Food Pyramid Conspiracy


We have all been brought up to believe that the National Food Pyramid is the end all be all of nutrition. We have been told that, in order to be the ideal healthy human being, we have to consume the daily recommendations of fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains and meats.

We have also been conditioned to listen to the FDA daily recommended allowances on vitamin and mineral levels. Trust your government. Shove yourself full of food 3 x a day, 7 days a week, for the entirety of your life.

Along with that we get messages like “Don’t ever let yourself feel hungry”, “Clean your plate” and “Feed a cold”. These oppose the natural way the body works to heal itself.


When you fast you are allowing your body to take a break from constantly having to digest a constant intake of food. During a fast your body will look to itself for sustenance. The immediate thought here is likely “Oh no! Starvation!” – That isn’t the case.

Our beliefs about fasting, thanks to the media and medical community has gotten flipped. Your body will slough off the old damaged cells first. That is an amazingly positive thing!

It is why fasting is a great idea for cancer patients vs. the usually recommended radiation and chemotherapy which only serves to kill the good cells right along with the bad, clearing them ALL out. This is also why animals when sick, stop eating. It is instinctive. Nature has the cure if you will just allow it.

It’s ok to fast; juice fasts are incredibly good for you. Make sure you drink enough water and juice. Drink a Minimum of 400 calories a day which is sustainable over multiple day fasts.

Suggestions for juicing:
Make the juice yourself rather than buying it pre-bottled. Juice begins to lose nutrients 20 minutes after juicing so fresh is always best. Try:
You can get pretty creative!

Allow your body time to heal. Are you going to die if you miss a meal? You are not. With our American upbringings combined with the media you sure would think humans were built like cars – as soon as the gas tank runs to empty, you simply stop.

A healthy population is nowhere near as controllable or profitable as a sick one. If everyone can heal themselves with fasting, vitamins, minerals, good clean food, water and rest how will pharmaceutical companies make their money?

Why do you think they have been going after patents on vitamins and herbs so fiercely? They are trying their best to gain control enabling your doctor, who likely knows very little to nothing about natural health, to prescribe them to you like a drug because you, yourself could not possibly by knowledgeable enough or know your own body well enough to heal yourself.

So there you have it. The food pyramid is out to get us.


Eat real organic foods (non-GMO)
Drink lots of good clean water
Get fresh air and sunshine as often as possible
Do a full body cellular level detoxification such as BePure
Add Pink Himalayan Salt into your diet
Work on incorporating essential oils into your medicine cabinet as well as your spice rack
Fast occasionally
Eat when you are hungry – not when the food pyramid or society tells you to.

Eat prepackaged processed foods
Do not eat artificial sweeteners
Do not eat Corn Syrup
Do not drink tap water
Do not drink distilled – it is changed electrically and removes vitamins/minerals from your body on its way through)
Do not drink soda
Use table salt
Listen to the FDA, Doctors or anyone that goes against what your intuition is telling you. You have lived in your body your entire life and there is no one that knows it better than you do.

To your health!

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