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The Chemtrails (“Geoengineering”) – Global Warming Connection

A Seeming Paradox Please follow me carefully on this.  While it is absolutely true that Al Gore and friends, along with the entire Agenda 21 crowd, intend to use the Global Warming/Climate Change scam as an excuse to bring us… 0 Shares |

Cancer Observations, Part 2: Raw Vegan and Ketogenic Diets

Ancient Roots The idea of using a cleansing/detoxification protocol followed by a rebuilding phase with improved nutrition  and changed lifestyle to get rid of chronic disease and symptoms of “aging” is not new.    My guess is that there have been… 0 Shares |

RACE: It’s A Total Fraud. Let’s Wake Up Now.

RACE IS A FRAUD The growing focus on racism in the mainstream media is not a phenomenon restricted to media alone.  It now pervades education as well, and it has even saturated health care and apparently every agency of government,… 0 Shares |

Just Diagnosed With Cancer?

A Very Tough Situation to Deal With If you are in this position, of having just heard you have a diagnosis of cancer, I have great empathy for you, in fact more than I can easily put into words.  I… 0 Shares |