking number of young people. As I write the CDC is investigating the death of a 13 year-old boy in Michigan who died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Similar stories have cropped up all over the world. Yet the Establishment continues its forward march with blindfolds on and their fingers in their ears pretending that none of it is happening, while stigmatizing anyone claiming otherwise as a science-hating ‘conspiracy theorist.’


“Anyone who has bought into the hype that all of these government lockdowns, a ruined economy, suppression of our liberties and a total disruption of our way of life are for the purpose of saving lives has drunk some serious Kool-Aid.” – Pastor Chuck Baldwin, 2008 Presidential candidate

It seems to me that the entire media-induced hysteria surrounding COVID-19 was, from the beginning, about getting people to take the vaccine. As Muammar Gaddafi astutely observed, “Capitalist countries produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations.”

By using a test (PCR) which doesn’t prove if someone is actually sick and running it at cycles many times higher than what’s appropriate, our technocratic overlords were able to create a pandemic based not on deaths or actual infections, but solely on cases. [2]

A September 28, 2020 study in Clinical Infectious Diseases, explained that when a PCR test is run at a cycle threshold (CT) of 35 or higher, the accuracy falls to just 3% (97% false positives for those scoring at home) because at that point genetic material is being amplified so greatly that the test will often pick up dead or inactive virus matter and report it as a positive test. For this reason the test’s creator, the late Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, said it should never be used to test for infectious disease because it can easily be manipulated to “find anything in anyone.”

Even the incredibly corrupt Anthony Fauci admitted that the chances of getting an accurate PCR result over 35 CT “are miniscule.” Yet up until just recently the WHO recommended running PCR at 45 CT and the CDC and FDA recommended running it at 40 CT. Why would they do that? Couple this legerdemain with the suppression of effective treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ, dishonest death certificates listing COVID as the primary cause of death for anyone testing positive regardless of what really killed them, and the re-designation of the flu and other illnesses as COVID and it’s easy to see how a pandemic was created and foisted upon us.

I agree with Dr. Peter McCullough, Professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, when he says that “the whole pandemic from the beginning was about the vaccine.” Massive profits are being reaped and the Globalist Elite have made considerable strides in the construction of their prized totalitarian surveillance state, made possible by the manufactured pandemic. What a racket. [3]

People would do well to pause and reflect on just how greatly we’ve been deceived this past year-and-a-half before rolling up their sleeve. And keep in mind, this is only the beginning. They’re coming after our children with this thing next.


1.) According to a study titled ‘Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017 – 2018 Influenza Season’ published in the journal Vaccine (Jan. 10, 2020): “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.” Commenting on this study, Dr. Joseph Mercola [The Truth About COVID-19] points out that: “Those who had received a seasonal flu shot were 36 percent more likely to contract coronavirus infection and 51 percent more likely to contract hMPV [human metapneumovirus] infection than unvaccinated individuals.”

2.) Just prior to the Swine Flu ‘Pandemic’ of 2009, the World Health Organization changed the definition of what constitutes a pandemic by eliminating “enormous numbers of deaths and illnesses” as a necessary criteria. Since then, as we’ve seen, a ”pandemic” can be declared solely on numbers of cases. More recently, in November 2020, they changed the time-honored definition of herd immunity by excising “immunity developed through previous infection.” The updated definition refers only to obtaining a certain vaccination threshold as a means for achieving herd immunity.

3.) Statistics for the year 2020 show no significant increase in mortality compared with other years. This fact was acknowledged by Johns Hopkins University in November 2020, when the institution published an article stating: “Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19….Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same.” The study has since been taken down but a PDF of it can be read here.

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