What Is Juicing ? – Part 1


What is Juicing? 

Juicing involves you, a Juicer and some fruits and vegetables. 

Blocked Pipes

Raw food chef, Beryn Daniel, gives a wonderfully simple explanation.

Picture for a moment your kitchen sink and its drain pipes. Your sink is designed to carry away mostly water and some small food scraps through the pipes. When we put too much of the wrong stuff down there (e.g. pouring fast foods, fizzy drinks and a bag of flour down the drain) you end up with a soggy mess and a blocked pipe. These blockages usually occur in the loops and folds of the pipes.

Projecting this image onto our digestive system: the body is designed to transport food which has a high water content swiftly through the pipes (our digestive system). If we put too much of the wrong stuff in the top end through our mouths- processed or artificial foods, deep fried oily posers for meat or mucus-forming milk products- we end up with the inevitable: a blocked system.

Cue The Toxins 

When our digestive system has blockages caused by bad food choices, the colon begins and continues to get blocked- up and retain waste, causing the body to continually re-absorb poisonous toxins back into the blood – toxins which would otherwise have passed through our system. The result:  feeling terrible and ill-health.


What Helps?

The body is infinitely intelligent. It is always striving for optimum health and is always regenerating itself. By simply ADDING IN the foods the body was designed to eat, the foods that have been missing, the body does the rest for us.


What Foods?

If we want to live more, we need to eat more living green plant foods. When these are ingested by juicing, the nutrients are easily absorbed into the body and utilized for cleaning house.  Don’t despair though, eating living green plant food doesn’t mean our taste buds  go unsatisfied as most juices are both healthy and delicious.


Just Add In


So before having your regular breakfast JUST ADD IN a green juice – FIRST.


Before having your usual lunch, JUST ADD IN a green juice – FIRST.


Before having your traditional Dinner – JUST ADD IN a green juice – FIRST.


Why This Works?


Hunger is the body searching for minerals.


When we have a green juice first, our body’s search for minerals is satisfied and so our hunger is satisfied.


Ultimately, the food we eat does not just randomly affect us, it becomes us. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, cleanse and detox your body or simply look and feel great, juicing is a simple, healthy and natural way to get there. Be sure to check out Part 2 for Juicing Tips and Recipes.



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