Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream- The missing link in cancer prevention


Those concerned with the health of the environment know that polluting our ecosystem is wreaking havoc on this planet. Second offense is squandering our natural resources with no thought of replenishing them. This method of operation is just a mirror of how we treat our own bodies. Polluting, depleting, and not replenishing.

Imagine walking along a pristine stream in nature. Everything is pure and sweet even the dirt smells clean. You might say the stream is healthy and in balance with the rest nature and the rest of life. If we come to a place in the stream where there is a bad odor, all the plants along the stream are dying and fish are bloated and floating, we all know someone polluted the stream; something toxic or poisonous was being dumped into it. You might say the stream is sick. What would be needed to fix the stream? To pour something more into it to heal it?

Most people would know that to heal the stream all that is needed is to find the cause of the pollution and stop it. Dumping something else into the stream is not what is needed and would further interfere. Nothing is needed to heal the stream except ending man’s interference, the initial cause.

The intelligence behind nature will self-correct when not interfered with by humans. By observation, you can witness a “force” determined to put the stream back into a pristine condition once the interference has stopped. What is this force? Nature’s intention is that all should live and thrive and this is the same intelligence that is running your body. The intelligence in our body is a supercomputer of unmatched capacity driven by a motivation that is no less than the consciousness of a saint. No matter how you abuse your body, it only wants you to thrive. You can hate your body but it will always love you back.

We have been programmed by commercialism to believe we need to consume more and more as a way to fix things, mentally, physically and even spiritually. The truth is the only thing we need more of is less. See Just Give Me the Gist of It Publishing

In our civilized culture, we are over consuming everything and at the same time starving to death for what really enhances life and health. Our bodies become burdened with pollution and depleted with lack of true nourishment. I define nourishment as that which supports life as in pure air, water, sunlight, and food. It is also what we consume/absorb by what we see, hear, feel and think as well. Anything that disturbs nature will disturb your nature. Your piece of nature to steward, is your own body and in particular your own stream. That means keeping your own blood stream pristine and unpolluted. Your body is most affected by your predominant attitudes positive or negative but that is not what I am going to cover here. (See Uncommon Common Sense by this author for more on that subject).

Too much of anything becomes harmful. In nature we can clearly see this fact. Too much water can drown a plant, too much sunshine can burn it, too much wind can dry up and shred a plant but in the correct balance all these “forces” of nature are healing and life-sustaining. It is all about balance. For most people who are suffering, this lost balance can be corrected not by taking more things, but by limiting taking in what does not serve life in the body.

Every person’s body has a genetic history all its own and is unique in the universe. There is no patent answer for each body. The intelligence running the body knows exactly what works and what doesn’t for it to thrive and the body is relentless in this mission to keep you healthy. Only the body has the “insiders” information. Most guidance from the outside is interfering in the body’s agenda unless the source of that guidance understands the body’s innate intelligence and respects it. Symptoms are the body taking steps to protect your life. Pain is a warning to change something. Suppressing symptoms or pain is working against your own body who is forever trying to save you.

The body does not make mistakes, nor does it experiment on you because it does not know what to do. It does the best with what it has to work with under every situation you put it through. Unfortunately, not understanding that the body does know what it is doing is behind most allopathic medicine theory. Why is this? It stems from the outdated Newtonian theory that is the basis of allopathic medicine.

This theory says that life, including the body, is a particle; a mechanical machine. When quantum physics took the place of this outdated theory the medical community did not update their theories or adjust their practices. The new reality of quantum physics proved that energy is the source of matter and in fact energy changes the form of matter. To not acknowledge this scientific basis is the reason why doctors can miraculously put people back together (medical mechanic) after all sorts of injuries, but are usually clueless about what creates health. Note*If your doctor giving you advice about prevention is not an example of glowing health run!

The steps toward purification of your own stream are simple. Stop polluting through the food you eat, water you drink and bathe in, the chemicals you clean with and all the toiletries you use. Even the music you listen to, the movies you watch and the people you associate with can all be nourishing, stimulating, or destructive to your health and well-being. In yoga, these three categories are labeled as Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic aka tomorrow sick.

When you understand these simple principles, you can shift the direction of your life and create your own unique path to health. These simple guidelines can help you find your way through the maze of conflicting health suggestions now flooding the internet.

Ok, I see the light so how do I proceed?

  1. Stop polluting your stream
  2. Pour what’s right into your life and what’s wrong will be crowded out
  3. Water yourself and your life with love and gratitude.

Quantum physics

Megan Wells is an Author, Essene Minister, Health Consultant and Yoga Instructor. A forerunner of the health and spiritual truths now becoming main stream, she has been teaching fasting, yoga, natural hygiene and cancer prevention for over 45 years. As a grandmother successfully seeing 2 generations of unvaccinated children thrive, she has common sense suggestions for meeting the health challenges facing everyone today. Advanced teachings distilled down to their essence for easy assimilation by all ages can be found in her simple yet powerful books;  You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen, Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream, Uncommon Common Sense, The Urge to Merge. See more at










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