Why Wheatgrass Should Be Your Daily Drink


It’s a Great Source of Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass is a great source of chlorophyll, known for its blood building and cleansing qualities, as well as the ability to oxygenate and alkalize the blood – the features that are important in fighting diseases. Chlorophyll also has the ability to renew the tissue, thus slowing down the process of aging. It cleanses our bodies of various toxins and drug deposits, purifies the liver and removes the damage that our lungs have sustained as a result of breathing acid gasses. Wheatgrass juice contains as much as 70% of this healthful ingredient.

It Stimulates Thyroid

Wheatgrass can also stimulate the thyroid gland in people with hypothyroidism, which in turn leads to better digestion, fewer weight control problems and a host of other benefits.

It Contains a Lot of Enzymes

Enzymes assist our bodies in digestion, nutrient assimilation and overall metabolism improvement. They can be found in living organisms, but get entirely destroyed in the process of cooking. Diets that are high in processed foods create enzyme deficiency, which can lead to bloating, fatigue, weight issues, headaches, constipation, allergies and many other health problems. Enriching your diet with enzymes, like those naturally found in wheatgrass, can prevent many of these things from occurring.

It Fights Tumors

The chlorophyll enriches our blood with oxygen, which is a potent weapon against cancer cells. A couple of studies have shown that wheatgrass has a potential ability to fight tumors, without all the toxins involved in the process of taking drugs. It can also help flush the drug deposits out of your body if you did undergo an extensive therapy.

It’s Rich in Nutrients

Wheatgrass provides more than 90 vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, Vitamins A, C and E, as well as 19 amino acids. It has twice the amount of Vitamin A found in carrots and more Vitamin C than you can get from oranges. With all the nutrients it supplies, a shot of wheatgrass juice will quickly help you meet your daily vegetable requirement.

It Lessens Radiation Effects

Studies show that chlorophyll-rich foods can lessen the effects of radiation, and wheatgrass is a chlorophyll powerhouse. The Superoxide Dismutase enzyme found in wheatgrass can repair cell damage caused by free radicals, acting as an antioxidant shield for the cells; and it’s 3,500 more effective at that task than Vitamin C.

Wheatgrass juice was also shown to eliminate toothache, relieve sore throat, cure acne and even keep your hair from going gray. Besides just drinking the juice, many people also use it for healing cuts, cleansing the skin, and even as a natural body deodorant.

Growing Wheatgrass at Home

You can easily grow your own wheat grass at home – here’s just one quick tutorial on how to do it.

You can get wheatgrass powders and growing kits on Amazon (aff link).

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