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PTSD Epidemic- Personal Look

There is an ugly epidemic that openly lurks within the United States in every town, city and state. It is an epidemic that has been steadily increasing for decades upon decades. Its face can be blatantly seen or shrouded under… 0 Shares |

1972 & 911 Connection

Some folks might read such an article as this one, or a number of others I have posted over the years and think I am promoting fear. Well guess what, I am not. Yes of course that is what the… 0 Shares |

Ultimate Stalker found in Vermont

Vermont is such an incredibly beautiful place and I am proud to call it my home. After many long years of travel all over the place it was indeed finally a wonderful feeling to have found a place that I… 0 Shares |

Beast Computer Reality

There was a time when you could pick up the telephone and with your finger rotate the dial around the circle to place your call. Someone in an office would plug in cables in the correct switchboard spots to connect… 0 Shares |

Naked Natural Wear ~ Naturally

Let us talk fabric, Naked, Natural Wear and the health of the human body. Do you have lung issues; perhaps asthma, burning lungs; maybe skin issues of rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, burning or itching sensations? Are you prone to energy… 0 Shares |

Tetanus Naturally

Since the weather is warm  and many people are taking to the outdoors and getting their hands in the dirt I felt it important to address Tetanus. The medical arena states that everyone should be immunized against Tetanus every 10… 0 Shares |

Backpacking Food Realities

What is it many people do when they are going to go backpacking, camping, take canoe trips; perhaps go on a climbing trip or many other outdoor excursions? Well beyond planning they reach for easy meals. They want meals that… 0 Shares |

Pleurisy Root for Health

When the cold season returns the amount of colds and flu cases go up and many people get deep coughs that persist for weeks with lung imbalances and excess phlegm being produced by the immune system as a reaction to… 0 Shares |

Medicine of Birch Trees

Standing stark up the land glowing white, silver, golden and black the graceful birches sing to our souls. Lost in the white of winter the paper birch is not forgotten, nor is the black birch standing deep in dark moist… 0 Shares |

Safe Indoor Air

When dealing with the issues of clean air in enclosed spaces the best experts in the world are the ones whose job is to create safe work and living environments for long-term use.  When you think of such situations where… 0 Shares |