RACE: It’s A Total Fraud. Let’s Wake Up Now.



The growing focus on racism in the mainstream media is not a phenomenon restricted to media alone.  It now pervades education as well, and it has even saturated health care and apparently every agency of government, from federal to local levels.  Most of us seem to just take this at face value, assuming that for some reason race tensions and mutual aggression are just increasing.  So we need lots of new restrictions on our free speech, because almost anything we say might offend somebody.  But where is this growing racial animosity really coming from.   What I am here to tell you may be shocking, as programmed as we have become.  It is always easy to hate some bad guy, at least a lot easier than getting to know and appreciating each other for what we really are.  Here’s the bottom line, if you are brave enough to hear the truth: the whole concept of race is a total fraud, designed to make us fight each other, while those who want to see us enslaved and then mostly killed, quietly pursue their agenda, with our unintentional help, totally distracted and at each other’s throats.

So Where Did the “Races” Come From?

Archaeological researchers have assumed for some time now that humans originated in eastern regions of Africa.  They are not talking about just one “race,” they are talking about all humans, the original ancestors of all of us.  Now some Stanford scientists are saying maybe it was actually southern Africa, not eastern.  Some other scientists think it was actually Asia.  You can very easily see all these theories for yourself by typing key words like “humans originated in Africa,” into a search engine, and there are lots of articles.  Though the various scientists differ somewhat on where the original humans showed up, none of them think we had different original ancestors.

When various groups of humans migrated into different areas on Earth, they had to deal with different conditions, like types of available food, and especially different climates with very different amounts of heat and sunlight.  I have been a researcher in holistic health for 48 years.  I can tell you that the amazing human body knows how to adapt and survive.  It will, over time, change the amount of melanin (the colored pigment) in the skin, depending on whether it needs to let in more sunlight (as in extreme north or south latitudes) or less (such as at the equator).  Sunlight is absolutely essential to survival and health.  The sun is not some mistake of God that causes skin cancer and other problems.  We should talk about that sometime, as many people don’t understand this.  But in any case, the different climates and sun exposures resulted in people with more or less melanin in their skin.  And the bodies changed in other ways depending on available nutrition and other conditions that had to be adapted to.  These different adaptations of humans are what we are supposed to see as “races,” by those who want to control us.

The whole idea of race is a fraud for at least two reasons.  First, as explained above, all the different variations of man and woman are just adaptations of our wonderful bodies to environmental conditions of many kinds over long periods of time, and originally, we all came from the same place.  Second, wise spiritual teachers from all over the world have taught us from their own experience that we live in these bodies for a while, and then we leave.  These bodies, and this is critical to understand, are NOT who we are.  We are the conscious being that comes into the body before birth (actually at conception, from what I have found to be true), and that leaves at death.  Without you, the body begins to decompose and go back to the Earth (“dust to dust”).  But YOU are not just dust, and do not have a physical color except in the body you temporarily live in.  All of this is not, as they say, “rocket science,” so how did we get so gullible to fall for this nonsense of race, and the hatred, wars and abuse that have followed from this belief that we are inherently different?  If we don’t understand this, it’s going to continue to hurt us.  But if we see through the hoax, we could have a chance to begin healing on a global scale.  And we could become very difficult to control and enslave.

Why The Myth Started

Just think about this.  Suppose you are one of the really deranged humans who believes you and your extended family along with other specific “bloodlines” should rule the planet, and that all other humans need to be enslaved and eventually most of them murdered.  One problem with this plan is that there are billions of these “lower class” humans, and only a few thousand of your family groups who want to own the world.  You need to be very clever and get the billions of other people to defeat themselves so that you can easily enslave and kill them.  Sorry to be so blunt here, but I have to tell you the truth so we can break out of this dangerous brainwashing that is currently hypnotizing most of humanity.

In order to subjugate large numbers of people, it really helps to get them to all hate each other and start fighting.  This accomplishes most of the work for the enslavers, without them having to actually do anything.  There are many ways we are being intentionally programmed to hate each other and fight.  One of the big ones is the brilliant scam called “race.”  Look at the background color of this page.  Do you know what color that is?  Correct, it is white.  Now look at the print color of the letters on this page.  What color is that?  Correct, it is black.  I personally have never seen a black person or a white person.  But even if I did, I would understand that is just the color of skin they have, but it does not tell me who they are.  Every one of us is absolutely unique, a minority of one, regardless of national origin, skin color, or any other physical characteristic.  Stereotyping people by these things is not intelligent, and it is misleading and inaccurate.  Do you want to know who a person is and not just play games on the superficial level?  Then you have to look deep into their eyes, and into their heart and soul.  You are you, no matter what type of body you have been born into, and the same is true of everyone else.  Wake up, my brother and sister, please show your real intelligence and rise above this nonsense.  You are urgently needed to help bring back sanity to the world, starting right where you are.

