Supercharge Your Morning with These Easy Breakfast Recipes


Does your breakfast leave you hungry and feeling drained before mid-morning even rolls around? These easy breakfast recipes will help you power pack your morning with delicious nutrition and enduring energy!

The typical breakfast of a doughnut or bagel with a cup of coffee is completely devoid of any nutrients. Even worse, it is filled with artificial stimulants, such as sugar and caffeine, which give you a false sense of energy. As a result, an hour or so later, when your sugar rush turns into a sugar crash, you are left looking for another unhealthy stimulant to pick you up. Maybe you opt for another cup of coffee or an energy drink. Of course, this just accentuates the problem, sending you on another sugar/caffeine rush soon to be followed by another crash.

Meanwhile, your body is literally breaking down and you may not even realize it. Your pancreas is being overwhelmed and you are developing insulin resistance. You may have noticed that your sweet tooth has grown a bit bigger and it is now easier to pack on a few pounds than it used to be. Over time, this insulin resistance leads to obesity, diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. Further, your adrenal glands are being overstimulated and becoming burned out. As a result your energy fizzles quickly and you likely find that you are fatigued often.

Stop this crazy energy cycle and get off the chronic fatigue train! Simply changing the foods you choose to start your day with will dramatically improve the rest of your day, as well as, reverse the insulin resistance and metabolic syndromes that your old lifestyle created. These easy breakfast recipes will get you started on the path of nutritional wellness that will pay dividends for years to come.

Easy Breakfast Recipes

These recipes are packed with nutrition as well as energy. Plus, they are good for anyone, whether you are maintaining a good healthy weight or you need to lose some weight. These recipes are all low glycemic, metabolism boosting powerhouses! Several of the ingredients are available in the Wellness Achiever Store through which is where I purchase them myself at great prices. Just follow the links if you need to add them to your kitchen pantry.

Green Smoothie

This is my favorite way to start my day. Green smoothies are a great way to pack in amazing amounts vegetable and fruit nutrition. They will energize your day and the natural fiber will keep you feeling full.

Basic Ingredients:

  • Liquid base – water, almond milk, coconut water, or fresh green juice.
  • Greens – spinach and kale are best for nutrition and energy. About a handful of each is ideal. You can also try Swiss chard, collards or beet greens.
  • Berries  – your choice of any berries. About a handful will be perfect.

Energetic Add-ons:

Instructions: Add the basic ingredients to you blender and blend until liquified. How much and how long depends on your blenders power and settings. My favorite blender is the Blendtec blender that has a perfect “Smoothie” setting. Next, throw in your energy add-ons and blend again. Lastly add any more liquid or ice, as desired and blend again, if necessary.

Time: About 15 minutes for prep, production, and clean up. I like to make my green smoothies the evening before and have them in the refrigerator, ready to go for the morning.

Protein Power Shake

This is my favorite after a morning workout. It restores electrolytes and healthy carbohydrates lost during exercise and it provides plant protein for last lasting energy and endurance. Using these ingredients keeps the fat burning effects of my high intensity workout going throughout the day.

Basic Ingredients:

  • Coconut milk or almond milk – I prefer coconut milk for all the healthy benefits of coconut. It also gives is a nice creamy consistency.
  • Protein Powder – use sprouted rice protein or hemp seed protein. These are whole food, plant source protein powders that provide an anti-inflammatory, whole food-based protein as opposed to inflammatory protein isolates common in other supplements.
  • Berries – a large handful of your choice will supply necessary electrolytes and antioxidants.

Energetic Add-ons:

  • Extra greens – a handful or spinach or kale for extra plant-based energy.
  • Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood – the chocolate greens gives your protein shake extra plant-based nutrition and a rich chocolate flavor!
  • Cacao – provides chocolate flavor a healthy dose of antioxidants.
  • Coconut oil – provides healthy fat for healing and sustained energy.
  • Ground flax seeds or Chia seeds – for added omega-3 nutrition.
  • Almond butter – for extra protein and sustained energy
  • Maca powder – improves stamina and fights fatigue.

Instructions: Add all of your ingredients to your blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed or just press the “Smoothie” button on your Blendtec blender.

Time: From prep to clean up, this easy breakfast recipe can be done in 5-7 minutes.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

While often considered a whole grain, quinoa is actually a seed. It is good source of healthy fats. Additionally, it contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a perfect protein food as well. The quinoa breakfast bowl is a quick and easy, healthy, protein rich breakfast.

Basic Ingredients:

  • Quinoa – It comes in white and red varieties. Either is fine but I prefer to white quinoa in a breakfast bowl.
  • Fruit – low glycemic fruit such as berries or diced green apple give your bowl the perfect amount of sweetness.

Energetic Add-ons:

  • Nuts or seeds – provide extra omega-3 fats and protein, as well as, added crunch and texture.
  • Coconut oil – provides healthy fat for healing and sustained energy.
  • Ground flax seeds or Chia seeds – for added omega-3 nutrition.
  • Natural Sweetener – for addtional sweetness, you can add Stevia or xylitol.

Instructions: Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the package (usually takes about 15-20 minutes). If you opted for coconut oil or natural sweetener, add those next and stir in. Then add other ingredients as toppings.

Time: 15 – 20 minutes.

These three easy breakfast recipes can also be modified in virtually endless ways, providing you with plenty of variety. They will all give you amazing amounts of nutrition and an abundance of real, lasting energy to get you through the morning. These ingredients keep your mind sharp, your blood flowing, and your metabolism burning.

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