The New Abnormal


A few months back (it feels like a lifetime ago) I wrote a short letter to my local newspaper. In it, I expressed my concern that some of the measures being implemented to ‘fight the coronavirus’ were entirely unconstitutional. In the weeks that followed, I was approached by some people who agreed with me and others who didn’t. I understood why some people didn’t.

At the time, the mass-media fear-mongering campaign was still operating at an extraordinary level. Every day we were being treated to more and more lurid stories of bodies being stacked up like cord wood inside refrigerated trucks, mass graves being dug, and crematoria fires raging 24/7 to keep pace with all the victims of this ‘new uncontrollable virus’. People were scared stiff (from what in hindsight appears to have been over-sensationalized propaganda) and some simply didn’t want to hear about ‘antiquated concepts’ like the Constitution, freedom or inalienable rights.

Well, we are long overdue to have this conversation.

For the past five months I have watched with dismay as my fellow countrymen have been caught playing the role of ‘silent spectator’ while increasingly more draconian measures have been imposed on us that are literally destroying our American way of life. Congressman and 2012 Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, himself a physician, has described it as ‘the greatest assault on our civil liberties in our lifetimes.’

We watch as small businesses continue to be decimated by absurd amounts of new regulations that, in almost every instance, make absolutely no sense. Restaurants are being forced by the state to close early because, as we all know, the virus is more contagious after 9 or 10 PM! Countless employees are being laid off every day and owners of these small family enterprises are being forced to jump through endless hoops just to salvage what they can of their life’s work. Some may be able to languish on for a while in a significantly limited capacity, while many others will close their doors forever. Many already have. For the second month in a row, my home state of Massachusetts has the highest unemployment rate in the country at 16%.

We watch as the government shuts down or severely restricts church services and regulates how many people we can gather with in our social lives. In Los Angeles, mayor Eric Garcetti has authorized the city’s Department of Water and Power to shut off utility services to houses that are discovered to be holding events with more than 25 people. All of these tyrannical actions run roughshod over the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a document that many of our citizens have taken an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We watch as our ability to travel freely is seriously curtailed, with ever-increasing restrictions placed on where you can go and what mandates you must follow upon entering (including self-quarantine for two weeks just to go from Rhode Island to Massachusetts). We have seen New York impose citywide checkpoints at which a traveler must register and disclose where they are coming from, going to, and how long they intend to stay. Mayor Bill de Blasio has said there will be “serious punishment” for non-compliance, including a $10,000 fine, and Dr. Ted Long, head of New York City’s Orwellian ‘Test & Trace Corps’, has stated that officials will be ‘checking in’ with travelers to New York via text or call, adding: “If we can’t get through to you on the phone, we’ve deployed teams that are now knocking on your door and making sure you’re safe.” This is America, Home of the Free?

We watch as time-honored displays of local and national cohesion, such as concerts, sporting events, carnivals, parades, and Fourth of July celebrations, are placed on the chopping block by these power-maddened tyrants who seem to loath any event which brings people together in a unifying manner (with the apparent exception of rioting and looting). Even children’s birthday parties have become these embarrassing ‘drive-by parties’ where faceless masked up imbeciles drive by some little kid’s house waving and honking their horn while the birthday girl or boy stands there confused and wonders who was in that car anyway, then goes back inside to eat their cake alone. WooHoo, some party!

We watch as plans for reopening schools are suggested that will undoubtedly transmute our children’s educational experience into something more akin to a stay at a juvenile detention center. Mask mandates, social distancing, no recess and solitary lunch proposals are just a few examples. Children are social creatures by nature. The idea that we need to hide their bright shining faces behind a mask and ensure they stay at least six feet away from their classmates makes a mockery out of what it means to be a kid. The insane media-blitz responsible for this asocial policy of isolation continues to lay the groundwork for a cold, miserable childhood experience where kids are taught to fear their friends, teachers, family and neighbors, as literally anyone could be a carrier of ‘the virus.’ Few people seem to place enough emphasis on the mental health of our future generations.

