Successful Treatment of Psoriasis


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin with itching and appearance of inflammation and crusty white skin flakes. The symptoms usually appear on elbows and knees, on the scalp around the belly and on the lower back. For some people psoriasis is only a small irritation and does not influence the quality of their life. However, there are people that suffer from this disease with over 10% of their body skin and coping with the disease can be annoying. Bearing in mind that those white flakes that fall off the body all the time, it is also annoying for those around them. It can affect patient’s emotional life, not to mention how much influence it can cause to patent’s relationships and social life.

Treating psoriasis

If you belong to 2% of the world’s population who suffer from population , you must have visited the dermatologist so far and you are certainly aware that the disease is incurable.

The most common prescribed medicine are topical corticosteroids like Butavate cream or shampoos. Although patients may notice a slight improvement in their condition, these creams and lotions have their side effects. They remove the thick crust on the skin, and you may think that the disease starts to disappear. However, the new skin that appears underneath is so thin and dry that can easily crack and start to bleed. Therefore, considering the side effects they cause, the application of these creams and lotions are not recommended for a prolonged period.

Holistic Treatment

Does it really matter what we eat?

Luckily, nutritionists have found that holistic treatment can have a great impact in treating this autoimmune disease. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and boiled vegetables, legumes, and starches, excluding all packed industrial ready-made foods, alcohol, cigarettes and drinking plenty of water, is the real cure for the disease. This treatment was tested on a patient with a severe psoriasis covering a greater part of his body. It appeared that by only following this diet for one week all of his white flakes fell off, and the first signs of healing were noticed. And after two weeks the patient was completely cured.

The reason behind it

Besides being an autoimmune disease, psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. If you understand it as a sign that your body is asking for help then you’ll understand why holistic treatment is so successful. Acidic media nourishes all inflammatory processes in the human body. Therefore, if you want successfully to treat an inflammatory disease, you need to change your inner media into alkaline. If you do a little research, you’ll see that fresh foods make alkaline media in your body. Therefore, eating fresh fruits and vegetables help you a lot with treating this terrible disease. As long as you put more fresh into your mouth and less fried, roasted or boiled, you are on a the right path to treat your psoriasis successfully. It doesn’t matter how severe it may appear, eating and living healthy can heal your skin successfully.


Psoriasis – Living with it and Overcoming it