How to Increase Brain Power : Improve Brain Function Naturally


There are different natural ways on how to improve brain function, reduce mental aging or maybe increase your lifespan. Some of the simple strategies that can enhance your brain power are simple activities that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Embracing these policies may give your brain more power within a short period. Researchers believe that an older brain has the potential to acquire more wisdom and knowledge with time. Increased data in the brain may lead to reduced processing of information, but increasing intelligence with age. Most of the factors that can improve your brain power are simple, achievable habits and behaviors, which you need to adopt. Consistency and determination are the key principles behind these natural ways of improving your brain function. Below are some of the various ways to naturally increase your brain power.


Brain boosting foods


The food choices that you make are an influential variable that you can take control of, and improve the functionality, vitality and health of your valuable brain.


  • Olive oil : This oil is rich in polyphenols that are capable brain protective antioxidants.


  • Coconut oil : Coconut oil enhances the ability of neurons found in the brain to use energy while reducing the production of free radicals that are damaging in nature. Also, the oil provides saturated fats that are essential nutrients for the function and integrity of the brain cell membranes.


  • Wild salmon : This fish is a natural source of the important omega-three oil that plays a vital role in ensuring brain cells are healthy. They also enhance the growth of brain cells.


  • Blueberries : There is a lot of power that is packed into these brain-protective antioxidants. They help reduce inflammation of the brain.


  • Turmeric : Turmerics are important in turning on the parts of our DNA that reduce inflammation. The importance of Turmerics on the brain was discovered centuries ago.


  • Eggs : Eggs are rich in choline that is a critical neurotransmitter. They also contain cholesterol that serves as a vital component of brain cell membranes. Cholesterol also serves as a brain-protective antioxidant.


  • Dandelion greens : These greens are rich in prebiotic fiber that assists in nurturing the growth of supportive brain bacteria.


  • Walnuts : These nuts are rich in several nutrients that are important in supporting the health of the brain. The nutrients include omega-3 fats, manganese, fiber and vitamin E for the supportive brain-gut bacteria.


  • Avocado : They contain a lot of mono-saturated fats that are vital in protecting brain cells. Avocados also help maintain healthy levels of blood pressure.


  • Pumpkin seeds : Pumpkins are rich in zinc. Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in memory and all brain functions. There are more other types of foods that have you need to learn about so as to get to increase brainpower.




Aerobic exercises improve cognitive functions of the brain such as selective attention, task switch, and working memory. Studies conducted in older people show that those that are fitter have better scores as compared to their unfit peers. Both the volume of information and updating of memory were better in individuals that are fit. Other studies show that individuals put on aerobic exercise programs, which give direction on how to increase brain power. Researchers have also found out that mental challenges relating to physical activities are better in older people who exercise aerobics.


Avoiding Smoking


Researchers have discovered that smoking plays a huge role in causing the hippocampus to shrink. It also reduces cognitive functions of the brain. Smokers lose a large volume of their brain at a higher rate than individuals that do not smoke. Avoiding smoking is one natural way to ensure your brain remains healthy.


Social networks


Studies have found that social networks play a vital role in improving cognitive functions. The connection that exists between maintaining mobility and being physically active is a social connectivity link that has a lot of benefits. Brain improvement among socially active people may be due to increased mobility.


Challenge your mind


One of the simple natural ways of improving your brain power is to keep learning new things. The structure and size of neurons and the connections that exist between them change the way that people learn. This can take on different forms in activities such as learning to play instruments, traveling or participating in community and social activities.


Listen to music


It has been proven that listening to music can boost the brain power. It is also told that listening to classical music may make you smarter. Research has shown that exercising while listening to music may encourage verbal fluency and cognitive ability of the brain. Listening to music enhances mental focus among people. It is also important to take advantage of this natural way of boosting your brain.


Wood puzzle solutions


Wood puzzles are great brain teasers. Making wood puzzle solutions is not an easy task since it involves engaging your brain. Wooden puzzle games challenge your thinking. They are therefore suitable exercises for your mind. These wooden puzzle games are important learning tools for kids as they provide mental learning benefits and other skills. The games come with different topics and themes such as vegetables, alphabet letters, transport, colors, pets, and numbers. Completing puzzles helps you to set goals that you need to achieve within a short period. Children must think and develop ways of approaching the challenges they face during the game to achieve their objectives.


Puzzles are fun for toddlers since they help refine and develop their fine motor skills. When children play puzzles, they may be required to pinch, grasp or pick up pieces and move them around. The movement involves manipulating pieces of wood into slots, fitting and sorting them into the correct positions. These activities engage their minds enhancing their brain power.


Playing puzzle games is a matter of trial and error that involves manipulation of the eyes and the hand. For instance, if a toddler places a piece of wood that does not fit, they try several times until they get it right. Such actions involve coordination between the brain and the eyes. Continued coordination between the eyes and the brain enhance the power of the mind.


Puzzles are an excellent tool to promote and strengthen cooperative play. This is very significant in the life of children since it helps boost their social skills. As several kids work together to play wooden puzzles games, they discuss where to place different pieces of wood. The toddlers therefore share, take turns and support each participant when handling challenging tasks or when rejoicing a win.


When children get wooden puzzle solutions, they get much satisfaction. Overcoming challenges faced when solving wooden puzzle games helps you have pride within yourself. This provides you with confidence that your brain has a high intelligence capability. The self-confidence gained from wood puzzle games prepares you for challenges in life.


Improving the functionality of the brain is a well researched subject, and various solutions have been developed to that effect. How to solve wooden puzzle is one of the largely elaborated methods. The other methods explained above are equally good, and easy to understand and implement.




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