We watch as a total surveillance state is erected on the smoldering ruins of our once-free nation. On August 7th, it was announced that over 20 states (representing almost half of the national population), have teamed up with Google to work on a roll-out for ‘contact tracing apps’ that the tech-giant says will be available ‘in the coming weeks.’ Meanwhile, the unlikely CDC/Pentagon tandem is still hard at work on ‘Operation Warp Speed’, their plan to rapidly immunize nearly all Americans. Do you really think you’ll have a choice when the time comes? When we can no longer decide what gets injected directly into our bodies or our children’s bodies, what freedom is left? Forced medication is an issue we took the Nazis to task for, and something we are supposed to be protected against by the Nuremberg Code. And yet Massachusetts is now doing that very thing, forcing flu shots on schoolchildren. The well-paid soothsayers who assure us that vaccines are completely safe for everyone ignore the obvious fact that not every human being is exactly the same. Without question there’s a percentage of the population who will be harmed by vaccines. Children have adverse reactions to all kinds of different things. How could a parent ever live with it if their child is harmed in such a way and they were never even given a choice about it?

These are just a few examples of the so-called ‘New Normal’. There is absolutely nothing normal about it and please stop pretending there is. We are being played like a five-stringed fiddle and everyone seems all-too-happy to social distance their way down the primrose path to outright tyranny.

The freedom and liberty bequeathed to us by our considerably more rugged forefathers is slipping away at an astonishing rate. We’re quickly becoming the gutless inhabitants of a wild new frontier completely devoid of heart or soul; a robotic Brave New World where to offer a hug or a handshake is practically tantamount to assault. Think I’m kidding? A Nashville, Tennessee, councilwoman named Sharon Hurt, wants those who don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic to be charged with attempted murder! Not even the powerful imagination of George Orwell could’ve foreseen this tragic state of affairs.

At what point in our mad rush to make an entirely ‘safe’ world do we begin to construct the walls of our own prison? We’re now rapidly approaching a stage where life is becoming so regulated it can hardly be called ‘life’ at all. I sometimes wonder if it’s even worth living in such a world? Our Founding Fathers certainly wouldn’t think so. Those who naively believe everything will just go back to the pre-pandemic halcyon days after clicking their heels together and wishing really hard are missing the whole point of the phrase ‘The New Normal’. It’s not meant to go back.

I am and always will be deeply concerned with people’s overall safety and well-being. My concerns, however, are based on what life might be like in a world where the Constitution (our only safeguard against tyranny) has been deep-sixed and the most intimate details of one’s life are subjected to the unremitting scrutiny of the State. All of this continues to be done in the name of fighting a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate and an average age of death higher than the life expectancy. Statistically speaking, children are more likely to die from lightning strikes than they are from this virus, which doesn’t even display any symptoms at all in over 60% of cases! These are the so-called ‘asymptomatic people’, who in the past were known by another word: Healthy!

It’s nauseating to witness the same mendacious mainstream media that has lied us into endless wars in the Middle East now try to convince us that our children are festering, germ-carrying ‘super spreaders’, without a scintilla of science to back up their claim. Needless to say this has little at all to do with public health, and much more to do with control – absolute control over each and every one of us.

For far too long we have been able to just sit back and ride the coattails of our nation’s founders, leisurely reaping the benefits of what they were able to accomplish through painstaking hard work, grit, and determination. That time is gone and now it’s our turn to take up the fight for the preservation of liberty and our American way of life before it’s too late.

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W.M. Peterson
Thanks for reading. I hope I've been able to produce some facts and ideas that too often go unreported in our nation's controlled press. This lack of honest journalism has contributed to our national nervous breakdown and the imposition of a consensus-based hive mind that is often at total variance with reality. I believe that honest 'guerilla reporting' can help emancipate our people from this infernal deception. For more writings visit my blog 'A Second Look' at