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Inflammation – The Body’s Self-Defense

Many doctors are now saying that the problem behind all illness is inflammation. Of course, society blames the body defending itself – instead of the abuser. If I punch you in the face and your face swells, would you say… 0 Shares |

What is Collembola and how is it connected to Morgellons symptoms?

As a healthy lifestyle consultant for the past 45 yrs and a recovered victim of the symptoms included in the concept of what is being termed as Morgellons disease, I have experienced firsthand the desperate need for honest investigation into… 0 Shares |

Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream- The missing link in cancer prevention

Those concerned with the health of the environment know that polluting our ecosystem is wreaking havoc on this planet. Second offense is squandering our natural resources with no thought of replenishing them. This method of operation is just a mirror… 0 Shares |

Stimulants -The Bank Robbers of your Immune System

THE BANK ROBBERS  “Man is the only animal smart enough to cheat, and dumb enough to think he can get away with it.” Megamom Your body feels spent and exhausted, not unlike an overdrawn checking account. Your body is begging… 0 Shares |