Digestive Enzymes for Gut Health and Chronic Disease


“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Buddha

Perhaps you’re one of the millions of people who have sought out alternative/functional/ complementary/natural treatments after Western Medicine has consistently failed to help your chronic degenerative issues. Perhaps you’re tired of constantly adding one more pill to stop the side effects of another pill that you have to take to tolerate the original pill–which doesn’t do much anyway.

Perhaps the answer lies not in pills, but the opportunity to make the conscious choice every time you put food into your mouth.

The challenge with reversing chronic or even incurable conditions is that it isn’t merely taking a pill or undergoing a few treatments, only to continue the same way you eat, sleep, exercise, and live your life.

There’s been a lot of talk in mainstream media lately about new cancer treatments using a person’s own immune system. What novel idea! As a naturopath, you just have to shake your head in disbelief.

The core belief of naturopathy—a healing practice that’s been around since, well– the beginning of nature—is that all of us are born with the innate, Creator given ability to heal ourselves at the cellular level. Step one would be to build innate immunity at the cellular level.

In order to have a strong immune system, you must be able to break down the food you eat into the micronutrients that are essential to building every single cell in your body. A look at our very DNA shows that we are composed of the elements of the earth—carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, sodium, zinc, etc. Ancient man took in these essential elements by eating real, live food—grown in nutrient and mineral rich soil. Foods were preserved by low heat dehydration or fermenting with salt. Canning destroys the enzymes but preserves the food. Cooking food at temps above 110 degrees destroys the enzymes necessary to carry out every hormonal functional of your body. Magnesium alone is a cofactor in over 300 enzyme reactions. Magnesium and calcium are responsible for relaxing and flexing muscles.

Lack of enzymes for digestion and therefore the inability to break down food into micronutrients (essential for life) is the cause of almost every chronic degenerative disease or condition. There are literally hundreds of thousands of scientific documented studies on the safety of digestive enzymes dating back to the 1900s. Even the FDA has granted approval for treating a diverse array of conditions:

Autism, Asthma, Allergies,

Crohn’s Disease and IBS

Fibromyalgia and Migraines

Neurologic issues

Cardiovascular issues

Wound debridement

Gastrointestinal conditions, Pancreatic issues


Weight loss, Diabetes



Removal of toxins from the blood

Digestive enzymes heal leaky gut by breaking down chunks of irritating food particles that create holes in your intestinal lining, and then clean up the debris and heal the lining. Enzymes break down food so that anything passing into the bloodstream will not lodge somewhere and become problematic. The critical elements from the food are then available in the form of raw materials the body must have. They prevent arteries from clogging and joints from locking. They clear out free radicals. All of these things lessen the stress on the immune system. At the same time, enzymes increase white blood cell size and action, raise T-cell activity and act as immune system modulators.

Poor digestion gives your immune system more things to act upon. Now your immune system must spend its time and energy not only digesting food, but also cleaning up your bloodstream from the debris. While doing this, energy is diverted from protecting and repairing your body. This leaves the door open for opportunistic bacteria, yeasts, viruses, etc. to gain access. Many people with cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions show low or deficient levels of enzymes. Obesity is sometimes a result of low levels of the enzyme lipase which breaks down fat. Taking a good digestive enzyme supplement is the very best way to prevent or reverse these disease states and there are hundreds of clinical studies to prove it. There are links below for further research.

Current research estimates approximately 70-80 percent of your immune system is located in or around your digestive system. Your gut is your second brain—your “feeling” brain. Stress, environmental toxins, pesticide residue, medications, and lifestyle choices can weaken your immune system. Digestion is the key to feeling better!






DNA Image:


Restoring Your Digestive Health by Jordan S. Rubin

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