How to Use Cinnamon, Honey and Coconut Oil to Improve Your Memory


Weakness in memory can be quite a big complain, especially with the growing old age. Weak memory is the condition in which the person faces difficulty in remembering certain things which are necessary to maintain normal life.

Common Causes of Weak Memory

-Lack of concentration
-Drug abuse
-Brain tumors
-Certain medications

Our nature is filled with some amazing super foods that help us to retain our memory and let it function properly. The amount of some good nutrients in food also decides the way they will work on your memory.

Best Home remedies for weak memory

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil support the brain cells and improve memory. Coconut oil reduces cholesterol and boost energy. It is thus of great use while treating memory improvement. Make sure to take coconut oil on daily basis in diet or cooked food items. Continuous use of coconut oil is going to help in improving the memory.

-Eat one teaspoon of organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil twice daily on a regular basis.
-You can also add coconut oil to your baking goods, salads and smoothies.


Cinnamon improves the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and this aromatic spice also boosts brain activity. Research shows that just smelling cinnamon enhances cognitive processing and cinnamon has been shown to improve scores on tasks related to attention, memory and visual-motor speed.


Honey and cinnamon together prove to be best for improving memory. Taking cinnamon simply will help in increasing memory and honey provides stress free life. Both together can be used for best kinds of results. Take some powder cinnamon and honey to it. Mix it well and consume it on daily basis for best kinds of results.

-Mix a pinch of cinnamon in about one teaspoon of raw honey.
-Consume this mixture daily at night for at least a few months.


They contain carotene, which is a memory booster. Eat them raw, cooked, or in casseroles, or make a juice with carrots and apricots. The apricots are used to add a little compatible juice to the dry carrots.


If not a memorable food, this is at least a memory-enhancing food. So are sweet potatoes, tapioca, and spinach. Fresh fruits, especially oranges, and vegetables, almonds, and milk are also good for stimulating the memory.

Cashew Nut

Consuming cashew nuts each day is also helpful in improving memory. Alternatively, eat 10 grams of cashew nuts with honey, two times a day (in the morning and evening). Continue it regularly for fifteen days. You will surely feel the difference.

Herbal Teas

Any of these will help a weak memory: sage, rosemary, marjoram, basil. Use 1/4 teaspoon in a cup of boiling water. Steep for five minutes. These herbs, in an essential oil, can be added to olive oil and massaged over the neck and forehead. Add these oils to bath water, too: 5 drops to a tubful.

Rose Mary

Rosemary is an effective herb for weak memory. Rosemary is an ideal remedy for mental exhaustion and forgetfulness. It can be taken as a tea and drinking once in the morning or twice a day can improve mental acuity.


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