Weight Loss Tips – Latest study on grocery shopping temptation


You know that feeling you get when you’re walking around the grocery store and you see the tastiest snack ever just calling your name? “Come herrreeee, buy meeeee” it whispers. I, hate that feeling. I’ve read all of the weight loss tips out there about staying on the outskirt of the store, never going hungry, the whole 9. Yet somehow, I still always walk out with something in my cart that I almost immediate devour and regret.

Well, a new study shows that significantly less overweight people who went into a store with one secret item, left with less junk and were more focused throughout their trip.

What is the secret item that keeps YOU from grabbing the death cakes?

You guessed it, it’s a list. The recent study suggested that having a “health prime” or something to focus on throughout their trip made a huge difference in what kind of foods people were buying. They sent both average weight and overweight people into a market. Some with a healthy recipe in hand, and some without and studies showed that the people who had a list were less distracted by the goodies that lay (all over) the store.

Why you need to be more careful than ever

Big brands and stores are getting savvy. They know what people will want and in today’s day and age, food is much more of a product than a fuel – so it’s important that you maintain your smarts about going to the store, and prepare yourself before walking through those doors.

What will you find, what will trigger you, what will you avoid? That said, the way the human mind works, only knowing what foods are BAD for you, is not an effective way to stifle off cravings. The best way to improve your cravings is the most simplistic, know what you DO want and act on that. Have a positive motivation when you walk into the store.


Amanda Little
I'm Amanda and I'm a 22 year old mother who's been diagnosed with PCOS. I'm passionate about health and wellness and aim to make a difference however I can. I also blog over at my site, HealthyHerLiving.