The Biggest Lies about Nutrition


With good advice comes the bad also. It’s not always possible for you to get honest or true information, even in the field of nutrition. So, here are a few common myths associated with health and nutrition you probably would have come across in your routine.

Misguided notions are harmful, especially in the field of nutrition. Many of the times, these can prove even dangerous leading you down the road to severe health issues and may even trim years off your life. It is hence critically vital to decipher truth from myth.

You might have come across many nutritional myths repeatedly from information on the TV; by reading a magazine or hopping on social media. Myths like those given below would have been on the top:

  • Eating a diet high in protein causes kidney disease!
  • Eating fat makes you fat!
  • Sugar is just empty calories!

For our healthy living, we all try to make healthy choices and apply a blend what we read, see or hearing to our so-called experts. We do it for our good!!! Unfortunately, the reality is that much of the information we read is entirely incorrect!

So, have a look at these lies we have been following since years without knowing the reality.

  1. Breakfast Is the Healthiest Meal of the Day, and that you should Eat Many Small Meals a Day

 This myth is usually associated with the promise of increased metabolism and rapid weight loss. However, the reality is that while the metabolism does slightly increases when we eat, it’s the overall amount of food we eat in any a day that determines our weight and not how many meals we eat!

Recent studies recommend that intermittent fasting can offer the same health advantages as constant calorie limitations. It may also be helpful for those who cannot reduce their everyday calorie intake successfully.

  1. Eating Protein is Bad For Your Bones and Kidneys

Many sources would have made you believe that eating a high protein rich diet leads to osteoporosis and kidney disease. However, the reason comes from the fact that eating protein does raise the excretion of calcium from the bones; only in the short term!

In the long term, many studies show that a diet rich in high protein actually has the contradictory effect, and improvements are seen in bone health and a minimized threat of fractures. Also, several other recent studies show there is no association with a high protein diet and kidney disease in healthy people.

Actually, eating a high protein diet can aid in the prevention of diabetes and high blood pressure that are two of the primary risk factors for kidney failure. The conclusion is that eating a high protein diet actually protects against osteoporosis and kidney failure.

  1. Sugar is Unhealthy as it Contains “Empty” Calories

It might surprise you to know that sugar isn’t just empty calories; it’s actually destroying your body!

Eating too much sugar impacts your body metabolism that leads to rapid weight gain and possible metabolic disease. This is due to the resistance of the hormones insulin and leptin that could result in obesity, metabolic syndrome and/or diabetes!

Perhaps sugar which is the worst ingredient in the modern diet can also lead to a relentless biochemical drive, basically which means some people are unable to stop consuming it and get more and more obese.

  1. High Fat Foods Will Make You Fat

Eat fat, get fat sounds right, but it’s completely wrong! Despite being higher in calories than carbs and protein, fat is an essential nutrient and hence not an enemy.

While it might sound silly, number of studies has shown that eating a diet high in healthy fats and lower in carbs can be much more significant than low fat diets for losing weight.

  1. Low Carb Diets Are Harmful

You might have come across so-called health professionals telling you low-fat diets and calorie restriction is most effective in losing weight. Come again!!!

Low-carb and high fat diets have been proved to be a very effective way of losing unwanted body fat in plenty of medical studies. Other benefits include helping lower blood pressure and increasing good HDL cholesterol.



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