7 Warning Signs of Protein Deficiency


Protein is a vital building block of the body – our  hair, nails and muscle tissue all require Protein. Here are 7 Warning Signs that you might not be getting enough:


  1. Swollen Eyes

Protein deficiency can lower the amount of plasma protein you have in blood which can lead to a condition called Oedema. This decrease in plasma protein can be caused by the liver not storing enough iron. If Iron is not available to help the production of haemoglobin, Anemia can be the result and swelling begins.


  1. Puffy Cheeks

Puffy cheeks can be the result of swollen salivary glands (parotid glands) and can highlight a protein-carbohydrate imbalance. This swelling can happen at any stage of the illness and can also lead to sagging in the area.


  1. Swollen Hands

Besides the face, swelling can also appear in other parts of the body.

When you are protein deficient, muscle performance and muscle appearance are affected.

When the body cannot find the protein it needs from our diet, it sources protein from other areas in the body to compensate. One of these areas is our muscular linings. Protein has a vital role in maintaining the water balance in the body. Without protein, the body may store water incorrectly and Edema, a condition of excess fluid under the skin, can result.

That is why our hands get swollen, because the body draws out protein found in the tissues of the area.


  1. Thinning Hair

While genetics can be an important factor in thinning hair, protein deficiency can also be a cause. When we are not getting enough protein the body goes into “conservation mode” and stops sending valuable protein to nourish hair and nails. That is why hair and nail health are important indicators when it comes to checking whether or not you are protein deficient.


  1. Dry or Flaky Skin

Lack of protein can cause the skin to dry and break out in flaky rashes. This can also make your skin more likely to get sunburnt. Protein deficiency can also lead to skin discolouration, leaving you spotty in places and being protein deficient can also open up the skin to the other Fungal infections such as Candida.


  1. Mental Fog

Protein deficiencies slow brain performance and lower cognitive function. What’s more protein plays a vital role in helping Neurons communicate in the brain and throughout the body and a protein deficiency can end up affecting brain function, alter mood and change mental performance.


  1. Feeling Lethargic

Feeling extreme fatigue, low energy levels and generally “just tired” can be signs of protein deficiency. Certain protein-rich meals contain levels of the amino acid Tyrosine ; which promotes neurotransmitters that boost activity, alertness, and energy.


If you have any of these 7 warning symptoms, there’s hope.

A protein-rich diet can do a lot to solve a protein deficiency. There are a lot of healthy protein sources out there such as organic Nuts, Seeds, Quinoa, Spirulina, Whey Powders, Eggs and vegetables such as Spinach and Broccoli.

Next time we’ll look at a simple way to calculate how much Protein you need daily.



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Christopher Drummond
For Simple Ways To Live A Healthy Life, Visit: www.organichealth.co.za