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10 Inflammation Fighting Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Inflammation is one of our defense mechanisms and it can be both good and bad. On one way, it helps our body defend itself from infection and injury. But on the other side, chronic inflammation can lead to several disease.… 0 Shares |

5 Non-Marijuana Plants That Also Contain Healing Cannabinoids

Cannabis has been used from many years, both recreationally and medically. Cannabinoids produced by plants are known as phytocannabinoids, those produced by the body are known as endocannabinoids. A cannabinoid is a chemical compound that interacts with a large regulatory… 0 Shares |

Lower Bad Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure with This Amish Concoction

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels are leading cause of death, especially in the USA and one in four adults has high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), almost a third of them don’t know they have… 0 Shares |

Eggplant Juice Prevents Cancer, Diabetes, Protects Heart & Brain Cell Membranes! How to Prepare it?

Eggplants belong to the nightshade family of vegetables, which also includes tomatoes and potatoes. It, also called aubergine, is a tasty, nutrient filled vegetable. They are different in size, colour or shape and contain many beneficial nutrients and phytochemical compounds… 0 Shares |

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Chilli

Green chilies are known to be a staple of American and Indian diets. Green chilies are rich sources of antioxidants capsaicin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E and minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium and these makes… 0 Shares |

Ancient Formula- Clearing Heart Blockages & Open Heart Veins Naturally

Arteries are blocked because of the hardening and thickening of the artery walls. If high cholesterol build up on your artery walls it reduced blood flow can be linked with stroke or heart attack. The main culprits are excessive intake… 0 Shares |

Dandelion Tea Kill Cancer Cells, Controls Blood Sugar Spikes; How to Prepare it?

Dandelions are perennial, herbaceous and tap-rooted plants present in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States. It is one of the most common herbs that grows wild in moderate climates all over the world. The leaves… 0 Shares |

8 Home Remedies for Colon Cleansing & How to Do This?

Detoxing is a great way to improve the way your internal organs perform. Colon cleansing is not new; it existed since ancient times. Colon cleansing is important for maintaining good health, it can help to improve digestion, make you feel… 0 Shares |

3-Ingredients Smoothie- Strengthen Tendons, Joints, & Knee Ligaments Naturally

It’s hard to do anything without our knees. Knees are one of the most important joints in the human body because they promote proper body posture, and they support movements or our legs while we walk, run, jump or stand.  … 0 Shares |

10 Foods to Reduce Joint Pain and Inflammation Naturally

Pain is often a symptom of inflammation, which is how your body reacts to injury. Joint pain and inflammation affects 116 million American adults. Inflammation may also be associated with fever chills, headaches, loss of appetite, fatigue, low energy and… 0 Shares |