7 Foods That Increase Bone Cartilage & Regenerate it


Cartilage acts like a pad or cushion, protecting your bones at the joints during movement. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that serves as a communicating medium between musculo-skeletal elements such as bones, ligaments and the muscles. Cartilage is regenerated according to what food you eat. Some recent studies have shown how eating foods rich in the amino acid lysine can be of great help, because this amino acid participates in the renewal of the collagen, which is the main part of your cartilage.

7 Foods That Increase Bone Cartilage & Regenerate it!


Pomegranate extract repair cartilage damaged by osteoarthritis, it lowered levels of an inflammatory chemical linked with overproduction of a certain enzyme. This enzyme is essential for cartilage replacement but when too much is produced, cartilage wears down. Joints likely absorb the juice when you drink it.


These nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and manganese. Omega 3 reduces inflammation. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body from damage. Manganese helps glucosamine work quicker and more effectively as it repairs joints.

Turmeric and Ginger

One of the best ways to increase bone cartilage is to include more ginger and turmeric into your diet. Both ginger and turmeric are revered for their amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Not only can these two super roots help to protect your remaining cartilage from suffering further damage, but they can also help to provide relief from pain.


Garlic protect your joints and cartilage. You could also eat onions, leeks, or chives—these foods have organo-sulfur compounds in them, which, unsurprisingly, are an organic source of sulfur. Sulfur is not something normally thought of when considering diet, but for preventing joint pain, it is rather important.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in essential oils that reduce inflammation, reduce pain, hydrate tissues, and protect against viruses, bacteria, and fungi that deal damage to our bodies. It can be used both internally and topically.


Any rich-colored fruits, like cherries, blueberries, or pomegranates, are good at promoting joint health. This is due to a substance called anthocyanins that is responsible for their color.


Other than using it as a salad dressing or a desert, gelatin has another advantage, it’s a great natural remedy for regenerating the knee cartilage, hip and other joints. It was found that gelatin can help in regeneration of cartilage because it has a similar structure.






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