Romaine lettuce, the medicinal benefits of freshness


100 grams of Romaine lettuce contains over 100% of the RDA of vitamin A and vitamin K. It contains over 30% of vitamin C and folic acid. There are relative good amounts of vitamin B1, B2, B6, manganese, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and copper in this fresh leaf.

According to scientists, the rich content of antioxidants in lettuce protects against cardiovascular diseases. This vegetable is the most nutrient dense kind of lettuce. Lettuce promotes a healthy cholesterol metabolism, so conclude scientists.

Good for heart and blood

Romaine lettuce is good for the vessels. It contains so many antioxidants that they prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and stick to the vessels. In this way, Romaine lettuce keeps the vessels more flexible and elastic and provide a natural way to lower blood pressure. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure.

Neurons protected by romaine lettuce

According to Chinese researchers, the leafs of this fresh vegetable contain substances that protect the neurons. One of the working components is called caffeic acid. The scientists say that romaine lettuce has a good antioxidant capacity, and it protects the neurons from damage.


Lettuce contains many enzymes. Enzymes you need for better digestion. Nowadays in the western diet, we tend to eat too few enzymes. That´s one of the reasons why a growing number of people are suffering digestion problems. Enzymes you find mainly in fresh leafy vegetables such as Romaine lettuce. To aid your digestion, it is advised to eat a raw salad, so you get enough of your enzymes. You can make Romaine lettuce more healthy by mixing a salad with even more healthy food such as organic oils, onion rings, bell pepper, spinach, watercress, tomatoes, boiled chick peas or seeds. Romaine lettuce can be a base for a complete meal. 

Medicinal kitchen advice

Lettuce is good for daily use. Romaine lettuce is a good choice to put on your bread and cheese. In this way, you can enjoy vegetables with every meal of the day. Of course, you can make a simple, tasteful side salad next to your meal when you accompany it with other raw vegetables, black pepper, vinegar, and oil. This wonderful salad vegetable is an easy one to grow in your garden. In a few weeks, you will grow a full crop. Harvest it and enjoy your medicine!


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