Ten Essential Superfoods Guaranteed to Kickstart Your Day


The golden rule to kickstart your day: never skip breakfast. As the most important meal of the day, breakfast will fill you up with energy, keep you focused on your daily tasks and up and running for hours on end.

Busy during the morning and storming out of the house? That’s no excuse to grab junk food on the go or skip breakfast altogether. There are so many superfoods which guarantee a super start to your day. Just find your favorite and make the time to enjoy it.

Breakfast isn’t a complicated affair. Make the best of it with our ten essential superfoods that will kickstart your day. These foods guarantee an extended release of energy, not just a short burst and a quick crash.

1.      Eggs

The breakfast of champions should include eggs. As these food items are so rich in B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D, E, K, calcium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus, they’re really a superfood guaranteed to give you a healthy boost of energy in the morning and throughout the day. Eggs got some bad rap in recent years. Nonetheless, dietary guidelines concerning this superfood changed a decent amount of times. The latest evidence proves that eggs are in fact propping good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol. With just a little over 70 calories per egg and a healthy mix of vital nutrients for our bodies, eggs are the superfood to start your day with.

2.      Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a versatile breakfast food. Consumed as such, in combination with yummy fruits or blended in nutritious and healthy smoothies and shakes, oatmeal is packed with soluble fiber. Choose oatmeal for breakfast and you’ll have a healthy digestive system and tons of energy from morning till evening. This is due to the fact that oatmeal is also packed with complex carbohydrates which are slowly broken down and release energy all day long. Steer away from the temptation to team this healthy addition to your breakfast menu with sugary products or sugar as such. You’ve heard about the negative effects of sugar on our overall health. Instead, naturally sweetening your hearty oatmeal breakfast goes a long way. Use fruits, cinnamon, nuts. Deliciousness guaranteed!

3.      Yogurt

Yogurt is a well of proteins and lean fats. It is delicious, nutritious and renders itself perfectly for super mixes with oatmeal, fruits and berries, frozen yogurt combinations. When you choose to include yogurt on your list of superfoods to kickstart your day, look for the simple, maybe even 0% fat varieties of Greek yogurt. Most yogurt products in stores sport ridiculous amounts of sugars in the detriment of protein. These glorified puddings don’t qualify as superfoods and are far from being healthy breakfast options.

4.      Peanut Butter

As there is quite a batch of peanut butter that’s sold with high amounts of added sugar, peanut butter is generally regarded as junk food. Here is an interesting read on what junk food can do to your body. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend you a disaster food for breakfast. What we’re aiming at is to let you know that peanut butter produced from actual peanuts and which is actually sugar-free is one delicious spread rich in healthy fats. These fats will keep your digestive system happy and your energy level up throughout the day.

5.      Smoked Salmon

While it may sound a bit pretentious to have smoked salmon for breakfast, we assure you this is not a luxury or a whim. Smoked salmon is a superfood that’s extra rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and nutrients and it goes fantastically with avocados, eggs, a whole grain bagel or croissant. It’s one of the best meat you can consume for breakfast for a day filled with energy and a good mood. It is also one of the top 20 super foods guaranteed to fight stress and bring those happy chemicals up.

6.      Quinoa

Quinoa has become incredibly popular in recent years and with good reason. With a super low carbohydrate content but a high protein content, quinoa may be cooked as oatmeal or simply left to absorb the juices of fruits added to your breakfast bowl. The discrete nutty flavor is delicious. Not to mention that it’s the perfect addition to the healthy breakfast menu of champs.

7.      Goji Berries

Little by little we’re giving you the best super-ingredients to make your own superfoods breakfast. One of the best choices for a healthy and hearty breakfast is represented by berries. Goji berries in addition to blueberries and almost any other berries are rich in antioxidants, pack a load of vitamins and have an intriguing sweet tangy taste. Serve as such, with Greek yogurt, oatmeal or quinoa and benefit from having discovered these superfoods.

8.      Oranges

One orange a day keeps the doctor away. We know, it’s about apples. Nonetheless, oranges are rich in vitamin C that keeps you healthy and props your immune system. Moreover, oranges are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber and have a really low-calorie count. This superfood must be on your list, consumed either as fruit or juice.

9.      Avocadoes

These fruits (yes, avocados are fruits) deserve to be in the top ten list of superfood to kickstart your day. In addition to being the perfect fit for creamy smoothies, spreads and all sorts of other foods, avocados can also be eaten as such. They sport high levels of unsaturated fats, antioxidant lutein, a load of nutrients and about 250 calories per medium sized fruit. One full serving in the morning will keep you up and running until evening.

10.    Nuts

Go nuts with nuts. The healthy addition to not just your breakfast but your daily menu won’t leave you regretting a thing. As superfoods, walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, caju nuts and others are packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, alpha-linoleic acids and fatty acids that prevent weight gain, facilitate weight loss, give bursts of energy and keep your spirits up.

Having superfoods for breakfast guarantees high levels of energy, a good mood and serious focus on your daily task. Instead of racing out the door in the morning and grabbing junk food on the way if grabbing anything to eat at all, take ten to fifteen minutes to prepare breakfast. Your body and mind will thank you.