The Chemtrails (“Geoengineering”) – Global Warming Connection


A Seeming Paradox

Please follow me carefully on this.  While it is absolutely true that Al Gore and friends, along with the entire Agenda 21 crowd, intend to use the Global Warming/Climate Change scam as an excuse to bring us much farther into a martial law, total surveillance, police state  society, where you will be expected to live using very minimal resources (in other words impoverished and enslaved) while the elite live in palaces and travel in their private jets and trains, that does not mean there is no climate emergency happening.  Very far from it, the situation with our weather is serious in the extreme.  But you are not being told the primary cause.

My Perspective, and Becoming Visible

I have been an independent researcher in holistic health for about 48 years now.   I have explored in depth anything connected to the cause and solution to problems of health and disease and what is called “aging.”  And when I say “anything connected,” that includes a lot.  I was pretty much assuming I would continue to do my exploratory work “under the radar,” and out of the public view.  For myself, I prefer the seclusion of nature and have no desire to ever be known to humanity.  But I do care about everyone’s well being, as I have found we are not only all connected, but as I see it we are literally all one, so caring about each other is our normal and natural state, though it does seem all too rare these days (and by “these days,” I mean like for the last many thousand years).  But signs came up that my period of invisibility was ending.

Dane Wigington, Chemtrails/Geoengineering Expert

One of the things that happened is I was asked to co-host a weekly radio show on geoengineering (you might know it as chemtrails).  I was invited by the lead researcher of, Dane Wiggington, an expert in the field of geoengineering and a very good man.  Dane’s compassion for humanity and the Earth is matched by his extensive knowledge and understanding of geoengineering (he likes to use the more “scientific” sounding term, as it is a bit less easily dismissed by those who want to tell us there is no such thing).  The show is produced and co-hosted by another chemtrails expert, Russ Tanner (, who also runs a large facebook group focused on geoengineering and ways to stop it.  You are invited to join the group at

So I accepted the invitation to do the show, and have been privileged to share information with Dane and Russ on this particular threat to the continuing survival of humanity and the rest of our biosphere.  As I said above, the situation is real and very serious.  Weather patterns are indeed being disrupted and harmed by the high altitude spraying of toxic metals and other nasty ingredients in this recipe, life forms from critical microscopic soil organisms to large animals and plants are being killed, and the soil is becoming less able to support the life web that depends on its health and balance of nutrients, pH, etc.  On top of this, though geoengineering can and does create large scale cooling anomalies, global weather is being warmed overall, and this is creating a number of additional threats to our survival.  To see the problem for what it is, you have to see beyond the “polar bears can’t swim” nonsense and other messages from the Al Gore crowd just meant to scare us into submission to new world order control  One of the real threats from the very real overall global temperature rise is the increasing release of melting stores of methane under the oceans, which displace oxygen and cause further climate disruption and poisoning.  Oxygen levels globally are already down, as is the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface.  Dane’s collected data, from peer-reviewed science studies,  shows reduction in solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface because of the blanket of toxic metals now in our atmosphere, and this reduction of sunlight is around 22% (i.e. that much below normal).  This is a direct threat to our lives in many ways.  While the conventional medical and health care system wants us to fear the sun, and go around constantly wearing sun glasses and sunscreen, I can tell you, from my own study, that a more accurate view of sunlight is that it is  one of our primary requirements for life.  We need it in our eyes and on our skin to trigger all kinds of necessary chemical reactions in our body, maintain our immune systems and our health (this does not mean, obviously, to go out and stare directly at the sun).  To keep the skin moisturized without losing the benefit of sunlight and without absorbing toxic chemicals into the bloodstream from commercial sunscreens, organic raw extra virgin coconut oil, sold at natural food stores, works quite well.

Reports of overall global cooling are fraudulent, according to Dane’s extensive and meticulous data collection.  Dane is worried that if people do not know how real global warming is and what is its primary cause, they won’t realize how imperative it is to stop the spraying of chemtrails, which the “geo-scientists” call geoengineering.  And this spraying must be stopped, and very soon, if we are to have a chance to survive.

So we need to understand that saying global warming and climate disruption are real, does not mean that the Agenda 21 crowd pushing this problem as an excuse to take even more of our rights is anything but deception.  But the news they are using in order to deceive and enslave us, is true in very important areas, and they are correct that global warming threatens our survival, and is getting more serious by the day.

Dane says that the global warming crisis, with the melting methane, and all the other destructive aspects, cannot stay hidden for much longer.  Extensive spraying has indeed extended the surface area of a thin layer of ice over the north pole, but the mass (depth or thickness), which is not being mentioned, is precipitously low.  High end temperatures are being broken, and you will see a lot of other supportive data at the links to some articles Dane is talking about.  Take a look at this link, for an example of what I am referring to:

    Here is another important link to an article with a lot of basic information and photos on chemtrail activity:

This illegal and totally immoral spraying program that is now widespread over many countries, is literally a chemical and environmental attack against all of us.  It is an act of war against all people.  It is not just destroying normal weather patterns, it is also destroying the ability of the soil to support agriculture, forests, or other types of life.  The nano particles of aluminum and other toxic metals are now able to penetrate home filter systems, and in the body, they cross the blood-brain barrier.  Constant natural detox protocols, many of which appear in Mike Adams’ articles and those of other Natural News writers, are needed to mitigate the damage to our bodies, but the damage to our air, water and soil will continue until the spraying is stopped.

