The Secret to Making a Great Superfood Smoothie


A great superfood smoothie has a few key components that make it truly nutritional and satisfying to all of your senses. A perfect smoothie should look great, have an awesome energetic glow, taste good, and satiate you for hours on end. A real superfood smoothie is the perfect breakfast, lunch, snack, or cleansing and energizing drink.

Here are the most important aspects of a great superfood smoothie.

1. Pick a good base that tastes great (I prefer creamy texture.).

For a base I recommend coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk, hemp, grass-fed un-homogenized milk, or even simply good quality water.   Try to stay away from juices, as they are typically VERY high in sugar.

*Tip: Experiment with different brands and quality of whichever milk you choose to use. Always opt for something with a decent amount of protein and fat when possible and limit sugar. A bit of organic or naturally occurring sugars however, will be ok.

2. A great Superfood Smoothie has plenty of healthy protein baby!

I get protein from my superfood smoothies either from a combination of plant-based sources, such as hemp seeds and flax, which are a great source of protein, or by adding dairy.   I believe that high quality dairy is a great source of protein.

Organic grass-fed whey protein is the most preferable option, but this can be a bit pricy, I sometimes will go for organic yogurt or kefir instead.

The great thing about putting yogurt or kefir in your smoothie is that both of them contain millions of active probiotics, which are very soothing on the digestive system. Just do not over-do it if you tend to be a bit sensitive to dairy. Always opt for full fat and grass-fed organic when purchasing dairy.

Yogurt or kefir creates an extremely creamy and rich smoothie as well; it is absolutely delicious and smooth going down. Kefir and high quality yogurt are typically very easy to digest and soothe the digestive system due to the beneficial microorganisms and healthy bacteria that aids our gut and immune health. Kefir and yogurt can help to repopulate your digestive tract with healthy bacteria.   Whey protein is also a great source of protein for smoothies with a balanced amino acid profile.

3. Pick your GREENS or LIVING FOOD!

A true superfood smoothie is ALIVE!

To be considered a GREAT superfood smoothie, it must have plenty of living energy and live enzymes to aid in digestion, mental health, and energy. By adding a bag of baby spinach or kale to your shakes you increase its potency to sustain your energy.

Living foods including fresh fruits and veggies means more Vitamin C, A, E, D, K, Iron, Potassium etc. Having higher concentrations of anti-oxidants flowing throughout the body can improve mental health and aid with increasing energy levels.

I recommend Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Apples, Bananas, Arugula, Chard, Dandelion, etc. Get creative! Just 100g of Kale contain 200% of your daily value of Vitamin A and C. Let the powerful anti-oxidants in living fruits and veggies improve your energy!

4. Always include PLENTY of healthy fat!

Making your great superfood smoothie means including plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids. Most Americans eat a ratio of 16/1 Omega 6 to Omega 3, which is causing obesity and sickness.

We need to start eating more Omega 3s and consume a ratio of 3/1 Omega 6 to Omega 3; this cuts down the risk of mortality for all causes by 70%!

So where do you get your Omega 3s from?   I get mine in my smoothies by adding Coconut oil, which has no Omega 6 at all, Hemp and chia seeds that both have a perfect ratio, or even from organic grass-fed dairy.   I may also take a high quality fish oil pill with my smoothie for some more omega 3s.

By adding some avocado, coconut oil, hemp seeds, or even some almonds to your smoothie you increase the amount of Omega 3s that you are eating. More Omega 3 fatty acids means more energy, less inflammation, and higher levels of energy!

Adding healthy fats to your smoothie also makes it taste absolutely delicious.

5. The next step in creating a beast of a smoothie is to pick out something sweet to liven it up.

I like to use fruit or raw honey. Sometimes both. Blueberries are amazing, frozen figs, bananas, or a berry blend. Get creative, experiment with different combinations.

Bananas and berries are of course a classic. Bananas add an amazing smooth texture and are loaded with potassium, Vitamin C, and plant fibers, and berries are low in sugar and taste great.

6. Finalizing your fantastic superfood smoothie.

Add any final supplements or superfoods that you want to throw in to give it one final boost. I use bee pollen for an extra kick of enzymes and vitamins, or sometimes I will throw a bunch of Spirulina in my smoothies.   You may want to throw in a bit of cod liver, or just take your supplements on the side with your smoothie.

Now… the moment has come. BLEND IT UP! Make sure to blend it consistently, and if you have not put frozen fruit in you really need to use some ice. The cold fruit or ice will ensure that your smoothie is ice cold and delicious going down. Experiment with different combos with your smoothies and get creative.

Creating a great superfood smoothie is really an art. I recommend starting the day with your smoothie, that way you can get a burst of nutrition and then decide if you want a bigger breakfast and how much you eat later for lunch. There is really no wrong time to make a great smoothie however, just make sure to balance it like I described in this article.

So a quick recap:

  •  Pick a great base. I love coconut milk, hemp milk, water, or sometimes even yogurt for a thicker shake.
  • Add a high quality source of protein. Either combine plant sources like flax and chia or add whey protein. Whey protein and dairy is a complete source of amino acids and very usable by the body for energy. Do not forget about Kefir and yogurt for beneficial probiotics that can repopulate your digestive tract and boost your immune system.
  • Tons of living fruits and veggies for anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes!
  • ALWAYS ADD HEALTHY FAT! This is a big one because many people will leave a healthy source of fat out of their smoothie recipes. Fat sustains us for long periods of time and is a great source of energy. Always make sure your fat has plenty of Omega 3s, as eating more Omega 3s can prevent disease and illness. Coconut oil, hemp, and organic dairy is a great source of Omega 3s and healthy fat!
  • Throw something sweet like fruit in, bananas and berries are a classic.
  • Add supplements for a final kick and boost.
  •  And lastly, make sure to bless your great superfood smoothie and admire your skills. You care about your health enough to take the time to treat yourself to a delicious blend of nutrition.

Superfood smoothies provide lasting energy, tons of micro-nutrients, and improve the glow of your skin and overall health.  Those are my secrets to a great smoothie.  I challenge you to begin your journey on the art-form that is mastering the perfect superfood smoothie.  Remember it should taste good, look good, and most importantly make you feel GREAT!



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