What is Collembola and how is it connected to Morgellons symptoms?


As a healthy lifestyle consultant for the past 45 yrs and a recovered victim of the symptoms included in the concept of what is being termed as Morgellons disease, I have experienced firsthand the desperate need for honest investigation into the cause and cover up of this condition.

After being misdiagnosed and treated by 9 different doctors that did not help, I cured myself of the incredible suffering which tortured me for almost 2 1/2 years.  I was compelled to create a website to post everything I tried that did not work to warn others and save them from wasting the time and money I had lost.  Because of the crawling, biting and stinging sensations most victims assume it is a skin parasite so to find me I named the site stopskinmites.com.

I also created a survey in 2008 with the help of my local health department and have received and studied surveys from thousands of victims over the last 7 yrs. This surveyed age, gender, and geographic location, health at time of infection, health habits, pets and many other possible indicators.  In addition, I have consulted with and personally heard the stories of thousands of sufferers in my attempt to help others out of this hell which can literally drive a person to suicide. Imagine being eaten alive by insects and you will understand that the symptoms caused by this are unbearable. The victims that were once only coming to me from California, Texas, and Florida, eventually spread to every state in the US and now other countries including Canada, England, Ireland, India, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan.

I have learned much about the patterns of what can only be termed a plague. Based on the information collected, I strongly believe that this is not a bacterial infection. I believe it is a genetically modified fungus with the most virulent tendencies of both a virus and fungus.  I am not a doctor or scientist, but based on what I have seen and experienced my theory is that the fungus infection in the skin causes the victim to become a gourmet food source for all fungus loving insects; attracting mostly Collembola out of their normal environment in nature into the homes, cars and  the bodies of the victims to use them as a supermarket. Collembola also spread the fungus once exposed to it so in a sense, they are also re-seeding their food crop. Morgellans may be a more advanced progression of the fungus/Collemobola condition when it goes untreated or is mistreated due to lack of understanding the real cause. Many are told to take baths, use creams and alkalize their system all of which aggravate the problem.

Based on the feedback collected from all the victims that contacted me the following patterns emerged:

  1. Only certain people are susceptible; in order of most prevalent are women of all ages, men over 50 and babies and young children. Young men are least susceptible. This lack of experiencing any symptoms by many men has destroyed many homes and marriages. So on top of the financial losses, there is emotional devastation when the victim is disbelieved.
  2. Almost all the doctors under the AMA umbrella give a patent diagnosis of delusional paritosis. Are they being instructed to do this? If so why?
  3. All specimens of the insect involved come back as common Collembola; the most prolific fungus loving insect in nature. None show an altered or new variety and none show any apparatus to bite or sting. These are chewing insects normally found in piles of decaying leaves.
  4. Those instructing their doctors to do biopsies and scrapings to look specifically for fungus instead of a parasitic bug come back positive although test results state “unidentifiable” fungus. None of those doctors were willing to research further.
  5. The feeling of skin punctures as well as stinging is most likely caused by the fungus eating away at the skin and not related to a bug which is why no biopsies or scrapings to date that have been reported to me show any parasitic bug.
  6. Most victims are in perfect health at the time they got infected. Immune problems began after using carcinogenic pesticides in the environment as well as toxic and poisonous treatments on the skin (the largest organ in the immune system) for months and sometimes years attempting to get rid of this. Many victims are health consultants, athletes, and ministers.
  7. Many report getting infected after changing to a more alkaline/ healthier diet.
  8. There is a progression of symptoms evolving from the skin surface to deeper into the skin layers and then to the nervous system causing electrical type nerve symptoms. It possibly travels the same way herpes virus spreads through the nerves and then erupts out to the surface of the skin. Untreated eventually lesions that won’t heal develop with various things coming out of them. Black specs and something resembling sand are seen either on the skin or in the environment.
  9. Everything that supported the immune system IE alkaline foods, oxygen rich blood, pro-biotics seemed to cause the fungus to proliferate. (This made treatments I tried on myself a razor’s edge as to how to support the body’s defenses without supporting the fungus’s proliferation).
  10. Internal parasite cleanses  and or Candida treatments did not work.
  11. Internal fungus prescriptions as well as standard fungal topical treatments did not affect the fungus (possibly because it is GMO?)
  12.  Most victims relate that there is an increase in nerve symptoms when exposed to EMF especially wide screen television monitors and computers.
  13. Victims saw an increase in fungus symptoms with moisture and heat; as in baths, sweating or where tight clothing holds heat and moisture against the skin.
  14. Scalps, crotches and feet are common areas of infection as well as the broader areas of arms  back, and chest. Rarely are skin creases involved as with scabies. Crawling in the nostrils and ears are common as well as infected eyelashes.
  15. Victims reported the fungus infected cloth and paper and could re-infect the susceptible victim even months or years later. How could bacteria that cannot live off a host at all or that takes 25 days to culture in ideal lab conditions cause this? IE the bacteria that causes Lyme’s disease that the Morgellon researchers are suggesting is the cause.
  16. Extremes in heat and cold as in boiling and freezing and extremely toxic products did not disinfect clothing.
  17. Tenting the house, flea bombs, toxic sprays, heat treatments and numerous other treatments  by pest control companies did nothing to clear the environment (but did weaken the victim’s immune system).

It is my hope that doctors and or scientists in the other countries being affected will begin doing the badly needed research that the US has yet to do to uncover where this came from and how and why it is spreading. The question remains; is GMO experimentation behind this and if so who is the perpetrator?


Megan Wells is an Author, Essene Minister, Health Consultant and Yoga Instructor. A forerunner of the health and spiritual truths now becoming main stream, she has been teaching fasting, yoga, natural hygiene and cancer prevention for over 45 years. As a grandmother successfully seeing 2 generations of unvaccinated children thrive, she has common sense suggestions for meeting the health challenges facing everyone today. Advanced teachings distilled down to their essence for easy assimilation by all ages can be found in her simple yet powerful books; You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen, Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream, Uncommon Common Sense, The Urge to Merge. See more at meganwellsbooks.com





Megan J Wells