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Avocado Pudding That Can Balance Hormones, Prevent Cancer, Boost Metabolism & Fight Disease

Avocados are truly an amazing food for many reasons, but until recently, you wouldn’t know it. Study found that, adding fresh avocado to a midday meal had any effect on insulin response, blood sugar levels, feelings of fullness and food… 0 Shares |

How Citrus Fruits Heal Our Bodies & What are The Sources of It

Citrus fruits are also high in vitamin C, and are good sources of folate and thiamin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from damaging free radicals, thought to inhibit breast cancer. It has now been found… 0 Shares |

8 Top Health Benefits of Eating Oysters

While oysters are traditionally known as an aphrodisiac food, maintaining a better love life is not the only reason to consider eating them. Oysters provide around 150 calories for 100 grams of consumption. They also have high levels of vitamin… 0 Shares |

Ingredient “Oleocanthal” in Olive Oil Looks Promising in the Fight Against Cancer

A new study has proven that oleocanthal, an ingredient found in extra-virgin olive oil, may be capable of killing cancer cells in less than 30 minutes, while leaving healthy cells safe and sound. According to the WHO World Cancer Report… 0 Shares |

How To Make Hemp Milk At Home? 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink It!

Organic hemp milk is also a great alternative to toxic cow’s milk and those who cannot consume dairy because of dietary issues. Hemp milk is made from pulverized hemp seeds and is safe for toddlers to drink. Hemp milk is… 0 Shares |

Kiwi Fruit- Prevents Cancer, DNA Damage, Asthma, Creates Alkaline Balance & Improves Vision

Kiwi fruit is one of the most delicious fruits around the world. Kiwis are native to northern China but grown in several countries, such as Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece, and France. The Kiwifruit is among the majority of nutritionally… 0 Shares |

11 Natural Antidepressant Foods That Are Better Than Pills

Depression is mainly a product of genetic factors, however the causes can also be due to the social and emotional life of a person. While most people with severe depression will take prescription antidepressants, but anti-depressant medications are pricey and… 0 Shares |

9 Ways To Use Oregano Oil For Better Health

Oregano is an herb native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used for culinary purposes for centuries. The plant grows up to 90 centimeters high, with dark green leaves that are two to three centimeters long. Oil of Oregano… 0 Shares |

11 Foods That Fight Stress & Reduce Anxiety

It is hard-pressed to find an adult today that isn’t under some level of stress. Food can be more than just nutrition- certain foods can act almost “medicinal” when consumed at the right times. Your diet plays a bit role… 0 Shares |

Turmeric-Tomato-Black Pepper Soup to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s first attempt at self-protection. In other words it is a first reaction generated by the body in response to an injury suffered. Inflammation does not mean infection, even when an infection causes inflammation. Infection is caused… 0 Shares |