Inflammation – The Body’s Self-Defense


Many doctors are now saying that the problem behind all illness is inflammation. Of course, society blames the body defending itself – instead of the abuser. If I punch you in the face and your face swells, would you say there is a problem with your body for reacting by swelling? Would you blame the body for malfunctioning?

Inflammation is the body’s attempt to protect itself. Everything the body does is with the utmost intelligence and with the ultimate love and caring for your well-being. The body is never malfunctioning; in every circumstance, it does what it can to save your life no matter how you abuse it. The body is governed by immutable laws just like the natural laws that hold the planets in their orbit. *1 These natural laws insure we have clean air to breathe, pure water to drink and nutritious food to eat. Does man really have anything to do with these beneficial forces in nature other than to disrupt them?

Man’s arrogance and self-importance as the most intelligent species has blinded him to the truth that he is dependent on the intelligent beneficial field of energy that orchestrates everything from organizing the cosmos down to blinking his eyes. It also directs 60,000 miles of blood vessels, so that all the circulatory traffic is going in the right direction. This intelligence who created and sustains life is not stupid. It does not make mistakes. More importantly, it has only man’s benefit as a motive. Why else would we have the need to breathe oxygen from all the trees and the plants provided for us? This is no coincidence; it is by design.

What is inflammation? In the most simple terms, it is the body reacting to something we are doing to it which irritates it and potentially damages it. It’s like acid on a delicate flower. However in this case, the flower is equipped to take action to defend itself – not as an aggressive attack but as self-defense. The intelligent body attempts to dilute toxic substances to dilute the strength of the irritant and minimize the damage.

The need to drink large amounts of water is just another detour from stopping what pollutes or irritates the tissues of the body. It is “symptom-treating” instead of treating the cause. *2 The ingested or absorbed poisons that require the need for the body to dilute toxins in the first place are the cause. Native people did not and could not spend the whole day drinking water. Animals in nature do not stay at the waterhole all day long to drink; they are more intelligent and connected to the divine intelligence, so they don’t consume toxic substances that require emergency measures in the first place.

Even insects are smarter with their food choices than most humans. That’s why when you spray pesticide on food, the bugs won’t touch it. They know it is poison, but man is not this aware.

The body attempting to dilute irritating and toxic substances is a healthy immune system response. Choosing to consume foods that the body needs to protect itself from is unhealthy. Most inflammation can be from what is labeled an allergy. *3 All an “allergy” means is that foods that irritate the body or damaging chemicals that burn tissue. If the body did not take measures in attempt to neutralize these damaging substances, the body would die.

Nature does not lie. Nature is always displaying the truth. If theory does not show itself as true in the rest of nature, it is not truth. Whatever is true for the macrocosm is true for the microcosm. We are governed by these laws, but man has become so disconnected that he no longer thinks these laws apply to us as a species. In our arrogance, we think we are going to fix nature as if it needs our intelligence. We think this and act from this ignorant place because we think our intelligence is greater, but this is far from true. Just try to beat your own heart or blink your own eyes or breathe yourself and see how long you live.

We need to accept that everything the body does is for saving our lives. We need to work with it to support its attempts. Taking medications or anything to stop inflammation is like punching someone in the face and making the body’s reaction the problem. It is what caused the reaction that is the problem – not the reaction.

For more about how to stop contributing to the need for the body to be in a constant state of self-defense i.e. inflammation see: You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen by this author.

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*1 Sevenfold Peace by Dr. Gabriel Cousens

*2 Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson

*3 Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Dr. James F. Balch

Megan J Wells