Murderous “Leaders” Not A New Thing: Let’s  Stop Helping Them Kill Us

I watched a movie called “The Hittites” a couple of days ago (you can find it on youtube), and it was a fascinating history of people that lived about 3000 years ago in the middle east.  It made me realize, the character of rulers is still the same now as it was then.  The people of all countries are mostly the same, good people who just want a good life for themselves and their families and communities.  And they are ruled by a relatively tiny minority of malevolent parasitic psychopaths that draw into their service armies of workers to serve them in their unspeakable abuse of those they rule.  They recruit us into their service by good paying jobs, as well as bribery, fear, misinformation, fraudulent programming sometimes called “education,” and in many other ways.  These government and multinational corporate rulers are doing nothing now that they have not done for millennia, it’s just that the technology they have at their disposal now allows them to coordinate worldwide, to enjoy complete global surveillance and control, and to literally destroy us along with the web of life in which we live.

Now it is up to us to stop helping them to destroy us.  No matter how you justify it, it’s just not a good move on our part, and is basically suicidal. It’s time to spread the truth for all those that will hear, educate ourselves instead of believing “authorities” and “experts,” and then share what we learn with others.  The rulers want us divided with fake concepts of “race,” “class,” religion, or any other way they can make us mistrust each other, get distracted in arguing and fighting, and take the spotlight off of them.  Meanwhile they continue to pursue their plans for our demise.

Stopping the Spraying is Just The First Step

After getting the spraying stopped, there are many things we can do, to help the Earth heal itself.  It may already be too late, with the destruction already set in motion, but it is better for us to try than to just give up.  We need to be like the heroes we enjoy in movies, and show we still have character, whether we ultimately “win” or not. As Alex Jones, one of our great heroes in my opinion, says, “resistance is victory” (no matter what may be the end result).

There are things we can do to heal the soil that is being destroyed by the fallout from geoengineering.  Learning the uses of rock dust as mineral fertilizer is a big one that is almost totally forgotten.  There are clean and free energy technologies available right now.  Government programs are not needed to find them.  If government agents will be kind enough to stop murdering the inventors, these technologies would flourish quickly, replacing petroleum at low or no cost.  If the people selling their souls to do the evil work of government, like these assassins who kill inventors, will just stop cooperating, they will help themselves at a deep spiritual level, and also help to save the rest of us at the same time.

Regarding the damage to human health that is occurring from chemtrail poisoning, there are protocols to heal virtually every disease, and reverse most of the so-called symptoms of aging.  This is a specialty of mine, and I know it to be true.  Once those at the top levels of our fake “health care” system, which is killing Americans by the millions, will decide to just stop spreading the lies, these powerful real, safe and inexpensive means of health restoration can be made available to everyone.  No insurance will be needed because almost no one will get sick, and for those that need help, we will help each other, with no need for Big Brother in our lives.  This vision is real, and we can have it when we decide to have it.  Who will join me in making this vision a reality for all of us?  The first step is to make it a reality in our own lives, by self-education and making changes in our own lives, that others will see.

Workers for multinational corporations and governments that are abusing humanity, take back your honor and stop serving the monster.  Find ways to make a change where you are, no matter how “small” it may seem at the start.  Einstein found there was enough energy in the tiniest particle of matter, to re-create the whole universe.  There is far more than that in every one of us, based in something called “consciousness,” waiting to be discovered.  We can start any time we are willing to throw away the old belief of what is impossible, and adopt courage instead.  Real heroes, unsung by our fake leaders and media, are everywhere.  We can join their ranks, right where we are.

So the global climate crisis is very real.  The single greatest causal factor overall for man-made climate disruption is the jets dumping poison over our heads every day, polluting our atmosphere with toxic metals, and they must be stopped.  This way the natural patterns and energies of the Earth will have a chance to start healing.  Chemtrails to the Earth are like the toxic, symptomatic drug medicine is for human beings.  Conventional medicine is now the number one cause of death in America (look on the internet for the pdf, “Death by Medicine”, written by Dr Gary Null and Dr. Carolyn Dean, for the details).  Chemtrails or geoengineering is doing the same thing to the planet.  Not acceptable.  As Jake said in his famous speech to the Navi people of Pandora, this is OUR HOME, and we will not allow it (and ourselves) to be destroyed by a hostile, occupying force.  The power of Love, which includes all wisdom, trumps fear every time, but it waits on the decision of each one of us to permeate our lives.  We are much stronger than we know.


Richard Sacks

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Richard Sacks