Veggie Juice and my pH levels


Hi Friends, Family and Health freaks like myself,

This is my 8th day or so on veggie ‘juice’ and I’m getting use to it. I have dropped about 2 kilos since I started with the veggie ‘Juice’ fad and I believe that it will help remove the toxins that my liver is battling to cope with; in due course.

My pH level this morning was an amazing 8 and I am aiming to get it even higher.

To clean out my system ‘softly’ I decided to go on a veggie juice cleaning rather than those terrible colon cleansing methods and I still believe that what I am doing is as good if not better. I rather drink the coffee in moderation than flushing my colon with it. I do not believe in extreme ‘make overs’ like colon cleansing with pumps and stuff. Too gross for my constitution. Besides; I have been a health eater basically all my life and I just want to rid the poisons that accumulated over the years using epilim for my temporal lobe epilepsy plus the 15 cups of coffee with milk and sugar and even aspartame and other poisonous sweeteners.

Luckily the Lord stepped in and rid me of my ‘meat tooth’ as just the thought of meat makes me ‘naar’.

I have never been a fast food eater and I think I had my last hamburger about 20 years ago. That goes for any form of KFC, McD’s and all the other fast food outlets’ poison that they sell over the counter.

I also don’t like a dirty oven; so that does not get used in my house for baking, or cooking. I do use my double oven to store extra kitchen stuff in like oven dishes etc. If I have to cook in bulk for Mr. B (my darling kitten) I cut up a whole turkey or a large packet of chicken pieces and slow cook it in my 5lt slow cooker overnight. That makes enough meals for him for 60 days.

He does not like tin food much unless it is sardines with tomato sauce. That he cannot eat too often because his tummy does not agree with too much fish. I sympathize with him because I know that loads of mercury and other horrible stuff is found in fish, but then he does not know that and doesn’t even care. He trusts his mommy 100%.

Have a good day to you; the sun is shining in SA today and I enjoy the free Vit D3 that I get from the sun. Well, I think it is Vit D3. So if you do see my legs and you think they are unnaturally brown; believe it or not, I soak up as much real sun as I can because it is free you see. The only cream my body gets (besides my face) is olive oil. Yes; I do tend to smell like an olive which I try to hide with my favorite perfume which I only spray on my clothes as it burns my skin.


P.S. I still eat normally as well. About 6 hard boiled eggs per day (no meat or dairy at all) as well as other alkaline type of serials; nuts, seeds etc. I am consuming less fruit, because they recon too much fruit results in the fructose causing acid, and as they say: ‘…an alkaline body cannot house illnesses including cancer!’ Cake and other bake; I only eat at birthday parties and I enjoy them totally, but that’s it; a cake does not get baked in my house because the temptation is too great and I cannot resist it, so I don’t keep that kind of ‘lekker goodies’ in my house. I take about R3000+++ worth of supplements (the best brand I can afford; that’s why I sold my merc) per month until all the toxins have left my body; then I can start dreaming about a convertible 2 door merc. Joking!! I am happy with my new cheap little automatic, but a person is allowed to dream hey! xm


Marietjie Morgan