5 Convincing Reasons To Start Working Out Right Now


Yes, I know that you hear “run, jump, work out…” from every corner these days. Probably you’ve even tried it. You did morning exercises, ran around a park or even joined a gym. The problem is that the actual results of working out are in the future, but the tiredness and laziness are here right now. You don’t want to strain yourself, lose time and money and have all your muscles sore.

What makes all those lively people in sport outfits forget everything and go running, heavy-lifting, swimming, etc.? What makes people work out even if they are healthy and good-looking? Well, there are many different reasons. Here are just some of them.

  1. It makes you happy

No, seriously. There are many different definitions of happiness and every person has different opinion about it. However, the feeling that the majority of athletes experience after they finish a long-distance running, for example, is so close to happiness that it may easily be it. Satisfaction, tranquility, relaxation, pride, gratification, good spirit – that is the cocktail of feelings that await you after working out. And the harder the training is, the brighter those feelings are.

Biologists and chemists got into this question and found proofs. Serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and other smart words are involved. But we’ll call it happiness and it is definitely worth experiencing over and over again.

  1. It makes your life easier

Do you need to carry heavy furniture or play some outdoor games with your kids? Do you need to walk for a couple of miles? Is the elevator broken and your office is on the seventh floor? There are no problems for you if you work out.

Sure, modern life, especially city life, spares us the necessity of different kinds of physical activity. Not always, however. When you need to show your strength, stamina and dexterity, you can easily do that.

  1. It helps you to be more successful

This point may seem strange, but physical activities can help you succeed in spheres not connected to sport. Physical activities teach patience, purposefulness and urge towards winning. Physical training makes stronger    not only your muscles but also your will.

  1. You simply can do it

Many people see exercising as difficult work, obligation or hard price to pay to be healthy and good-looking. Try to see it differently: exercising is a blessing. Millions of people cannot get out of bed right now, others cannot even tie their shoe-laces. You can run, do push-us, squads and chin-ups. It is great, isn’t it? You are happy to be able to do all those physical activities and it is a waste not to use such an opportunity. Take care of your body and train it. Just because you can.

  1. It is sexy

There is nothing more attractive than a fit sporty figure. Yes, we know all about the beauty of the soul, the power of the intellect and eternal values. However, if those things go with the results of your exercising, they are much more convincing.

So, these were just several advantages of systematic physical exercises. I’m sure you can add some points to this list, as well. Anyway, the conclusion is that sport is great and there are no reasons not to do it.


About the author:

Adam Mann is an editor, writer and content manager at Assignment Jedii. In his free time he loves to travel and to spend time with his wife and kids.





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