Naked Natural Wear ~ Naturally


Let us talk fabric, Naked, Natural Wear and the health of the human body. Do you have lung issues; perhaps asthma, burning lungs; maybe skin issues of rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, burning or itching sensations? Are you prone to energy stagnation in the meridian systems of the body? What about eye irritations and irritations of the mucus membranes? Urinary tract infections, gynecological issues or other difficulties with the many delicate areas of the body?

The next question is, “What do you wear on your body every day?”  This is a very important question because the answer can many times be the source of the many symptoms I have listed above.

Would you take a bath in flame-retardant chemicals? Maybe a nice bath soak in formaldehyde, heavy metal laden dyes, and dyes made from petrochemicals or even wood pulp treated with deadly chemicals? I would bet the answer is NO. Those chemical compounds create hormone disruption from interfering with the proper health of the endocrine glands. Anyone who read my article on Endocrine Health understands that all our moods and perceptions upon life are a direct result of the endocrine and hormone functions. Such chemicals also cause cancer and damage the sensitive immune system.  Many people do not know that even know they would not bathe in such chemicals they wear them every day. The skin is alive and is considered the largest organ of the body. It breathes and absorbs.

Did you know that most people today wear fabrics like:

  • Rayon
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester
  • Triacetate
  • Acetate

How many people out there buy and wear clothes that are labeled:

  • permanent press
  • stain resistant
  • moth repellant
  • insect guard
  • wrinkle free
  • static resistant
  • etc

Some of the chemicals found in those fabrics and thus clothing made from them are:

  • Petroleum
  • ammonia
  • sulphuric acid
  • dihydric alcohol
  • polycrylonitriles
  • terpthalic acid
  • perflurinated chemicals
  • heavy metals in the dye agents
  • formaldehyde
  • flame-retardants
  • deadly chemicals to repel insects
  • acetone
  • etc

If you are wearing the above mentioned fabrics you are also wearing the above listed chemicals. They are against your skin, being absorbed by your skin into your bloodstream. They also outgas and so you breathe them into your sinuses and lungs. They destroy your mucus membranes, detrimentally affect your cells, organs, nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, reproductive system and meridian systems (energy systems) in your body.

When you work out in such fancy, “cool” looking synthetic clothing you increase the absorption rate of the chemicals into your body. Working or playing in the summer sun also increases this absorption rate dramatically.

Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon disrupt the natural energy/electricity flow of the human body. The human body has its own special electrical system that begins in the brain and then travels the entire nervous system and spreads out to every cell that is surrounded by a crystalline liquid which makes them tiny conductors. Our bodies are run on electricity. Anything that disrupts that normal and highly specialized electrical flow through the body is of course highly detrimental to the many systems of the body. So it’s not just the chemical poisons found in the fabrics, but also the way the fabric affects electricity that is harmful to us.

One reason so many people who wear Polyester, Acrylic and Nylon have issues dealing with the nervous system, lymphatic system, hormonal/endocrine system, reproductive system and circulatory system is because the natural electrical flow controlling them all is blocked by the fabric that creates an interfering current unnatural to the body. Any good acupuncturist, cranial sacral worker or other energy worker will tell you this fact.

With all that said, what do we wear? What can we wear that is healthy to our bodies and can actually assist in correcting imbalances created by the fabrics listed above? ***Before I go into that I want to comment that cotton could also be placed in the above list of non-beneficial fabrics because today most cotton is GMO and heavily treated by chemicals. However, all natural, non-GMO cotton is quite beneficial and will also be found in the below list of healthy fabrics.

In the following list you will find the fabrics that are by far the most healthy materials to wear next to your skin because they lack poisons and contain proper molecular structures that create supportive electrical flows through the body. Make sure that when seeking these materials you find the sources that do not contaminate them by blending them with the non-beneficial fabrics or polluting them with chemical additives.

  • Wool- (sheep family) this is a great material used for many thousands of year and is naturally resistant to mold and fire.
  • Silk- (silk worm) One of the most exceptional fabrics for balancing the electrical system of the human body! Many doctors in the Far East will have clients rub pure silk on their skin over areas of energy and electrical stagnation and blocks to free them up by dispersal. I have used this myself many times with great success.
  • Linen– (flax plant) This material is actually one that holds nor generates any electrical charge and was heavily used in Egypt and other ancient locations by people going into high energy places where the electrical currents could be a danger.
  • Cashmere– (goat family) very warm yet venting and quite expensive.
  • Hemp- (hemp plant) Another material that has been used for thousands and thousands of years for its durability and ventilation qualities.
  • Leather- another material used in ancient times. Just make sure it is all natural brain tanned and not chemically tanned.
  • Cotton- (cotton plant) Moisture wicking and breathable this is also a material that has been used for many thousands of years for clothing.

My personal favorites for clothing are wool and silk. Many times I wear them together; silk as an under layer and wool as the outer layer. I find the combination of fabrics to be perfect for my body! Brain tanned leather is another one of my favorite materials to wear! Its comfortable, insulating from heat and cold, soft, water resistant and breathable.

Take a look in your closet and drawers and ask yourself what materials you wear? Then ask yourself how many chemicals you absorb into your bloodstream from the clothing choices you buy and wear. How many of the symptoms do you experience that I listed at the beginning of this article? What is your underwear made of?? What do you wear when you work out or how about when you sleep? When your pores are wide open after bathing, what do you put on? What fabrics does your infant or children wear and even chew on? What are they breathing when they sleep? Our environment is polluted enough, we certainly do not have to toxify our bodies any more by wearing such deadly chemicals and electrically interfering materials next to our skin. Naked, Natural Wear ~ Be Aware of what you wear. Self Awareness and External Awareness- essential aspect to a safe and healthy lifestyle.

To your health ~ White Wolf Von Atzingen ~ Ways Of The Wild Institute

White Wolf Von Atzingen