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Veggie Juice and my pH levels

Hi Friends, Family and Health freaks like myself, This is my 8th day or so on veggie ‘juice’ and I’m getting use to it. I have dropped about 2 kilos since I started with the veggie ‘Juice’ fad and I… 0 Shares |

Colloidal Silver my cure for just about everything!

Dear Family and Friends, I made my first batch of Colloidal Silver yesterday. Long process it was, but well worth it. I have been using colloidal silver for a number of years now and it has been costing me a… 0 Shares |

Don’t eat it if you cannot stop. Eat Carob instead!

Hi Maria, that is what happens when you work for yourself. Ask me, I have never had an 8 to 5 job. My work hours are 18 per day. Unfortunately my back hinders a lot and I am on a… 0 Shares |

The good mixed with the bad.

I am reading some missives from brochures regarding healthy living and find that the same ‘tongue’ talks about a solid (one that works)exercise routine and then tells us at the same time to use certain deodorants and soaps that are… 0 Shares |

Fukushima gives me a reason not to eat any fish!!

I thought the Japs are clever. I also thought that only SA has a population where 80% of the populace’s IQ is less than 50. This is very funny indeed. Pull your fish and chips teeth out my friends, I… 0 Shares |