Top 5 tips of the best diets 2015


American news portal US News and World Report released its annual ranking of the best diets. Although your news feed on Facebook can be filled paleo-products, detox recipes and tips on the raw food diet, these diets are lagging behind the rating. Tested-and-approved diet, which has signed a performance physicians, scientists, and hordes of lost weight, have no relation to the primitive communal system, and adhere to other rules, which we will tell you about.

Top 5 Tips of the best diets 2015

Diet DASH: swap salt with spices and herbs

Diet DASH, holds the leading place here 5 years in a row, has been designed specifically for people suffering from high blood pressure. This diet is based on natural products, not full of fat, red meat, sugar and salt. DASH diet also encourages people to carefully read food labels and prepare their own meals. Most importantly: And most important: they strongly recommend to give up on salt in favor of herbs and spices. How to do it:

Replace salt with fresh or dried herbs to emphasize and not mask the taste of the main ingredients. Try Provencal herbs, curry and Chinese mix “5 of spices.”

Forget about salt shaker during cooking, and add only a small amount of it together with herbs – right before eating.

Diet TLC: change red meat for poultry and fish

Although as its main goal of this diet is not weight loss, its effects on the body. According to the American Association heart health is excellent for people with heart problems or at risk of development. The key to success is to avoid saturated fats, mostly found in beef or pork, whole malls and cheese, fried foods, which increase the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and with it the risk of heart attacks and strokes. How to do it:

Very simple- replace red meat to poultry and fish. You will not only service your heart, but also reduce the intake of calories!

Diet Mayo Clinic: change the calorie count on the good habits

Mayo Clinic Diet teaches us how to choose healthy foods and healthy portions, to deal with addictions, and maintain a healthy weight. Unlike other programs that force users to count every calorie diet Mayo Clinic calls to focus on positive changes and persistent beneficial habits. Here are some guidelines:

Replace TV watching to as many minutes as you exercised that day, or simply combine business with pleasure!

More traffic, fewer snacks instead display a refrigerator in moments of boredom go for a short walk or jump on the rope.

Expand your carbs: Do not wistfully say goodbye to carbohydrates, just replace them with more helpful – whole grain bread and pasta, wild rice, etc. So you quench your hunger for a longer period.

Mediterranean diet: change cocktails and beer for wine

Mediterranean Diet relies on traditional products in the region: olive oil, nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. All they lower the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.

While many diets require renounce bread, cheese and fats, these products will always be on the Mediterranean table. You can afford a glass of wine at dinner almost every day.

One of the most valuable tips of this diet – refuse cocktails and beer in favor of red wine. Alcohol and antioxidants in it can help prevent heart disease. The main thing is not to exceed the recommended daily amount – 150 ml of red wine for women and 300 ml – for men. To your health!

Diet Weight Watchers: replace empty calories to nutritious foods

While Weight Watchers diet system is constantly evolving, it has always called the extent and the fact that you like. Her new PointsPlus program assigns to each product its nutritional value in points on the basis of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fiber (the lower the score, the better the product!). This system encourages you for choosing beneficial “nourishing” products with minimal or even zero amount of points. And that’s how it is advised to avoid dietary disaster:

Start with “zero”. Hungry? Fruits and vegetables do not throw up your unwanted points, which means that they can be there for your pleasure. Replace chips and cookies for an unlimited number of carrots, celery, apples, berries, oranges, and you will have plenty of points that can be “spent” on other foods.

Beware of “drunken hour”. If you are going to meet in a restaurant or at a party, consider the calories you get from alcohol. With them, you gain points as well as the food.

Tina Hoffman