How Are They Doing It?

So where is all the current racism really coming from ?  It is coming straight down from those who would have us hate each other so they can accomplish their destructive plans for us.  The message comes down through government, through media, through so-called “education,” and in many other ways we don’t even notice.  But we are not these bodies, we are the ones who live in them, and we have great wisdom in us, if we have the will and the courage to remember.

The concept of race is an intentional lie of some people with very destructive intent.  We are all unique, but we are not separate.  Everything we do affects everyone else everywhere, and in our lives, we carry great responsibility for how we think, speak and act.  Every second is a priceless opportunity to spread love or fear, and it is up to us which to choose.  We are very powerful inside, but only if we reconnect with who we really are and the consciousness that created us, which is a level of love beyond imagining.  This has been the message of wise teachers longer than recorded history, and from before any religion was even thought of.  It is the energy that created everything, it is still there and it is inside us.

What Is The Plan?

Look at all the plans in motion for our destruction at this time.  We are being sprayed with toxic metals from the sky almost every day.  Our food is grown on soil abused with chemicals and sprayed with poisons, and now deadly GMO crops are polluting the biosphere and spreading worldwide.  Our water is intentionally poisoned with fluoride and other toxic chemicals.  Products are manufactured for our daily use that are intentionally designed to hurt us, from cosmetics to cell phones.  Agenda 21 has been launched to corral us all in densely packed cities under total surveillance and control (listen to Rosa Koire’s great lectures on Agenda 21 on youtube).  Our minds are being poisoned every day by “education,” media, fake “science,” and much more.  How could this happen if only a small group of people are designing all this destruction?  Because we are all helping them.


Remember the old saying, “what if they gave a war and nobody came?”  Well, carry that further.  What if no one helped the global planners do anything that would be destructive to us or to our life support systems of the Earth?  What if all the employees and officers (even presidents) of destructive companies found a way to start a change, so those companies could be transformed, stopping all harmful activities ?  It could happen, if you can conceive it.  What if you did that right now?  Do you have the incredible courage that it takes?  What would happen if we realized we are all literally one human family and dumped the whole idea of race where it belongs?  What if we realized what wise teachers have been telling us for millenia, that whatever we do to or for someone else will come back to us multiplied?

I am asking everyone to consider this, and what it would mean in your own life, what you could do to bring this into your own daily experience, no longer philosophy, but real action.  For those in government service, you are personally responsible for whatever you do in official capacity, even if you are “just following orders.”  If you are told to do anything unethical, you need to find a way not to do it.  You have been entrusted with your position as an opportunity to be true to yourself, true to what is right, which you know at your deepest levels.  If you are in a position of law enforcement or military service, become an oath keeper (www.oathkeepers.org) and help spread awareness to others in your department or military command.  These positions were once honorable.  Make it a reality again.  If we dedicate our lives to service of each other in whatever way we can and do not waiver from this, we have won the game no matter what happens.

Light Instead

Finally, instead of falling for the fake issue of “race,” which in reality does not exist, work to bring light and harmony back to the world.  It takes far more strength and courage to support each other and work for our common freedom and well being, than it does to hate and criticize others for something as childish as race.  We need men and women of character and real strength to raise awareness within our groups of contacts and friends, to see the end of GMO’s, geoengineering (chemtrails), wars of agression, false flag events, government-sponsored terrorism, bio weapons development, fake healthcare based on high tech and toxic drugs and vaccines, suppression of clean and free energy technology that already exists today, government spying and illegal activities of all kinds (which is about 98% of what government currently does), militarization of and brutality by police, and so many more aspects of insanity that are not normal or healthy in our world.   The greatest fear of those who are working for our destruction, is that we will wake up to who we really are and what we can really do, in great enough numbers to make their agenda impossible to achieve.  Every one of us can decide any time to help make that fear of theirs come true.  Let’s do it.

Richard Sacks

The Holistic Explorer

[email protected]

Richard Sacks